Beauty Angel Red Light Therapy – Beauty Angel RVT 30 Reviews

The skincare, fitness, and healthcare markets are booming with new, innovative products, based on the therapeutic effects of light therapies, constituting of different spectrums of light. In comes another trusted company with a range of products.

Beauty Angel Red Light Therapy review

The catch here though is that these products quite different from the ones already present in the market, some use red light, some use combinations of various light wavelengths, and some combine rhythmic vibrations and movements to the benefits of light treatment. With solutions for tanning, skin aging, skin firming, toning, body pain, joint aches, muscle relaxation, and much more, Beauty Angel has got you covered.

All these products are relatively new, and we bring this ultimate review on all products of Beauty Angel to you for a better understanding of the underlying technologies, benefits and side effects. Keep reading to find out more!

A Little Bit of Background About Beauty Angel

Before you try a company’s products, it’s always a good idea to do some research into the brand and learn more about what they’re all about. Beauty Angel is actually a brand within the JK Group, which is a business that has been operating for several decades, so they definitely have loads of experience in the field, and that makes them trustworthy. Plus, they are always working hard at making innovations within the industry so that they can ensure their offerings are safe, comfortable, and effective.

Still skeptical about Beauty Angel and the safety and effectiveness of its products? Well, you’ll be happy to learn that research has been conducted into light therapy and its effects on the skin. Put simply, the results were great. Compared to a control group, individuals in a study on light therapy who received the treatments showed a significant improvement in both the texture and the complexion of their skin. They also showed an increase in the amount of collagen in their skin, and their skin was indeed less rough, as well as smoother because of a decrease in the appearance of fine lines. In other words, all of the claims that this company makes about its products have been proven through scientific research.

Beauty Angel Products and Treatments – How Do They Work?

Beauty Angel offers you a range of six products. All of which, are exceptionally effective and a permanent solution to all your skin and body woes. The products offered are currently implemented in all high – end spas, salons, gyms, and dermatologic clinics. These are not affordable enough for one to place at their home and also require quite some professional care and attendance.

Beauty Angel: What Can You Expect?

Beauty Angel products and treatments use light spectrums that are capable of deeply penetrating the skin. The light, once absorbed by the skin, is capable of activating cells that will then naturally create collagen within the skin. According to Beauty Angel, the light can even stimulate the skin’s metabolism. All of that combines in order to make your skin feel better, while improving your complexion, smoothing your skin to reduce roughness, and giving you a more youthful appearance by minimizing the appearance of fine lines.

By now, you might be wondering if Beauty Angel red light therapy is really suitable for everyone to try. The simple answer is that, yes, this treatment is perfectly fine for every skin type, and it’s considered harmless. However, if you’re pregnant, if you have been diagnosed with low blood pressure, if you have a sensitivity to light, if you are taking medications that make you more sensitive to light, or if you have been diagnosed with epilepsy, red light therapy isn’t appropriate for you.

If you are thinking about giving red light therapy a try, it’s a good idea to opt for a low dose to get started. See if you have any adverse reactions or if you experience any side effects before proceeding.

Beauty Angel ELT

Beauty Angel ELT

The next time you head towards your beauty salon for a professional skin care treatment that is high on efficacy, ask them about the Beauty Angel ELT. This product, though exclusively available at premium salons and beauty outlets, is the perfect combination of – gentle on the skin and rigorously effective. It is devoid of any UV light radiation, which means it is a 100% safe for all skin types and does not result in tanning of the skin at all.
A hanging, panel – like device, it is based on the Energizing Light Technology (ELT) – wherein, the emitted light, red and visible in this case, is absorbed by the skin and underlying collagen is stimulated and rejuvenated. Furthermore, this results in reduction and gradual elimination of fine lines, wrinkles, and acne, working on anti – aging reversal. It accelerates the self –healing process and power of the body to give you firm, naturally radiant skin.

Beauty Light & Sunlight

Beauty Light & Sunlight-Beauty Angel

Nothing out there can blend the positive benefits of natural sunlight with those of light therapy better than this product from Beauty Angel. This product that resembles a tanning bed offers you a range of options, tanning being one of the many. Different modes are available – ‘pure beauty’, ‘beauty & sun’, ‘sun & beauty’. The ‘Beauty Select’ feature of the device helps select one of the aforementioned possibilities.

