Foods that Age Your Skin

People should be aware of what they eat and how it might affect the body if these particular food are ingested, digested, and circulated in the entire system. Yes, there are several nutritional foods that can make your skin glowing, white, moisturized, rejuvenated, radiant, healthy, and young yet there are also some foods that can age you up to 10 – 20 years older! Either you will reduce or eliminate these foods from your diet plan so that you may prevent these aging skin foods.

Different Typical Foods that Age Your Skin

What’s the actual scenario? Most of us engage in different life activities including parties and social gatherings that will influence us to eat fatty rich and highly salted foods. Usually, we encounter these foods when eating at the pub, bar, or restaurants together with our friends hence, obviously, it might cause us hangovers leading to tiredness of the skin and dark eye circles. What’s the tendency? These foods may affect our beloved skin and the worst part is, it will make you look like a 35-year-old even if you’re just at the mid 20’s. What’s the remedy? Let’s find out what are the different kinds of food that you should be avoided.

Foods that may contribute to aging the skin

After a thorough study and research, these are the food that you should be alarmed of so you may limit the consumption or totally eliminate these foods from your daily menu.

1. Potato Chips and Other Junk Foods

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Eating crispy and crunchy chips while watching movies, listening to music, or studying makes you feel relax, and helps you enjoy what you’re doing. It might be alright to eat snacks at some time but you should not be eating these foods all the time. Potato chips contained trans fat that may be deposited on the layer of the skin tissues and cells thus, leaving the skin to look tired and old. The trans fat may increase the risk of inflammation especially if you have severe acne problems. If I were you, limit your potato chips hobby.

2. Corn Syrup

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Corn itself is a healthy crop but when processed through series of food manufacturing turning it to a corn syrup then this is a different story. The synthetic and chemical ingredients fusion on the corn to turn it into a syrup may damage the elastin and collagen of the skin when eaten. In short, corn syrup is not a good source of a healthy skin thus, it’s the opposite. Read the label first of the food products before eating them to see if there’s a corn syrup content.

3. Margarine

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A sweet and savory aroma of the margarine used as an alternative cooking oil increases the appetite yet excessive consumption of the margarine is not recommended. The margarine constitutes trans fat that can damage the skin tissues and cells leading to dehydration. According to Dr. Tasneem Bratia, M.D., the dehydration is a major skin problem condition that may speed up the appearance of the wrinkles. A moderate consumption of the margarine is already enough to balance the diet plan.

4. Alcohol

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Our generation find it difficult to say “NO” to parties since it is a huge part of our lives. Usually, you will never avoid your friends who persuade you to shot a hard drink hence, the euphoria of drinking alcoholic beverages will eventually make you a hard drinker. What is the effect of drinking too many liquors on the skin? Simple, it will damage your body’s vitamin A, which is responsible for the cell renewal and serves as an anti-oxidant to the overall body resulting in the formation of the free radicals. In short, if you’ll be having free radicals then it will make you look older. Moderate drinking of alcohol should be observed and avoid drinking too much so that you will prevent having hangovers and you will be able to protect your skin against harmful chemicals.

5. Energy Drinks

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You may not like drinking alcoholic beverages but you substitute it will energy drinks thus, the result is just the same. The high concentration of sodium and caffeine may deteriorate the skin cells and tissues. The effect of this bad habit will rise to dehydration which is not good for the skin. According to Sarah Jane Bedwell RD LDN, the effect of energy drinks cause dehydration and may result in dryness of the skin and visible signs of wrinkles.

6. Sugar

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Who could ever resist the sweetness of sugar? Most of us are born with a sweet tooth which implies people have the high level of cravenness and appetite to tasty and delicious foods. It is important to include every different tongue tastes such as sweet, bitter, pungent, or sour as part of the balanced diet. More than the required nutrition may cause health problems like diabetes if you’re taking too much sugar in your meals. Moreover, the effect of high sugar does not only cause health problems in the blood stream and internal organs but also to the skin. Too much sugar can damage the collagen and elastin of the skin responsible for making the skin look young, firm, soft, plump, and supple. If you have severe acne, it is advisable to reduce your sugar intake so that it will not aggravate the acne.

7. High Salinity Foods

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People love the twist of salt in their food because it brings a savory on the dish. Usually, we experience eating fatty and salty foods at fast food restaurants such as pizzas, burgers, or fries. High salinity foods may not only destroy your kidneys or result to urinary tract infections (UTI) but also, it may also be harmful to the skin when ingested. Salt can make you feel bloated since it retains the water within the body thus, making you skin look tired and puffy. Limit your salt and manage your meals in a healthy way.

Skin Advise

Maintaining a flawless, acne-free, glowing, radiant, and young skin does not only depend on the cosmetic products that you apply externally. It is not also based on the vitamins relevant to the skin but what matters most is the food that you eat. A healthy living connotes a healthy skin hence, don’t let the bad foods age your skin! Eat green leafy vegetables, oats, whole grains, and fruits to acquire timeless beauty skin.

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