How Tanning Oil Works

It’s a tradition to go out of town and explore the beautiful paradise of nature. Where else to go during summer vacation? It’s none other than the beaches, resorts, or swimming pools. People bathe themselves not only into the water but also under the prickly heat of the sun. Yes, the summer vacation is not complete without the sunbathing.

Some are even applying tanning oils to achieve a sun-kissed skin. To fasten up the tanning process, the tanning oil product is one way to make this possible. It’s a quick solution especially for those who really desire a bronze complexion. How tanning oil works?

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A tan skin is actually advantageous. The barrier formed during the tanning process makes up the melanin substance, which is responsible for hyperpigmentation of the skin and protecting it more against the burning rays of the sun. The greater the melanin you have then the greater is your protection from the Ultra Violet Rays as the scientific belief suggests.

There are various tanning oil recipes for your skin to look radiantly tan. The ingredients are just easy to find and manageable to experiment. Try these amazing organic recipes and be surprised with the stunning results.

How to apply tanning oil?

You must take note of the proper way of applying tanning oil essentials to avoid over the application and excessive sunburn off your skin. In this way, you will be sufficed with adequate information regarding the factors deemed important. Consider these easy steps in applying the tanning oil on your skin.

1. A Higher SPF is a MUST

One way to accelerate the effect of tanning is through the use of an oil. When choosing a tanning oil, be sure to look at the SPF level and select only those products that can provide a 15 higher SPF. What is the role of the SPF? To moderately darken the skin without intense tanning, the SPF regulate the warmness of the sun’s rays going to the skin.

A 15 PSF rule is the perfect combination with your tanning oil so that you will not over cooked yourself while doing the natural sun tanning. Moreover, it will make your skin protected in 15 minutes. The higher the SPF the longer it takes to withstand the intense heat of the sun.

You do not want to cause free radicals, dryness, and redness of your skin hence, the presence of the SPF is vital as an active ingredient of the tanning oil. If you’re tanning oil does not contain any SPF, make sure to separately apply sun block or sunscreen oils, gels, or creams for skin protection.

2. Delicate Skin Application

Pour a liberal amount of tanning oil onto your palm and caress your body with the oil. Apply it gently on the face, neck, arms, chest, back, legs, and feet to achieve an even tanning effect. Make sure to rub it on the skin to create a warm sensation for a fast tanning effects.

A better way to achieve the desirable tan results is to apply it evenly all over the body so that when you sunbathing yourself, the skin will be exposed and get the perfect sun-kissed skin with no trace of white complexion. You may refer to this image and plan ahead of the tan skin that you desire.

Delicate Skin Application

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3. Re-application after 2 to 4 Hours

Reapply tanning oil every after 2 to 4 hours if needed especially if you heavily sweat or immerse in the water. Make sure not to over apply the tanning oil to avoid sunburn, allergies, or diseases. This step is optional and it is your choice on how tanned would you like to be.

There are people that heavily sweat due to the active glands on their skin. The tendency when you squeeze an adequate amount of tanning oil, rub it gently on your skin, and wait for an hour, it will just be removed because of the sweat. As if the sweat pushes the tanning oil away from the layers of the skin hence, reapplication is a good idea as a remedy.

Sometimes when you always dive and stay on the water, the mere possibility, it might remove the tanning oil applied on the skin. Re-application is important to manage the tanning and work out the best complexion that you’ve dreaming of.

How to create effective D-I-Y Tanning Oil Solutions?

If you feel doubtful of the product that you are going to apply onto your skin, you may also try the Do-it-Yourself tanning oil so that you can monitor what necessary ingredients to include in the oil mixture. Try this easy DIY tanning oil recipe at home and enjoy the wonder effects of the tan once you’ve applied it.

How to create effective D-I-Y Tanning Oil Solutions

1. Tropical Coconut Tanning Oil

Get a container and mix the coconut oil, avocado oil, sesame oil, and walnut oil together. Make sure to stir it well until it becomes a smooth liquid form oil. These essential oils will definitely make your skin naturally tan and healthy. The natural SPF of the coconut oil is at 4 while avocado oil contains 15. You may also add other organic oils as long as it will bring a beautiful effect on the skin.

2. Organic Green Tea Tanning Oil

The necessary ingredients that you need include brewed green tea, coconut oil, and walnut oil. You may pound the green tea to its finest before mixing it with the essential oils to achieve more effective results. You may also extract the liquid of the green tea using hot water method and mixed it with the oils. The green tea serves as a powerful anti-oxidant and keeps the skin radiant as well as protects the skin from the radiation of the sun.

3. Refreshing Aloe Vera Tanning Oil

Infused your walnut oil, olive oil, and coconut oil with the mixture of Aloe Vera coconut gel, just blend the aloe gel to make it fine and stir it along with the organic oils. The Aloe Vera contains natural healing properties for sun burns which make it a popular ingredient for tanning oil products. It is the best ingredient to mix with the homemade tanning oil as a natural SPF producer.

The Conclusion

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Whether you will try a natural or an artificial way of tanning, you should properly manage yourself when it comes to the tanning oil that you apply and make sure to select the best product with higher SPF solutions. If you’re going to create a DIY tanning oil experiment, don’t hesitate to mix the best organic ingredients that will definitely make your skin radiantly tanned and gorgeously healthy.

Take note of these wonder recipes that yield to natural tanning solutions which include coconut oil, aloe vera, and green tea. To improve the tanning oil, even more, you may also mix them with olive oil, walnut oil, sesame seed oil, and avocado oil for an effective bronze complexion and smell the delicate aroma of the tanning oil.

Be excited to try the simple steps on how to apply the tanning oil and follow the easy to do organic recipes for homemade tanning oil solutions. Transform yourself using the best tanning oil and make this product as your favorite! Be surprise with the new YOU upon looking at the mirror and see a major difference!

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