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The newest innovation in the world of spray tanning is sunless tanning. Tanning need not be risky any longer or reach the unsafe impacts of overexposure to the sun or UV beams. While every spa and salon in the country offer sunless tanning, you may as well have a tan in the solace of your home with the best spray tan machine. These devices are available for purchase and with a little practice and the right procedures you can have an astounding proficient tan without leaving the solace of your home.

Black Fascination FX Spray Tanning Machine and KitBlack Fascination FX Spray Tanning Machine and Kit
Maxi-Mist Lite Sunless Spray Tanning KIT, Tent, Machine Airbrush Tan, Maximist PINKMaxi-Mist Lite Sunless Spray Tanning Kit
Maxi- Mist Lite Plus Spray Tanning SystemMaxi-Mist Lite Plus Spray Tanning System
Turbo Tan Spray Tanning MachineTurbo Tan Spray Tanning Machine
Maxi-Mist Lite Sunless Spray Tanning KIT Tent Machine Airbrush Tan Maximist BLKMaxi-Mist Lite Sunless Spray Tanning KIT Tent Machine Airbrush Tan Maximist BLK

Reasons for buying a home spray tan machine

The main reason why you should purchase a spray tanning machine is to reduce cost. While you will have the initial investment when you buy the hardware and colorant, it will effortlessly pay for itself in one tanning season or year. This is a fun-filled approach to get the young ladies together, pour a few beverages and get the hot bodies you need preparing for summer. Furthermore, it’s less expensive than a night out on the town.

Another motivation to buy your particular spray tanning machine is that you can get the appropriate tan you need and learn other tricks for a superior body. When you spray tan you cannot just apply color to your skin that will last longer and blurs more generally than other tanning techniques, however, you can likewise shape muscles, improve your bust line or numerous different tips that will help you to look great.

The last reason why you ought to possess your particular spray tanning machine is for customization. Like shaping, spray tanning offers you the capacity to coordinate the color you need and your normal skin tone, hair and eye color for actually the most typical look. If you prefer not to look over processed as if you just got back from a tropical excursion; spray tanning can offer you these outcomes and more in the solace of your home for less.

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Types of spray tan machine according to their functions

HVLP (immoderate range Low stress) Spray Tan functions

In general, nearly all the most common spray tanning machines available now is the HVLP tanning system. The HVLP machines are being customarily used in spray tanning salons and other organizations. The great HVLP spray tanning machines have wattage between 400W to 700W. There are plenty of advantages of using this type of device:

• It does not waste the spray tanning solution like expensive spray tanning machines do.
• It has a deluxe gun, which does not leak or overspray because it uses 30-50mls of the spray tanning solution.
• It tans a body in 5 minutes. This means six humans will be spray tanned within an hour.
• It does not overheat while in use because it has a computerized shut off approach.
• It has an automated heat generator which assists in drying the customer.

Additionally, these spray tanning machines are mild and portable – which makes them the best replacement for tanning firms. There are many variations of the HVLP machines available. Nevertheless, they most customarily work in an identical method and have equal benefits.

LVLP (Low quantity Low stress) Spray Tan

In an LVLP spray tan machine, a turbine pushed procedure forces out spray tanning solution through a gun that sprays out an economical and quick spray tan mist. This piece of spray tan equipment differs from the HVLP type, considering that it operates at a diminished pressure (at around 1PSI) and it’s noisier when working as a result of its additional extreme founded inside the turbine. It takes practically 10-quarter-hour to make use of the solution, and it’s a strong alternative. The tool does not overspray consider that it has a flexible spray delivery adjustment and it has an air pressure control. It’s advocated for home use and for spray tanning businesses.

Airbrush Spray Gun tanning gadget

Airbrush spray tanning machines are utilized in lots of dependable spray-tanning salons. There are a gigantic variety of airbrush machines you can buy. However, the most used process is the airbrush tanning procedure with a compressor. This form of airbrush process used to be frequently designed for fake tattooing, but it surely has entered the tanning enterprise. The airbrush spray tanning device is extra costly as in assessment with the LVLP and less noisy.

Features of the spray tan machine

To differentiate between quality and reliability, we’re looking at the total outstanding features of tan and the reliability of the hardware – in this case, the spray tan machine for home use.


Always remember that the price of an item does not necessarily reflect the quality. There are lots of tanning devices available on the market at a lower price.

Some spray tanning machines are designed for constant use, such as salons and cell spray tanners, so it’s important to learn the gear’s standard and worth. It is very easy to spend so much when particularly comfortable.


New revolutionary technological know-how implies that spray tanning can be finished with more ease and comfort than ever before for some explanations:

Noise and mobility

Home spray tanning kits are meant for your convenience, so the equipment has got to replicate this. If a system is just too noisy and loud, it’s not going to be convenient to make use of it in any place.

The nozzle

The spray gun hooked up to many home spray tanning machines has been designed to offer a very high-quality mist, making it easier to get a constant spray tan in all places. Different tools in the marketplace have thick or inconsistent sprays which create a thicker layer of tanning solution on your skin – it will result in ‘beading’ of droplets of tan resolution on the surface, which creates an uneven tonal variety.

