My review of this girly – but effective – facial serum for dry and oily skin

If you’re not sure, try taking this test to determine your skin type before you read this post.

I don’t do many product reviews on this blog and there’s a reason for that – most acne topical acne treatment products are overpriced and an utter waste of time, if not downright harmful.

Every now and then though, I do find something worth telling you about – and this one has come from an unusual source.

Naturally enough (given my history with acne and the work I do on this blog) my dear woman and I spend a fair amount of time discussing skin, skincare, acne, acne treatments and all things dermatological.

And occasionally, she’s able to prove herself useful with a nugget of information (or in this case, a product review) which I haven’t heard before.

Being the type who’ll try anything once, this isn’t the first time I’ve used a potion from her girl-drawer on my skin. Just to experiment, of course – all in the name of skin science.

As the stuff she buys is obviously designed for fair female skin, it doesn’t usually feature here on the pages of Acne Advice For Men – because it’s not usually any good. Until now.

I don’t have any problems using products designed for women – when things got bad back in the day, I would sneak a drop of concealer to hide the worst of my acne. I’m not ashamed to admit that for one moment and neither should you be.


Before we go further, I will say that the product this article is reviewing does fail one of the three rules any worthwhile acne treatment must adhere to:

  • Simple – tick
  • Effective – double tick
  • Cheap – (cue family feud “uh-uh!)

You have been forewarned, but at least hear me out and see below for one exceptionally crafty trick which might save you money on this.

Go on then, what is it?

The marvellous product in the spotlight here is called Benefit Instant Comeback Facial Serum.

Ask any girl (maybe pick one you’re familiar with, so you don’t come off as weird) and she’ll tell you that Benefit is the makeup to buy.  If you’re after quality cosmetics, word in the women’s locker room is that nothing – but nothing – compares with Benefit.

And that commands a premium price – rightly so – but millions of girls still queue up in department stores to buy this stuff.

My girlfriend stocks up once a year (their products do last a long time) and will think nothing of splurging literally hundreds on Benefit makeup in one sitting.

The Instant Comeback Facial Serum is designed for drier skin types but works equally well at balancing out oily skin too – see below.

Being the nerdy type, I scanned the list of ingredients to find out exactly how it worked and was incredibly surprised to see that the number three ingredient (especially as water is the number 1…) is alcohol, which is normally the very last thing I’d ever recommend putting on any skin, let alone dry or sensitive skin.

Less surprising though is the number 6 ingredient – a natural oil I’ve written about before which has almost the same effect as this serum for a fraction of the cost:  Jojoba oil.

Isn’t it nice to be proved right.

The serum itself comes in a 1oz (30ml) bottle and is a thick, silvery-gray translucent liquid. It rubs in well and smells pretty neutral, so it shouldn’t mess with the scent of your cologne.

All good so far…

My results

Firstly, it couldn’t be easier to use – just pump a couple of squirts from the bottle onto your fingertips once you’ve washed your face, and rub it in.  Don’t bother with any other moisturizer.

The results I’ve had with a patch of dry, flaky skin over my right eyebrow have been excellent – one application in the morning and the skin stays smooth and hydrated all day.

But that’s not the main benefit this stuff can have – after a couple of uses I did something slightly insane just to test this serum out properly.

I washed my face with hot water, skipped my morning vitamin D pills and ate a packet of potato chips with lunch for three days straight, triggering an increase in oil production. Scary how quickly you can get oily again after two years of completely acne-free skin.

Anyway, on the fourth morning I applied the facial serum directly onto the resulting oil-slick and my skin was perfectly matte all day.

I don’t get acne any more – and no, I’m not willing to abandon everything I’ve worked for just to really test this out – but it did do a very good job at keeping my dry skin moist and my oily skin dry.

Spreading the cost…!

I did say I have a tip for saving you some money on this product – do what I did.

My girlfriend bought this as an experiment and loves it – it really is great stuff for skin and her usually slightly-dry and freckly forehead has never looked smoother.

It is therefore not hard to convince her to keep buying this stuff. She loves spending money anyway, especially on nice makeup…

So if you have a girlfriend/wife who would appreciate a surprise present, why not give her a bottle of Benefit Facial Serum. Even if you don’t want to go all out, buy a sample from Amazon for under a dollar and you’ll get about one application each.

Once she’s tried it and seen the results, she’ll want more – and if she’s not convinced enough to buy a whole bottle for you both to share, you can at least split the cost. It lasts a long time (we get about two months each from one bottle).

Now, this is basically the same sales tactic used by drug dealers – get your target audience hooked and then skim off the top for yourself.





But it’s also kind of ethical, because at least you’ll be recommending something of value.  She’ll have even better skin, and if you happen to “Benefit” too (excuse the pun) then everybody wins, right…?!

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