Showering After Tanning: The Truth About The Myth Even Avid Tanners Believe

Even some tanning salon owners believe its best to shower after tanning, but can it really impact your glow?

Most avid tanners have a set routine.
They use a certain type of bed, a specific type of lotion and a detailed skin care routine to keep their color looking its best.
For many, this routine entails waiting to shower after they tan.
While some will wait a few hours, others take the showering after tanning belief pretty far, and will wait 24 hours or more before they decide to shower.
This is a strategy that many people, from avid tanners to tanning salon owners, abide by, but there is actually little truth to this post-tanning ritual.

Why Do People Wait on Their Post-Tan Shower?

Before diving into the specifics of the shower after tanning debate, it is important to address where this belief comes from.
Most believe avoid showering after tanning because they believe that the full tanning process takes 24-48 hours to complete.
This is true, the process can take up to two days, and it is something that most tanners know and experience first hand.
While it does take this long for the effects UV lights to deliver full color, a shower does not have the ability to wash away the tan or the effects of these lights.

When you lay down in front of UV rays, the lights activate cells known as melanocytes. These cells then start the melanin production process that changes the pigment in the skin.
Soap and water will not reverse the effects of this process.

What About Lotions and Bronzers?

Many people are concerned about their tanning lotions, particularly their bronzers following a tanning session.
It is true that a shower will wash away bronzers and their scent.
For a majority of bronzers, this doesn’t matter as they are only active as long as the tanning session.
If you have a bronzer that claims to work all day or for hours after a session, then it may benefit your results to wait a few hours after tanning to wash off.

Make sure to ask the tanning consultant about any long-term bronzers in your lotion first.

The Best Way to Actually Keep Your Color After Tanning

The best way to keep your color after tanning, isn’t to avoid the shower.

It is instead to keep the skin hydrated. It is true that showering can dry out the skin, and dry skin doesn’t hold color as well.

However, a simple and more effective solution to avoiding showering is to simply hydrate with a thick, moisturizing lotion daily, particularly after a session.

The Best Time To Shower

Even with evidence to the contrary, many tanners still have certain beliefs about the correlation between their shower and their tanning session.

The good news for those who want to shower at the “right” time, is that there is actually a best time to shower around your tannin session.

This is right before you tan. Many have found that a pre-tan shower can actually help enhance their. The heat from a shower can expand the pores, opening them up to take in more oxygen, which is essential to melanin production. Also a shower, especially an exfoliating one, will clear the skin from dirt and dead skin cells. These things can actually act as blockers and prevent the UV lights from penetrating the skin.

There are many things that a person can do in order to get the most out of their tanning experience. This includes using high quality beds, lotions with bronzers and moisturizers and keeping their body and their skin hydrated. However, avoiding showering after tanning doesn’t have to be on this list. A nice warm shower after a session will not impact color results or ruin the look of a tan.

Are you a believer in waiting to shower after tanning, or have you already dispelled this myth on your own?

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