The design

Do not use machines or weapons that were not designed for Spray Tanning! Non- spray unique tan machines. The gun could spray uneven or speckles, or too broad, leading to many wasted solution and uneven tan.


We’ve all had unpalatable experiences with merchandise or offers. A perfect example of product reliability is excellent customer service and good returns policies. Many businesses present guarantees however it is a nightmare to get by.

Top 5 Spray Tan Machines On The Market

Black Fascination FX Spray Tanning Machine and Kit

1. Black Fascination FX Spray Tanning Machine and Kit


The styling of the Fascination is remarkably lovely. Designed with silver highlights and a twig applicator with an ergonomic handle design. Its compact and lightweight design makes it suitable for home tanners, although the machine is stable enough to be used in a salon atmosphere. The lengthy-existence spray cup seal, the adjustable spray air cap, and the long lasting nozzle make the gun a manageable and drawback-free unit. The turbine has a vertical air consumption function with a replaceable, washer-friendly filter, and variable pack controls.

It also comes with a bundle of the overrated Norvell Airbrush liquid which is seen as one of the best out there. The color indicator lights make sure you get the correct alerts when in use and the three- step controls will assist you to choose your desired speed level. Now not like some tanning machines, this has a heat function so one can also be adjusted to the consumer’s need, and a twig gun which produces spray in a broad range of angles (horizontal and vertical) for quality spray tanning results.

Fascination presents you with 8 toes of hose that’s corrugated for easy motion and placement. The HVLP component that works like an output tool can use a varying flow when being operated. Just regulate the output clip it will diminish or improve the action of DHA.

Maxi-Mist Lite plus Spray Tanning System

2. Maxi-Mist Lite Sunless Spray Tanning KIT, Tent, Machine Airbrush Tan, Maximist PINK


Maxi-Mist Lite plus Spray Tanning System is a stage up from its forerunner, the Maxi-Mist Lite Sunless Spray Tanning machine. The gear comes with a 300-watt turbine engine, moreover to a phenomenal level spray gun. The unit showcases a valve that specifically minimizes clogging, anything no longer designed in scale back-agreeable home units. The spray gun spout grants you to alter the float and test really for an exquisite aggregate tan.

The Gun of the Maxi-Mist Lite plus Spray is super simple to use, incredibly lightweight and joins a non-stick needle that takes out tanning advancement and wearing ceaselessly which incite clogging. Essential similarities at the trigger allow you to control the spray stream and will apply any tanning game plan with impeccable precision.

Maxi- Mist Lite plus Spray Tanning System

3. Maxi- Mist Lite plus Spray Tanning System


This spray tanning system consists of a dynamic single- stage turbine as well as a German-built spray gun with a twig nozzle intended to give the most elevated atomization of the spray tanning liquids with a minimal quantity of over – spray achievable.

The Maxi -Mist Lite plus spray gun is very easy to use, lightweight and integrates a non-stick pine needle that helps to eliminate tanning resolution build-up and rust which can result in clogs. Simple modification on the trigger will allow for the control of the spray flow and can follow any tanning arrangement with impeccable exactness.

The Maxi- Mist lite plus additionally entails designed cups which displays a pointed solution reservoir made for new choices. This plan compels all solution in the container to the core allowing an extra bendy range of action at the same time spraying; although with a huge additional base for high balance.

Turbo Tan Spray Tanning Machine

4. Turbo Tan Spray Tanning Machine


Turbo Tan Sunless Tanning system is lightweight, and it is the best in portability. The large nozzle makes it possible for you to complete whole-body tanning rapidly and efficaciously. You have to buy the tent as it is sold separately.

This machine is easy to work with; the result almost always isn’t as appropriate as these created through a handheld spray tan gun. Guide touchups are needed in places the spray tan mist does not attain. The foremost advantages of this type of spray tan gadget are: it takes a minute or two to spray tan a customer, and it is seen as almost probably the most distinct process of tanning the body.

Maxi-Mist Lite Sunless Spray Tanning KIT

5. Maxi-Mist Lite Sunless Spray Tanning KIT Tent Machine Airbrush Tan Maximist BLK


Maxi-Mist lite sunless spray tanning unit offers you a gadget reasonable and convenient for home use, however enduring for salon use. The machine has a 300-watt turbine engine. Moreover, it has a solid stage spray gun. The unit has a valve that fundamentally minimizes clogging. The spray gun spout licenses you to control the float without trouble for a beautiful general tan.

This tanning machine likewise incorporates a professionally planned extreme Fabric Tent and a major lift pack. It is expected to give most outrageous atomization insignificant measure of overspray. The Spray Gun is anything but difficult to use, lightweight. Central changes at the trigger, and weapon tip licenses you to control the shower stream and outline and will apply any tanning course of action with immaculate precision.

The Maxi- Mist Lite Plus moreover joins our exceptionally arranged cup which highlights a cone-molded course of action supply for the perfect catch. These layout constraints all plans in the cup allowing a more adaptable extent of advancement while spraying.


There’re numerous matters to remember when purchasing the best spray tan machine – you may also just like the look of one and another one, the cost. However, what’s specific is that you will be able to do tanning at home. We hope this article has been useful in helping you to make a good decision about the spray tan machine!

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