Top 10 Benefits of Dry Brushing

While we usually take care of different parts of our body from our hair to our overall health, we tend to neglect the skin. We shouldn’t however, as the skin is one of the most toxified parts of our body as it’s responsible for eliminating most of the toxins. Hence, we should give the same amount of tender loving care to our skin that we give to the rest of our body. Either than moisturizing our skin and making sure that it’s properly protected from the sun, we should also get into the habit of dry brushing.

What is dry brushing? Essentially, dry brushing involves brushing the surface of your skin for about four to five minutes. By dry brushing, you’ll help to improve circulation while exfoliating the skin. It’s been practiced for many centuries and can help to also remove dead skin cells while stimulating blood circulation. Not convinced? No worries, here are top 10 benefits of dry brushing that will change your mind.

Reducing the Appearance of Cellulite

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to get rid of some cellulite. The reason why cellulite appears is due to the dimpling of the skin from a connective tissue that stores fat to both insulate and cushion the body. When such a tissue gets overwhelmed with toxins, it starts to protrude the skin over certain areas of the body.

When you dry brush the skin, you’re able to massage this particular tissue and help to break down the toxins within it. These toxins can then be eliminated through other means such as the skin or kidneys. While you can minimise the appearance of cellulite by exercising and healthy eating, dry brushing can also help to speed up the elimination of these toxins within the body.

Getting Rid of Dead Skin

Unbeknownst to most, your skin actually dies and is replaced by new skin cells. As this process happens really quickly, there’s a high chance that you don’t even know it’s occurring. When you dry brush your skin, it helps to get rid of the dead skin cells and speeds up the formation of new ones. New skins cells usually result in softer skin that has a natural glow so why wouldn’t want you want to eliminate the old and embrace the new?

Cleanses the Lymphatic System

Toxins are part of our everyday lives and can form from various sources from the air to the food and even the water. As we go about our daily lives, our organs within the body also release toxins from metabolism and the lymphatic system aids our body in getting rid of these toxins. As you dry brush your skin, you’ll be helping to improve blood circulation which will also help the lymphatic system to expel toxins at a quicker rate.

Even Distribution of Fat

This is an interesting one that most individuals may not be aware of. Depending on our body shape, there tends to be a part of our body that would accumulate fat over the other. This can be dependent on numerous factors including metabolic rates. By dry brushing your body, you’ll actually help to evenly distribute the fat across various parts of the body rather than it being deposited in the same places. As strange as this sounds, in the long run, it’ll actually help to evenly distribute fat across your body.

Helps in the Absorption of Nutrients

As mentioned earlier, our skin houses a lot of toxins. On top of that, there’s also dead skin cells along with sweat and pollution that’s accumulated over the course of our day. While we do shower and clean our bodies, it may not be enough to unclog these blockages. With dry brushing, you’ll help to get rid of all of these toxins and allow the skin to effectively absorb the necessary nutrients and substances that the body requires. Frequently dry brushing will further help to open up the pores within the skin, eliminate waste, and absorb the good stuff for better well-being.

Prevents Ingrown Hairs

Want to get rid of those pesky ingrown hairs? Dry brushing regularly will help with cell turnover so that your skin will feel smooth and supple. It doesn’t matter if you wax or shave, dry brushing will help you to keep ingrown hairs at bay. Why? Simply because ingrown hairs tend to appear due to clogged pores. By dry brushing, you’ll be able to help unclog these pores which in turn results in less ingrown hairs.

Increases Energy Levels

Do you spend most of your morning relying on coffee? Perhaps you should rely on dry brushing instead. Since the action of dry brushing is similar to a deeper form of exfoliation, it helps to stimulate blood flow and stimulation which will give both your body and your mind a great boost. While most individuals may think that dry brushing before bed is the way to go, it’s actually much better to dry brush in the morning to give you somewhat of a caffeine kick to start your day.

Relieve Stress

Similar to increased energy levels, dry brushing could also help with relieving stress. When done slowly and regularly, it almost has a meditative quality towards it. Since it also removes toxins from within your body, you’ll end up feeling great both inside and out.

Improves Muscle Tone

While dry brushing helps with circulation and removing toxins, it can also support muscle toning. How? Well, when dry brushing stimulates the nervous system, it also helps to stimulate muscle fibers. Hence, dry brushing helps to deliver blood to muscles which in turn helps with both recovery and toning. Regular dry brushing will help to tighten your skin, and who wouldn’t want firmer skin?

Increased Happiness Levels

Yes, dry brushing can actually make you feel happy! How? Well, the improved circulation stemmed from dry brushing will actually make you feel both relaxed and ready to tackle your day. With that, it evokes a sense of both joy and satisfaction that results in positive vibes throughout your day.


Now that you’ve got an idea of the benefits of dry brushing, here are three products that’ll help you get started with dry brushing:

Dry Brushing Body Brush Set

This is a great set to get you started if it’s your first time to dry brushing. Be prepared to exfoliate and rejuvenate your skin with the dry brushing brush that comes with natural boar bristles. This set comes with a face brush, storage, and even a travel linen bag with step-by-step instructions. All of the materials used in the construction of these brushes are of the highest quality and also natural. You’re equipped with all the essentials, and you’ve got to get started in order to reap all the wonderful benefits of dry brushing.


Fantasea Natural Bristle Body Brush  

Don’t want to spend a fortune on dry brushing? No worries, you’ll be able to dry brush on a budget with this Fantasea Natural Bristle Body Brush. Get a secure grip with the handle, and be prepared to exfoliate, increase blood flow, and achieve both healthy and glowing skin.


Earth Therapeutics Body Brush  

A little nervous to dry brush? No worries, this Earth Therapeutics Body Brush is fluffy, and will give your skin the love that it needs. It’s also both vegetarian and eco-friendly, looks like it belongs at the spa, and is completely constructed from pure Japanese palm fiber.


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