9 Ways to Reduce Wrinkles on Your Face

If you’re staying awake all night, can’t handle the stress and pressure, reduction of body weight, wrong sleeping positions, smoking, sun damage, dehydration, and glycation, you probably need some skin care treatments because all of the aforementioned signs above may result to wrinkles.

Reduce the Visible Signs of Wrinkles

Most of us are being annoyed when we see a sagging portion of our skin because it indicates poor skin regimen and unhealthy kind of living. Don’t feel anxious about that since it can still be remedied using these practical tips to reduce the wrinkles. Before digging on the treatments, let’s have an introduction of the term, “wrinkle” and know its various causes.

What is a wrinkle?

A “wrinkle” is characterized as multiple folds on the skin brought about by the effects o f the environment, stress, and sleeping disorders that may accelerate the aging process and damage the collagen as well as elastin elements on the skin. It is normally seen among the grandmothers and fathers as they reach the age of 50’s. Be alarmed if you have wrinkles at the very young age because you’ll need to do something in order to prevent the formation of the wrinkles.

What are the various ways to eliminate or reduce the wrinkles?

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1. Get ample amount of sleep

An 8-hour sleep is already adequate to suffice and condition your body from the stress, pressure, and pollution of the environment. The body’s system is active during the night to restore and revitalize the tissues of the body hence, it is also safe to say that, the skin regeneration is happening in this period. If you only have a less than 8-hour sleep, you will easily get fatigue, dark eye circles, and eventually, the wrinkles on your forehead or eyes start to appear. Always have a good and complete resting time to invigorate your body and condition your skin.

2. Eat healthy foods enriched with vitamins and minerals

Become obedient in eating the right amount and kinds of food to provide nutrients for your skin and promote a healthy skin. The vegetables, fruits, and oats are good suppliers of vitamins and minerals essential to help the skin to renew tissues and makes the skin plump, supple, firm, pinkish, and radiant. With the aid of the nutritious food, it increases your collagen and elastin for your skin, which are responsible for keeping your skin elastic.

3. Avoid smoking

Aside from the health warning, “cigarette smoking is dangerous to your health”, the nicotine and other substances of the cigar or pipe might affect the skin as it destroys the collagen, elastin, and skin tissues making the progress of the skin aging very active. The solution is just simple, quit smoking and eat healthy foods.

4. Proper beauty regimen for the skin

It is important to keep an eye with your skin care products and if you love putting on make ups, you should wipe it with makeup remover and wash your face so that the chemicals won’t cause any irritations and allergy on your face.


5. Keep away from the prickly heat of the sun

Wear sunscreen or sunblock to protect your skin from the intense heat of the sun. Just be sure to purchase a hypoallergenic formula so that you will not be irritated with the chemical content of the lotion or gel. In addition, you may also wear a hat or use an umbrella so that your skin will not get in touch with the UV rays. Avoiding the prickly heat of the sun may reduce the effect of the damage happened to your skin that may rise to the formation of wrinkles.

6. Don’t drink excessive coffee

It is true that a coffee contains the essential anti-oxidants for the body yet, you have to be warned with the excessive consumption of coffee may also bring bad effects to your skin. It increases the aging process, damages the collagen and elastin thus, it may result to wrinkled skin especially around the corners of the eyes and forehead. It is recommended to take at least 1 to 2 of coffee per day and beyond that limit may not be advisable.

7. Consult a dermatology specialist

Set an appointment with your trusted dermatologist to consult your skin problems and have a scheduled sessions for the right beauty treatment applicable for your skin. If you want to reduce your wrinkles, you may ask your dermatologist if you can avail the dermabrasion, diamond peel, dermal fillers, or derma rollers so that you can maintain a baby, healthy, and wrinkle-free looking skin.

8. Embrace a positive attitude and wear a smile

Keep an optimistic outlook in life and always put a smile on your face because as the famous line said, “laughter is the best medicine”. When a person’s smile, the skin around the cheeks, lips, eyes, and forehead are being stretched whenever you smile hence, the effect would make you look and feel younger. Your wrinkles will be reduced if you keep the smile session a good therapy.

9. Drink at least 8 glasses of water per day

Drinking and 8 glasses of water every day will help your skin keep hydrated, plump, and supple. It supports the ability of the skin to become elastic and removes the toxins in the body in a natural way thus, it may reduce the formation of the wrinkles.

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