Pure beauty mode exposes your body to the ever – beneficial red light therapy which penetrates the skin to firm the skin by stimulating the building – up of collagen. UV lamps are turned off in this mode so that you can enjoy pure beauty without tanning. Beauty & Sun mode combines the fruitful results of red light and natural sunlight in order to benefit the body from the natural stimulation and pro – effects of natural light. The Sun & Beauty mode lets the body tan by exposing it to UV and natural sunlight followed by a beauty (red light therapy) session. Your skin will feel fresh, golden, and pleasantly refreshed. Enjoy the pure pleasure of relaxation with this product from Beauty Angel which comes with in-built sensors that help prevent sunburns.

Whole Body Relaxation

Whole Body Relaxation

This product is the ultimate definition of full body relaxation and rejuvenation. Lie on this bed with your eyes closed and enjoy a few minutes of red light therapy and its therapeutic benefits. This product treats your entire body with care and exposes it to the red light emissions so that you can get rid of fine lines, marks, wrinkles, pains from your entire body. All at once! Listen to your favorite music while lying down in this. The absence of UV radiations makes it suitable for all skin types and all ages as well, dwell in comfort and care.

Beauty Angel RVT 30 Reviews – Vibra Shape

Beauty Angel RVT 30 Reviews

The Beauty Angel RVT 30 has become the most popular product from the house of Beauty Angel, thanks to its altogether different and unique features. This product is shaped like a private shower room and provides one with a shower of red light. This innovative product can be found housed in gyms, salons, and spas which works wonders on the whole body.

In addition to the red light ambiance, Vibra Shape provides a vibration plate which stimulates a normal walk-like function. This side – alternating plate trains, heals and contours muscles of the legs, hips, abdomen, and back and also helps one get rid of joint and muscular pains of any origin. The privacy of the booth, coupled with 3D sound means you come out smiling and feeling more relaxed than ever from Vibra Shape.

The light radiations are only that of red light that permeate the skin and tissues to boost healthy cells and stimulate the development of collagen and elastin. No UV light is involved, making it safe for individuals of any age and skin type. The vibration plate comes with different modes – beginner, muscle trainer, cellulite reducer, all of which aim for improvement of blood circulation, stimulation of core muscles and finally relaxation of the muscles. Just a couple of minutes in and you too can experience tight, toned, cellulite reduced and pigment-free skin in a red light surrounding.

A few precautions about Vibra Shape:

  • If you’ve been wounded or you have undergone an operation recently, you should not opt for this treatment.
  • If you suffer from bone problems, heart problems, or hip problems, this treatment isn’t appropriate for you. It also isn’t appropriate for those who have kidney stones, gallstones, bone implants, or acute thrombosis.
  • Consult with your physician if you suffer from migraines or diabetes, or if you have been diagnosed with skin cancer or a tumor.
  • Avoid this treatment if you are dealing with inflammation or an acute illness.
  • Avoid this treatment if you are pregnant.

Energizing Skin Massage

Energizing-Skin-Massage -Beauty Angel

Get natural and sustainable results for your skin with this massager that replicates hand movements along with stimulating the skin and the cells underneath through the use of red light therapy. The light penetrates well below the skin to regenerate and repair damaged cells, accelerate the production of connective tissue – collagen and relax and soothe the deep muscles. Talk to your esthetician to know more about the availability of this product that their salon and spa.

Beauty ‘N’ Go

Beauty ‘N' Go at Beauty Angel

This last product from Beauty Angel stands true to its name offers you the most effective short treatment there is for your beauty issues. In a session of fewer than 30 minutes, you can find the best combination of innovative, state of the art components and beauty products along with intensive red light therapy. Your skin will definitely feel the improvement and benefits imparted by this product that has red light therapy at its core to rejuvenate and revitalize your skin. Exclusively available at select beauty salons, this is the most efficient beauty treatment out there.

Results and Side Effects of Beauty Angel – Red Light Therapy Products

With over thousands of users of the product range from Beauty Angel, you can be assured of the positive effects and results of using them regularly. This company from the prestigious JK group is a leading wellness and beauty manufacturer for almost 40 years now. The results redeemed are exceptionally convincing and evident.

Since most of the products from Beauty Angel use red light therapy for treatment of the skin and body, better-looking skin is a guarantee. Stimulation of collagen and its increased development, repair and regeneration of damaged cells, acceleration of new, healthy cells results in removal of fine lines, wrinkles, saggy skin, acne, pigmentation, and muscle and joint pains.

Side Effects of Beauty Angel

People have noticed an improvement in their skin complexion and more radiant and firmer skin with frequent use. Skin texture advances and muscles are relaxed from the first pleasant and beneficial treatment session itself.

The red light therapy treatments are suitable for everyone from all age groups and for people of all skin types. Each treatment lasts about 20 minutes, and no side effects have been reported so far. If you are someone who has undergone a surgery recently or suffers from any acute illness, then you should probably consult a doctor before using these products.

