Top 10 Light Therapy Pain Relief Devices

For people who suffer from bone, joint or body pain, the choices can be extremely limited when it comes to ongoing care. Many people prefer to not take pain medications, and over time, these medications can cause risk to internal organs such as the liver and kidneys.

Pain medications can also turn into a habit-forming lifestyle, where the pain in the area of the body will continue to get worse and you’ll need to take more of the pain medication to sustain it. It’s a vicious cycle that affects millions of people around the world that need instant pain relief.

One of the more modern forms of managing pain relief is through red light therapy. These light systems, sometimes utilizing infrared light, target tissue pain deep into the body and is said to reduce swelling and inflammation. If the swelling and inflammation go down, so will the pain.

Although this may not be the first method of pain relief most people go for, its popularity has increased to a vast market of red-light therapy machines. You can order many of these products online, but that in itself can seem like quite the endeavor. In order to save time and peace of mind, we’ve compiled a list of the top ten best light therapy pain relief systems you can find. All of these machines are highly rated and produce impressive results, you just need to try it out for yourself!

Tendlite Red Light Therapy Device

The Tendlite Red Light Therapy device utilizes state of the art technology to bring fast pain relief to various areas of the body. The technology used in Tendlite red light therapy devices is said to be the same light therapy devices that most celebrity pro athletes use. This machine helps rid the body of pain from joints and chronic pain from various areas. This light device is also said to heal injuries faster and help improve mobility in its users. The deep penetrating light restores blood circulation into the deep tissue areas reducing inflammation and moving out the waste around the inflammation. Tendlite machines come with medical-grade LED lights with up to 3000 mW of input.


dpl Flex Pad-Light Therapy Pain Relief Pad

The dpl Flex Pad-Light Therapy Pain Relief Pad eases normal day to day pain and helps recover injuries. This machine also utilizes infrared light that stimulates blood circulation, relaxes muscles and relieves muscle spasms. This relieves pain from areas of the body that are plagued with arthritis, tendonitis, old sports injuries or typical sprains or strains that occur in muscles. This machine can also be used in patients that suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome or deal with tendon pain. The dpl pain relief pad is pretty versatile when it comes to pain management.


DGXINJUN Near Infrared Red-Light Therapy Wrap

The DGXINJUN Near Infrared Red-Light Therapy Wrap comes in a large infrared heating pad for pain in the back or larger areas of the body. The wrap is foldable and easily pliable to the body, so it will contour to any shape you need in order to get that soothing infrared light into tissues. It also comes with a timed controller so you can lie down and relax while controlling the time you spend using the healing properties of infrared light. The Velcro straps made the light therapy pad stay in place while the soft adjustable brace provides lumbar support. Utilize this machine on the shoulders, the lower back, middle back, and lower back.


AUSPA Cold Laser Pain Relief Therapy Device

The AUSPA Cold Laser Pain Relief Therapy Device is a device that uses cold laser lights for the knees, shoulders, back, joints and all muscle pain. This is a nifty handheld machine that is great for anyone who suffers from arthritis, and you can even use it on your pets! This handheld is super safe for humans and pets that suffer from arthritis or tendon pain. The easy to read LED display lets you know which settings you are using and even comes with a built-in timer to control the time spent under the laser beams. You can set the timer for up to four hours. This machine also targets acupoints to relieve pressure from typically affected areas and joints.


Quantum Rejuvenation Red Light Therapy Device

The Quantum Rejuvenation Red Light Therapy Device reduces pain in muscle and joints. Red light in this device is said to rejuvenate achy parts of the body, including joints and connective tissues. This device uses vital intracellular quantum biological processes in order to get the blood flowing and promotes circulation in just a matter of minutes. Other benefits of this device include reducing inflammation, improving circulation and banishing pain. This device is also safe to use on people and your pets, so if you have an older dog or cat that demonstrates some pain issues due to arthritis, you can safely use this product on them and help out with their pain levels. This device is also FDA registered and is completely safe to use in the privacy of your own home.


Beurer Infrared Light Heat Lamp Red Light Therapy

The Beurer Infrared Light Heat Lamp Red Light Therapy device promotes blood circulation in the back, muscles, joints, neck and shoulder. Basically, anywhere you are experiencing pain in the body you can use this device on. This is a hands-free device that almost looks like a computer monitor. The red-light screen has a six by six-inch surface and an 81-inch chord that you can easily move to suit your comfort levels. This device features a ceramic glass plate and has a digital display for treatment time, so you can easily adjust and see the timer if you decide to use one. This is not only an infrared light therapy machine, but it also combines the power of heat, so tight or knotted muscles can start to loosen and relax. This device also comes with active ventilation, so there never needs to be a concern about the machine heating up or causing an accidental fire.


Serfory Red Light Therapy Heat Lamp

The Serfory Red Light Therapy Heat Lamp comes complete with the powerful use of infrared light and gentle heat for a whole-body massage. This works great with combination therapy, such as getting a light massage while soaking in the benefits of the healing infrared red light and warm heat from the lamp. This lamp will help promote blood circulation and your body will absorb the energy of the heat rays which is easily converted into your own energy. The use of heat in this device reduces blood vessel tension, shallow arterioles, and capillaries. This also reduces muscle pain in all parts of the body, and it’s said that this device can even increase metabolism. With so many healing benefits, this machine is surely worth a shot.


HD-MAX Cold Laser Therapy Device

The HD-MAX Cold Laser Therapy Device uses red light therapy for back pain, arthritis pain and typical joint or tendon pain. This is a handheld device that comes with acupuncture e-books for further learning, safety goggles, and an extra adapter. This professional strength device sets out wavelengths of up to 808 wavelengths, touting one of the most impressive devices on the market. This is one of the best packages you can buy if you want a heavy strength dose of healing light with all the safety of a household appliance.


Proaller Cold Laser Red Light Therapy Device

The Proaller Cold Laser Red Light Therapy Device is a handheld and low-level infrared light device for knees, shoulders, backs, joints and standard muscle pain. This has three different power settings and comes with four different timer capabilities. This is also completely safe to use on pets, as well. This pure pain relief is a safe way to ease pain, all while being green toward the planet. No waste or excess use of electricity to use these devices.


SGROW 24w Red LED Light Therapy Bulbs

A bit of a different concept from the standard red LED light therapy devices and handheld machines, this is a nifty way to use LED light without having to worry about a device. The SGROW 24w Red LED Light Therapy Bulbs work just as well as LED red light therapy machines, but you can use them as a regular light bulb. This is great if you want to target a large space where you can sit and relax in, soaking up all those healing LED rays. This also won’t heat up the room, since the LED is light does not emit any heat. However, for a more targeted therapy session, use a stationary movable lamp so you can target more specific areas in the back or hips.


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