The Best Spray Tan Machines – Unbiased Reviews

It’s difficult to find a good spray tan machine when all of the products on the market today claim to be the best. It can get expensive running to the salon and paying up to $50 a visit, so you can save a lot of money if you just buy your own machine. So, what do you look for in a spray tan machine when all you want it a nice golden glow, but also want to avoid dangerous UV rays and early aging? Here are a few tips on what to look for in a spray tan machine and a few reviews to help you start shopping.

Spray Tan Machine Basics

When you want the look of a perfect tan, many men and women turn to spray tan machines. This method allows you to get a nice glow without worrying about uneven skin tones or skin cancer. Plus, it helps save you time and money from heading to the salon every time you need to touch up your tan.
Spray tan machines are easy to use and often come with a ton of features. Many of these machines also use the latest technology making them more efficient, plus they have become more affordable over the years. You also don’t have to worry about risking your health as the best models are also safe to use. The biggest advantage to using a spray tan machine is its convenience and comfort allowing you to have a great tan no matter what season it is.


Spray Tan Machine Advantages

  • An even tone is the best advantage of good spray tan machine products. Everyone wants a streak-free appearance and using a spray tan machine will give you a uniform application without worrying about patches.
  • You can remain tan the entire year.
  • You can any time of day since there is no need to schedule an appointment.
  • With a glowing tan, you can hide stretch marks and varicose veins, plus you will have an even tan that will conceal blemishes and imperfections.
  • You can choose your own tone and depth with a spray tan machine.
  • Usually only 15 minutes is needed when using a spray tan machine.
  • You will have a natural looking tan that is also good for your skin.

Considerations When Buying a Spray Tan Machine

Most people are used to seeing large fully automated spray tanning machines that are used in salons and are pretty unfamiliar with at-home spray guns. These lightweight machines have been increasing in popularity since they allow you to do several applications and use up less space.
When using a spray tan machine at home, it is best to purchase a machine that is easy to maintain and store. And, since tanning can be messy, a tent is also a good feature for easy cleanup and to help keep the mist in a contained area. Here are a few of the biggest considerations when choosing a good spray tan machine:

High Volume Low Pressure (HVLP)
Equipped with an easy to use gun, an HVLP machine is perfect for any type of user. They are also well-known for wasting less tanning solution, and they come with safeguards against overheating.

Low Volume Low Pressure (LVLP)
Cheaper than an HVLP machine, an LVLP machine operates at a lower pressure level and make more noise, but there have been recently designed models that are higher-quality.

Overspray can be very messy, wasteful, and a pain to have to continually clean up. Remember that units that reduce overspray will also reduce the amount of time you will spend cleaning up after you use the machine.

Make sure to choose a unit that has a flexible and soft hose that is also long enough to use comfortably.

Airbrush Spray Gun
Originally designed for tattoos, airbrush spray guns are now typically used for tanning as well. There are several good models on the market now, but they are known for their problem with wastage.

Easy to Use
Ease of use is a very important feature in a spray tan machine, especially if you are a beginner. Remember that if the spray tan machine is difficult to use, it is pretty much useless.

Ergonomic Design
Having an ergonomic handle will help to prevent fatigue when using your spray tan machine. It should also be compact and lightweight enough to move around.

If you are always on the go or run a mobile tanning business, portability is a must. This isn’t as significant a consideration if you will only be using the machine at home.

With regular cleanings, a spray tan machine can remain in great condition, so make sure the machine you choose to buy is easy to clean and comes with a reasonable warranty plan.

Other Features to Consider
There are always new features being added to spray tan machines and while some of them aren’t necessary, some of them are really nice to have like an adjustable fan or a pop up spray tent.

