Tips to a Great Tan

Under normal circumstances, a customer will enter a tanning salon and expect to have a great tan after standing in a booth or laying in a bed for a few minutes. However, those who are slightly educated about tanning knows a tanning accelerator or lotion is necessary for the tanning process. These products also help keep the skin hydrated at the same time. Below are five tips for getting a great tan next time you visit a tanning salon:

Use Products for Skin Care

Before and after tanning, your tan will look better and last longer if you use skin care products like cypher tanning lotion. In order to maximize your tan’s appearance, be sure to use a tanning lotion that is formulated specifically for indoor use. There is an array of tanning lotions available within the cypher tanning lotion line designed for any skin type, as well as for any level of tanning.

Don’t Rush the Process

Use common sense and don’t try to rush the tanning process. It is never safe to tan more than one time during every 24-hour period. With regards to skin care specifically, your skin needs to the downtime in between tanning periods. The downtime is also needed in order for the color of your tan to reach its maximum color. You can effectively reach your desired skin color by tanning between two and three times per week, however, this will depend on the bed’s tanning level.

Always Protect Eyes

No matter what, your eyes should be protected. It doesn’t matter if you are laying down in a tanning bed or standing in a booth, you should be wearing eye protection. Some tanning salons have eye goggles and others have protective stickers. No matter what is offered, they should be worn under all circumstances.

Know Your Skin Type

Even if you are wearing a lot of cypher tanning lotion, your skin type is still going to matter. For example, if you have a very white skin tone you are still going to have issues with burning and difficulty tanning. However, if you have a subtle white complexion you could have less of an issue with tanning. The browner you have in your skin, the more easily you will tan. That is the fact of the matter, no matter how much cypher tanning lotion you use. This product will help keep your skin hydrated and will accelerate the process, though, so results will vary from user to user.

Understand Tanning

The tanning process occurs when melanin in our skin begins oxidizing when in contact with UVA or UVB rays. The production of melanin is triggers by the UVB rays, however each of the UV rays have a significant role in the tanning process. The rays combine to create a balanced tan. When tanners visit a salon and use products like cypher tanning lotion, they are able to protect they skin in a controlled environment and they have direct control over how much exposure their skin is receiving.

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