Laser Helmet vs Laser Comb – Which is Better for Hair Growth

Millions of men and women suffer hair loss in the United States secondary to genetic alopecia. In order to improve appearance and boost self-esteem, adults spend millions of dollars every year on OTC and prescription products, treatments and hair transplants. However, technology is now available, which produces amazing cost-effective results in the privacy of one’s home. Laser combs and helmets are affordable devices, which offer an alternative to dermatological and spa treatments.


About Laser Hair Growth

Research involving medical-grade, low-level cool lasers and red light therapy indicate the treatments are effective for stimulating hair follicles when they penetrate the scalp. The photons in the light stimulate cellular mitochondria to increase adenosine triphosphate production, which enhances cell function and replication. The lining of local arteries dilate, which increases blood flow and delivers oxygen and other nutrients to the cells and hair follicles. All of these biological activities in turn encourage follicles to produce new hair.

Laser Combs

The handheld combs feature seven to 12 cool infrared laser diodes. Internal, rechargeable batteries supply the power, which provides cordless function. This feature also makes the combs portable, as they typically offer multiple use off one charge. Most additionally come with convenient travel bags.

The combs are typically designed in such a way as to part the hair to enable the laser light to pass through to the scalp. Hair growth treatment entails applying the comb to the front of the hairline and waiting the designated number of seconds before advancing the device farther back on your head. Treating your entire scalp requires less than 10 minutes of time. However, if doubling back over the same previously treated areas, over stimulation of the follicles can contribute to further hair loss. Treatments must be repeated three or more times weekly. Many devices come with a money-back guarantee and all are covered by a manufacturer’s warranty.

Laser Helmets

Laser helmets are generally more expensive. However, the devices contain a combination of cool lasers and red lights totaling anywhere from 50 to 80 LEDs, which provide more power and offer treatment over a larger area in one single session. With the helmets, you simply place the device on your head, turn it on and let the treatment begin. The hands-free design prevents hand and arm fatigue from having to slowly work a comb through your scalp. When wearing a hair grow helmet, you are free to engage in various other activities.

Some helmets require being plugged into a standard wall outlet to function. Others contain an internal rechargeable battery, which enables users to move about freely without having to be tethered to a wall outlet. You are also not restricted from receiving treatments while indoors.

The helmets come in a variety of styles and offer different features. One model has built-in headphones, which allows users to listen to music by connecting the device with a mobile device. Other models have remote controls displaying different baldness patterns. Users need merely choose the illustration which closely resembles their pattern of hair loss and the helmet times the treatment accordingly. The incorporated timers of laser helmets turn the devices off automatically without having to watch the clock.


If you’re wondering which you should buy, go with a laser helmet. Helmets are more effective because they have more LEDs. A typical helmet contains about 80 lights vs about 10 lights in a typical helmet. More power leads to better results. A helmet will provide more area coverage and is way more convenient because of it’s hands-free.

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