reVive Light Therapy Device Reviews

reVive offers a wide range of devices covering the whole spectrum of highly effective light therapy. Here are some of them:

reVive Light Therapy Pain Relief

The light therapy device does not produce heat, which prevents you from accidentally burning tissues, which can happen with heating pads and similar technology. The reVive also does not use chemicals, which might cause skin reactions.

The handheld reVive Light Therapy Pain Relief resembles a miniature shower head, which contains a combination of 60 medical-grade, 5mm LEDs that emit red and infrared light at 660 nm and 880 nm wavelengths. Lights in this spectrum have been scientifically proven to penetrate the skin at depths of from 1 to 1.5 inches. Once absorbed, the light stimulate biological processes at the cellular level by increasing blood flow and stimulating cell replication, which in turn offer pain relief from arthritis and injury or promote wound healing.

The reVive Light Therapy Pain Relief wand could not be easier to use. Simply attach the power cord and plug the device into a standard wall socket and allow the unit to charge as recommended. Once charged, turn the wand on and place the treatment head over the affected area. Leave the light in place for up to 14 minutes and move the wand to the next location if needed. When finished, turn the reVive off.

The light therapy wand is safe to use on all skin colors and types. The lack of potential side effects makes the device safe to use daily as needed. Each reVive kit comes with the therapy device, the AC/DC power supply cord, a travel bag and an instruction manual. The reVive pain light therapy device also comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

reVive Light Therapy Acne Treatment

Numerous scientific studies report the amazing positive results of light therapy for skin problems. The reVive Light Therapy wand for acne features a treatment head that is 83 percent larger than competitive versions. This enables the unit to have 60 blue LEDs measuring a full 5 millimeters each. The lights were specifically chosen to emit deep penetrating light at a wavelength of 415 nm. At this potency, the light slows the production of sebaceous glands. In addition, as the light penetrates the skin, molecules known as Coproporphyrin III stimulate the release of single molecule oxygen. When the free radicals come in contact with blemish causing Propionibacterium acne bacteria, they destroy the fatty cell wall, which protects the microbe. The cells then self-destruct. With the microbes eliminated, inflammation and swelling subside and healing begins. Regular use of blue light prevents further eruptions.

The device is safe enough to use two to three times weekly until achieving the desired results. The reVive wand can also be used on all skin types. The non-invasive, powerful blue light therapy also does not need harsh chemicals, which often irritate, redden or even blister the skin. However, you must perform the therapy regularly as directed in order to reap the benefits.

Charge the reVive light wand as directed. Performing treatments is easy. Cleanse the skin and pat dry. Turn on the device and apply to an affected area for 14 to 15 minutes then move to the next area. The lights do not produce heat and will not cause burns. However, initial use may cause a slight irritation from the metabolic processes that occur.

Each reVive Light Therapy kit comes with the lightweight, hand held wand, the power cord, a handy travel bag and the instruction manual. The device is protected by a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

reVive Light Therapy Anti-Aging

The reVive Light Therapy device for anti-aging features a larger, rounded head and 60 medical-grade deep red and infrared LED lights, which provides more extensive coverage. Scientific reports conclude that lights having wavelengths of 625 nm on the deep red spectrum and 830 nm on the infrared spectrum provide a number of beneficial results as they penetrate the skin. The light stimulate cells to produce collagen and elastin, which plump the skin while eliminating fine lines. Skin becomes smoother and thus more youthful looking. The skin’s color and tone also normalize giving a more even appearance. Deep red and infrared lights also stimulate blood flow to treated areas, which enriches cells to more quickly replicate and replace damaged cells.

The reVive wand is lightweight and weighs a mere one pound. The ergonomic shape of the handle fits comfortably in the hand. Plug the power cord into the wand and into a wall socket to allow the reVive time to charge. Wash and pat dry your skin. Once charged, apply the wand to the affected areas using caution around the eyes. Treat each region for 14 to 15 minutes and move on to the next. Minor skin irritation may occur after the first few treatments. However, reVive is safe for all types of skin. You must be patient when using the device, as visible results may not occur for eight to 12 weeks.

The device is appropriate to use two to three times weekly. After seeing positive results, simply reduce the number of treatments. Each kit comes with the treatment wand, power cord, instruction manual and convenient travel bag. The company also provides a protective one-year warranty.

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