Wearing sunglasses or eye protecting goggles is recommended while undergoing light treatment. Removal of cosmetics is advised before stepping in for any of the above treatments since certain light-sensitive ingredients in them may trigger reactions. Apart from these precautions, you do not have anything much to worry about if you are in professional hands.

Pros and Cons of Beauty Angel Red Light Therapy

There are definitely a greater number of pros than cons of the red light therapy products from Beauty Angel. Satisfied and happy customers of these services have reported excellent results of the Beauty Angel and their before and after pictures are proof enough for it. With quite visible results in regards to reduction and elimination of fine lines, skin pigmentation, tightening of the skin, collagen repair, etc., Beauty Angel has lived up to its years of finesse and experience in this sector.

The only two cons here are the hefty prices of the products of Beauty Angel and their limited and exclusive availability at only certain, high – end salons and other beauty outlets. You may have to look at membership at such salons and dermatology clinics for better concessions and offers. The efficacy though seems quite reasonable at such a price.



All in all, the technology and benefits that Beauty Angel red light therapy products bring together are one of its kind, and there really is no other competitor in the present market which can guarantee such great results. There may be a day when there are products from Beauty Angel that could be purchased and owned by individuals and used in the comfort of their home. But, until that day, these 6 innovative products are the best out there. Be ensured of safety and value for your money and book an appointment today!

Hope this article was helpful to you!

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Red light therapy at Planet Fitness



  1. HI: I would like more information on this beauty angel

    • hello! I recommend this ,I have been doing this treatment for over two years and it works , you can start on level 3 ,and drink a lot of water

  2. Should you use eye protection when it’s on.

  3. This machine is in Planet Fitness the lights appear to be white, not red is so his the “real thing”? They say it is but I don’t want to get sate my time Also, is it ok to wear moisturizer!

    • I use it at PF. Just started:) The light is red when in use. When you have your eye wear on it looks green. Maybe you saw the standup tanning bad.

      I like the machine, I tan, and Beauty Angel three times a week, work out 6 days a week with 30 min/300 calorie elliptical cardio. I have been losing on average 3 1/2lbs a week. I also have modified to a low carb 1500 calorie diet. Female, 35, 241 starting 2/26/18…229 today.

      • I also go to pf. The lights are white. One time they came on red for maybe 30 sec, then it clicked and all lights went red. I asked why were the lights white, they said it’s suppose to be like that, that’s why I’m reading all the info on line.
        No one said I needed to wear glasses. Hopefully I can get information from Beauty Angel manufacturer.

      • What planet fitness location has these machine

        • The PL in St Charles IL has one but two other locations I’ve been to in Elgin IL and Vilka Park IL do not have it. Perhaps if you download the Planet Fitness App it will tell you in there. I’ve used it only once. I chickened out and wore shorts but next time I’m going in butt naked because it’s a private room and the door can be shut.

        • In river dale ga and union city ga

      • Just started using it today at PF, one question, when I used it before at my old PF, they had us strip down to our bra and underwear, but at this one, they just say to go in in your work out clothes. Can the red light permeate clothing to reach the skin, or should I bring shorty shorts for my legs. Thanks for your thoughts 😉

    • hello! this is the place I go , planet fitness , is the same machine at endless summer wear the protection glasses
      I have been doing this treatment for over to years
      buy the spray beauty angel and spray before you go into the machine , your skin will look so bright ,very nice , try to go once a week to start, after you can do twice a week

    • No it’s the same at my PF, when the vibration starts the lights are white.

  4. I also use this at Planet Fitness and the lights are white. I had them do a demonstration prior to use and the lights where just white. I watched a video on how to use this online and the lights where red in the video not sure if this is the same style machine and if it will be beneficial.

    • Your probably using the tanning one that one is white the regular one without tanning is pure red our PF has both and I used the tanning one once and it was a lot different than the when body red light therapy. It had panels for your face and every other one I believe was red. Hope this helps.

  5. Turn it on & take a picture….they look white to our eyes- camera picks up redlight tones

  6. Yes. the lights themselves look white while you’re inside the booth but for someone who isn’t in it and looks from the outside you can clearly see the all the red lights lit up, it’s weird how it looks white when you’re in there but once outside and watching someone else using it the whole booth lights up with red lights, All in all I like it I’ve been using it faithfully 6 nights a week for 4 months now, I definitely see a difference in my skin and no more knee or back pain,,,,so something must be working.

    • How long did it take for you to notice a difference? Did you start off with a vibrating floor program? I have a bad back, and I did program 2 on the first time and my back hurt later that day.