Top 5 Spray Tan Machines On The Market

MaxiMist Evolution

1. MaxiMist Evolution



For unsurpassed dependability, the ideal spray tan machine for salon performance is the MaxiMist Evolution. With a powerful 2 Stage Turbine 570 watt motor, the MaxiMist Evolution is easy to pair with a lightweight spray gun. The spray nozzle is German engineered and was designed to increase atomization of the solution with the least amount of overspray.
The spray gun is easy to use and very lightweight. It features a Teflon® needle that pretty much eliminates solution corrosion and buildup that are the leading causes of most gun clogs. It also includes an improved ergonomic handle that includes a comfort-grip and a unique patented split gun system. This is the ideal spray gun for a busy tanner with fast solution changes that don’t include dealing with extra lids and cups.
The MaxiMist Evolution is rated for over 25 application a day and includes an 11.5-foot hose, 3 TNT Spray Heads, a spare gun nozzle gasket, and filter, onboard spray gun storage, and a Pop-Up ‘clear view’ Tanning Booth. The ‘Clear View’ vinyl windows are shoulder height allowing more room light while still maintaining privacy. It also includes an extra-large carrier that is big enough to carry extra items like towels and uses Velcro strap closures that are triple stitched to stop the bag from tearing.

MaxiMist Lite Plus

2. MaxiMist Lite Plus


The MaxiMist Lite Plus has everything you need to begin tanning right out of the box. Created for either mobile or light salon use, the MaxiMist Lite Plus can perform over ten tans a day and is easy to use. It features a clog-free design that is beginner friendly and has a powerful single stage turbine, 300-watt motor.
At only five pounds, this is a great tanning system for mobile use and includes a 6.5-foot hose. With onboard spray gun storage, the MaxiMist Lite Plus is also great for home use giving you maximum fine mist atomization with very little overspray. It is also packaged with three spray tanning solutions that are professional level for a variety of skin types, and it can also be used with any brand professional solution.
Using a non-stick needle, the MaxiMist Lite Plus gets rid of pretty much all corrosion and solution buildup. With a simple trigger adjustment, you can control the pattern of your spray for flawless precision. You can easily adjust for either vertical or horizontal spray patters and the Soft Touch Fine Mist gives you the ultimate professional level finish.

Fascination FX

3. Fascination FX


Representing a new level of beauty, elegance, and function, the Fascination FX is powerful with a turbine motor that is reliable and provides the right amount of air flow for spray tanning. With beautiful styling, the Fascination FX features silver trim and bold contours with an ergonomic handle. It is lightweight and compact making it ideal for mobile tanners, but will also fit beautifully into an upscale salon.
You also get quiet operation with a sound dampening enclosure in the turbine’ s outer shell that gives you a dual layer of sound baffling. At the rear of the unit, air intake will occur lessening overspray. Passing through dual filters, the air intake goes through washable filters that can be accessed by a handy snap out cover.
With the color-coordinated spray gun features, you get a metal alloy needle that includes an adjustable air-cap to easily select horizontal, vertical, or round spray patterns. The gun includes a quick-connect fitting and a fluid control knob that gives you precise spray adjustment with a graduated cup providing simple fluid measurements. The spray gun is also optimized for impressive spray atomization and effective solution usage, plus it is securely stored in the spray unit’s cupholder that includes an ergonomic handle.
The Fascination FX also features a large Pop-Up “Skylight” Style pop-up spray tent that includes a built-in floor and carrying bag. The Focus airbrush tanning solution is fortified with antioxidant and produced with organic DHA.

Apollo Mini Mist

4. Apollo Mini Mist


Perfect for any beginner technician, the Apollo Mini Mist is easy to use and very affordable. With a lightweight turbine, the Mini Mist is easy to carry for mobile tanners, weight only ten pounds. This is a powerful machine that doesn’t produce excess noise allowing you to be able to talk without yelling.

Made with stain-less steel pieces, the applicator is designed for increased atomization, plus it is easy to clean giving it more durability. With a docking station for the applicator, technology that is quick to connect, and the ability to upgrade to the stainless-steel T5020 gun, this is a user-friendly machine that is highly versatile.


We have all felt envious of the person that just came back from vacation with a nice tan. But it isn’t necessary to have to wait for your next vacation to get a nice glow. We all know how common a spray tan machine is at beauty parlors, but not everyone knows that you can buy an affordable and reliable spray tan for your home. Make sure to do your research and find a powerful and efficient machine that will give you an even tan the whole year through.

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