Bombshell Tanning Lotion: Is This The Bronzing Serum That Will Finally Get You The Perfect Tan?

A review of Designer Skin’s wildly popular tanning lotion and the benefits this top-selling lotion promises tanners.

Most tanning fanatics know that when it comes to lotions and serums, there are a few key elite products on the market, that tend to keep everyone talking.

One of these products is the Bombshell Tanning Lotion from Designer Skin.

There is no denying that Bombshell lotion has created a great deal of hype within the market, and that this product is flying off shelves.

However, for many tanners, before they invest in a large bottle of lotion, popularity isn’t important, they need to know if this product will deliver results.
For those seeking a straightforward answer to the debate over the Bombshell lotion, the truth of the matter is that this tanning lotion really does live up to its reputation.

This reviewer is giving the lotion top marks not only for the color it helps tanners achieve, but for the additional skin care benefits that come with this product.

This lotion promises a few things: it contains all natural ingredients, it has 100 times the bronzing power of normal lotions and that it is for experienced tanners only.

All of these things are true, all natural ingredients such as white tea, soy and other vitamins, minerals and oils give this lotion anti-aging and skin brightening properties.

The lotion also claims to have 100 times the bronzing power of normal lotions, and while this exact number can be difficult to measure, it does darken the skin tremendously.

Finally, the lotion states that it is only for experienced tanners, which is a true warning that new tanners should be aware of before trying this product.

What ‘Pros’ Make this Lotion so Great?

This reviewer gave this Designer Skin product top marks because of the long list of pros that accompany this tanning and bronzing lotion, including the following perks:
Intense Bronzers: The bronzers in this lotion are so powerful that even experienced users who have been consistently tanning and not seeing changes or results can enjoy a deeper, darker bronzed color after use.

Hydrating Properties: While some tanning serums focus only on color, this product is still a lotion at its core, meaning it actually works to hydrate the skin. With aloe vera extract and vitamin C users can enjoy healthy, hydrated skin after use.

Fresh Scent: The clean, fresh scent of this lotion smells like an actual body product instead of a tanning serum. Plus, the lotion contains antibacterial complexes that eliminate the overwhelming smell that often comes with using a powerful tanning lotion.

Skin Enhancing Features: This lotion not only hydrates the skin but actually improves it. Vitamins A &E reduce fine lines while antioxidants prevent free radicals from aging the skin’s appearance. The lotion is actually able make the skin look younger after every use, not older.

Are There Drawbacks?

Even a top rated lotion such as this comes with a few potential drawbacks.

Tanners, particularly new tanners, should be well-informed on the potential ‘cons’ of this lotion before purchasing.
New Tanners May Experience Skin Damage: The lotion’s bottle warns it is not for new tanners, and this claim is true. Those new to tanning, whose skin is not used to powerful lotions, can find the product irritating, and it may even do damage to the skin.

Potential Burning Sensation: Individuals with sensitive skin or those who are not used to tanning may find the powerful formula irritating. Some users not only notices a burning sensation but a slight rash after application.
While a few small drawbacks may encourage new tanners to wait before trying this product, overall the Bombshell Tanning Lotion is one of the most powerful and effective tanning serums on the market.

With benefits that go far beyond burn protection and bronzing power, this multi-faceted lotion truly does warrant its immense popularity and dedicated following.

Have you tried this bronzing lotion, or are you still waiting to see if one of today’s hottest-selling lotions is really living up to the hype?

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