  7. It is a true red light and it has the same wave numbers as true red light therapy. I had my chiropractor check into that and it is very beneficial for skin. As far as wearing eye protection, you definitely should, just like you are in a tanning bed. It is also helpful for you to use red light therapy lotions and products.

  8. What ingredients Are in beauty angel creme?

  9. So i am trying to find out which type of red light these use? NIR?

  10. I tried this machine today for the first time at planet fitness. Hope to see some results. But I ended up using my “sad” or happy light at home and ended up with a bad sunburn on my face and neck. So I don’t recommend doing this :).

  11. I used it for 3 minutes..the machine’s computer voice mentioned goggles..and there was a red light and it felt warm

  12. I’m 65, 119 lbs, 5’4″, and I am training with my daughter who could spry against 6 men for 3-minutes without getting knock off the mat…so you can guess what she put momma through! I’ve used the red lights every day after a workout at PF and I feel great. I actually think it relaxes you mentally as well as the physical benefits but who knows. So it get the old lady thumbs up.

  13. Are you supposed to wear clothes?

  14. I have osteoporosis and am taking Forteo would this macine harm me at all?

  15. nope just your bra and underwear

  16. Hi ladies,
    can the vibration be bad for you? I usually go up to level 4. A friend did some research and she told me that over time it detaches your eye retinas and it harms your organs?? Which I don’t think the vibration is that intense to actually cause these issues…

  17. I have 7 weeks to try and reduce the appearance of my cellulite on the back of my thighs/and butt. If i go everyday for the full 12 minutes, will i really see a difference. I also bought a “lotion” kit from the salon which includes an exfoliate for the shower, a before lotion for targeted areas, after lotion, and a serum for fine lines?

  18. Hi I would like to know if this can cause any type of cancer in any way shape or form ? And how long will it take to see results ?

    • Samantha Street

      Red Light Therapy has literally changed my life!!!! It has taken away the intense pain (Rheumatoid Arthritis) all over my body that I’ve been suffering with for over 3 years and unable to work and hardly able to walk. I could tell the difference in just one 20 minute session at Palm Beach Tans. I use the Beauty Angel RVT 30 stand up bed with vibro shape. I use it on level one: this program improves flexibility, loosens and relaxes muscles with gentle movements at low-impact vibration frequency. I also use my tanning goggles to protect my eyes, as well as using the red light lotion before and my hydrating lotion after. I only drink water and lot’s of it. If this machine was for sale I would purchase for my home. The Beauty Angel has literally given me my life back. I am sold for life💕💞💓💗💟. Forever grateful. Please, Please, Please make this for at home use!

  19. Red Light Therapy has literally changed my life!!!! It has taken away the intense pain (Rheumatoid Arthritis) all over my body that I’ve been suffering with for over 3 years and unable to work and hardly able to walk. I could tell the difference in just one 20 minute session at Palm Beach Tans. I use the Beauty Angel RVT 30 stand up bed with vibro shape. I use it on level one: this program improves flexibility, loosens and relaxes muscles with gentle movements at low-impact vibration frequency. I also use my tanning goggles to protect my eyes, as well as using the red light lotion before and my hydrating lotion after. I only drink water and lot’s of it. If this machine was for sale I would purchase for my home. The Beauty Angel has literally given me my life back. I am sold for life💕💞💓💗💟. Forever grateful. Please, Please, Please make this for at home use!

  20. How can you purchase a machine?

  21. I tried the beauty Angel for the first time and LOVE IT – I CLEAN IT EXTRA GOOD BEFORE USING – get completely naked and sir on the vibrating floor until my Ball Sack is completely Numb – nothing like skin therapy and fun all at the same time. I’ve looked into this product and it has great reviews. Get Sum On Ya Bum😎

  22. Oh my soul before Covid I started using this bed daily! I go work and the gym after work. I only have a membership at PF because of this red light bed.
    It will be one week on Monday January 18,2021 that I have started using it again. I’ve taken pictures of my skin and myself in a two piece I want to get into. In the last week I have lost two inches already on the waist! My skin is glowing so so much. I use all 3 products ! I go m-f and take Saturday and sun as my rest days. I do push-ups at home and I’m a super clean eater, I’m a nurse/medical screener so I do my squats at work.
    I do have to say it says to consult a dr before use if you have migraines, I have migraines and arthritis, since getting back into using the bed, I haven’t had any issues at all! With the cold weather in Florida right now my arthritis has been given me issues. Well not sense the red bed started back up! I love love love this product and these beds! I would definitely recommend it!

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