Bring A Glow to Your Skin With Indoor Tanning!

Indoor tanning and skin care comes hand in hand in most cases but you have to be very cautious that you do not harm your skin in the long run or as an immediate effect. Skin care is a must. You must be aware of your skin type and also the kind of treatment you skin requires on a regular basis as well as for indoor tanning as well as in the long term. To take proper care of your skin, firstly you must know the skin type you have. This will help you follow expert treatments easily without trouble, indoors.

Bring A Glow to Your Skin With Indoor Tanning

What are the different types of skin seen generally?

There are a few standard set of skin types under which you can categorize almost everyone randomly. The different skin types are:

  • Type I: This first type of skin is most sensitive and so outdoor tanning is a strict no. Indoor tanning is also not recommended for these skin types.
  • Type II: Unlike type I this type has a little more melanin in the skin cells and so can resists a few rays of the sun. This is not tanned easily as the first one but is susceptible to sun burns. SPF 30+ is recommended for such people.
  • Type III: This refers to a slightly darker shade of brown. This type does not have a risk of sunburns or tanning. Sunscreens containing SPF 15+ is enough for people with this.
  • Type IV: Light brown skin color falls under this category. Sunscreen of SPF 15+ is suitable for this and the instances of sunburns are reduced to a large extent in this type.
  • Type V: these skin types rarely experience skin burns and sunburns. Brown skin signifies this type generally.
  • Type VI: Those with black skin and huge amounts of melanin in their body are least likely to worry about skin tan and sun burns. SPF 15 is good enough for this type.

Indoor tanning suits which skin types?

  • For skin type I: neither indoor nor outdoor tanning is recommended. Sunless spray is most suitable for this type of skin.
  • For skin type II: Spray tanning is again the most suitable option for this skin type.
  • For Skin type III: getting professional help in some tanning salon is best suited in this case.
  • For skin Type IV: Indoor tanning is highly recommended in browning skin color as the tan can be evenly spread all around.
  • For skin type V: Indoor tanning is suitable and you can opt for spray tanning with the right technique if you do not want uneven color on your body.
  • For skin type VI: Bronze tanning looks best on these skin types and it can be done conveniently indoors.

Indoor tanning is recommended for a number of skin types and a lot of people wish to opt for indoor tanning as it is a surer and even tanning method.

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