ReTimer Light Therapy Glasses Review

Are The ReTimer Light Therapy Glasses – Generation 2 Really More Beneficial Than A Light Box?

ReTimer Light Therapy GlassesLight therapy glasses, like the ReTimer Light Therapy Glasses – Generation 2, are the new craze for anyone that is fed up of having to sit in front of a light therapy lamp for 20 minutes or so each morning. These glasses are quite simple in design, with a frame and a light where the lenses would be.

The promise is that they are more effective than a 10,000 light box because they provide a 500 lux at eye level. This sounds like the sort of thing that needs to be experienced to be believed, so are new users impressed with the effects of this product?

How beneficial have these ReTimer Glasses been for users with mood and sleep disorders?

The specification and product descriptions on sales pages for this product are lacking in information. This is mainly because this really is such a simplistic product. The glasses contain a UV-free light that operates between 450 and 550 nanometer wavelengths. This is said to be the optimal wavelength for correcting a user’s mood and energy levels. This is precisely what is needed for those with winter blues or irregular sleep patterns, which is the target audience here.

ReTimer Generation 2 Light Therapy Glasses
The other area of interest here is the comfort level. A complaint with other brands is that the frame is too heavy, or isn’t comfortable enough to wear for the designated time period.

This pair of glasses is designed to be worn for 30 minutes with a weight that is apparently the same as an average pair of sunglasses. An additional bonus here is that they are designed to work for 4 hours on one charge, which means they can last a whole week.

Are there any clear downsides with this ReTimer SAD Light Therapy Device that buyers should know about?

As with all light therapy devices, there are going to be some people that get along great and others that don’t. There is also a warning from the manufacturers that this product is not suitable for anyone suffering with epilepsy.

There are some negative comments about the effect of the light source, but they seem small compared to those that say it changed their life. There is also a comment that the padding on the nose could be better, but most seem to find that this product is comfortable enough for that 30 minute period.

Summary: does this all mean that this ReTimer light therapy solution is highly recommendable?

The promise with these glasses was that they would be more effective than a standard 10,000 lux light box. Reports from users suggest that this is true, as many are experiencing greater changes in mood and sleep patterns since making the switch.

Many would not go back to a light box after trying this because of the way that the light source works. Add in the convenience of the glasses and ease of use and it is easy to see why so many sufferers of winter blues are recommending this ReTimer SAD light glasses to others.

You can check out more customer reviews about the ReTimer Light Therapy Glasses – Generation 2 on Amazon here.

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