Do Tanning Beds Make You Orange?

How many of us love that tanned skin color? A lot of us spend hours at the beach trying to achieve just that. Now, this is the most natural form of tanning. But there are other methods as well. Artificial tanning beds have become rather common. Here, you do not have to face the direct sunlight and the harmful rays of the sun. These are comfortable and you can do this at your convenience.

But there is a common question that a lot of people seem to be having- do tanning beds make you orange? This is a justified question since a lot of people have reported been a victim of this phenomenon. If you are a generally pale person, you stand a chance to become orange if you are overdoing the tanning process.

Let us clear the doubt here. Usually tanning sessions will not make you orange. This is a fact. This is true even in the case of sun tan. Staying hours under the sun will not change your skin tone so drastically. Sunless tanning also doesn’t feature this side effect unless you use the product in huge quantities. You need to know two things here- the kind of tanning lotion you use and the duration for which you stay under the tanning bed treatment.

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Do Tanning Beds Make You Orange

Tanning bed is not the issue

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not the tanning bed that changes your skin to orange. It is most probably the lotion you use with it that brings about this effect. Tanning lotions work on the dead cells on the epidermis layer of the skin to change the color of your skin. It makes the skin darker. Sometimes it happens that the lotion you use has too many bronzers which might lead to you having an orange looking skin.

What should you do?

As we have mentioned before, tanning lotions will multiple bronzers are very unsafe. You could choose a lotion with a single bronzer that works well on your skin, without imparting orange hues. This will help you with the problem. However, you have another solution you could look into here. A tanning accelerator is very important in this regard. This can help you avoid the orange skin color completely. These are specifically created for use in tanning bed salons.

Also, ensure to inform the salon associate if you are a beginner. Likewise, you will be given shorter durations of tanning bed treatments up front. If you have been doing this for a long time, then you will have an idea for long your skin can take the tanning bed treatment.

Besides, you need to maintain the pH value of your skin so that the orange shades do not appear easily. The best way out here is to keep yourself hydrated before the tanning session and using tanning accelerators.

Tanning beds won’t make you orange unless there is over-application or over use. So, it is imperative that you are a little careful before going for your tan sessions.

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