Grow Hair with Bhringraj Hair Growth Oil

Another hair growth must-have hails from Ayurveda medicine – Bhringraj (pronounced  “bring – raj”). It is also known as Eclipta alba or Kehraj, and sometimes spelled Bhringray or Bhringaraj. Its English name is False Daisy. This herb has one of the longest traditions in Ayurvedic medicine because its purported benefits span the whole body. Healers have found it useful for treating respiratory infections, liver problems, eye problems, urinary infections, skin issues, and many other ailments. Herbal hair products will usually contain Bhringraj because it is known by tradition to produce thicker hair, treat scalp issues and even help reverse greying.

The Evidence of Hair Growth with Bhringraj Hair Oil

But what does the science say? In one study from 2008, mixing dried coarse Eclipta alba (Bhringraj) powder with 2 – 5% petroleum ether and applying the mixture in varying strengths to the backs of shaved rats caused them to regrow their hair in half the time as a control group using Minoxidil 2%. The 5% Eclipta alba ointment demonstrated an average hair follicle count of 69 compared to 47 for the control.

In another study, also from 2008, mice were given a methanol ointment containing Eclipta alba. They were compared to mice who were given Minoxidil. After ten days, the Eclipta infused ointment proved significantly more effective at an average follicle count of around 45. The average follicle count of the Minoxidil group was only 30.

In a third study from 2011, Bhringraj plant extract’s ability to grow hair length and density again surpassed Minoxidal in rats.

My Review of Bhringraj Hair Oil

The study participants may be just rodents, but the results are compelling enough for a human to try this herb! After all, it performed even better than Minoxidil. As I’ve stated elsewhere, Minoxidil is not a natural substance. Minoxidil also carries a number of unpleasant side effects. If there’s a natural substance available that will do the job better, then why use Minoxidil at all?

Bhringraj is available in powder form for dilution in water and oil mixture, but that’s a little messy for me. I like Biotique Botanicals Bhringray Hair Growth Therapeutic Oil for Falling Hair. The label on the bottle lists the following ingredients:

Ingredients Concentration
Bhringraj Plant 0.6%
Amla Fruit 0.4%
Tesu Flower 0.45%
Mulethi Stem 0.35%
Brahmi Plant 0.5%
Cow Milk 5.0%
Goat Milk 5.0%

The label also claims the product is

  • a 100% botanical extract
  • an intensive hair regrowth treatment
  • a treatment for alopecia and other causes of hair fall, encouraging fresh growth and diminishing greying
  • organically pure and preservation free
  • dermatologist tested for safety
  • free from animal testing
  • for external use only

Biotique Botanical’s Bhringray oil is a much lighter oil as compared to, for example, Brahmi Oil, which I also use and have reviewed on this blog. The product is a liquid at room temperature. Pale yellow-green in color and clear, it offers up a unique floral aroma all its own. Because the aroma is stronger than other topicals I use, I prefer to reserve Brhringraj for night time.

For me, a little goes a long way. A few drops gently massaged into the scalp does the trick. The directions state to apply liberally to dry hair and then rinse after one hour. But, I leave it on all night without any issues. Sometimes, I will add in a drop of Rosemary or Peppermint Essential oil into the palm of my hand with the oil, and mix thoroughly. Bhringraj acts as an excellent carrier oil for essential oils although you will go to bed with a very fragrant head.

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