Red Light Therapy – A Holistic Healing Approach

Red light therapy is used world wide for an assortment of detox and skin remedy reasons. In the west, red light therapy is used for improving skin conditions and assisting the body to detox. In eastern medicine red light treatments are commonly used in energy work. Targetting known points within the body, specifically the meridians and chakra zones, colorpuncture uses a narrow beam of red light to create energy within a patient’s body. Instead of relying on needles. Red light therapy is also sometimes referred to as red color therapy and used to boost wellbeing and overall vitality.

Western science and eastern medicine are based on different philosophies, however the goals are the same: patients need to feel their best after any treatment. Light is energy, and our body needs different levels of energy at different times. While Red and infrared light penetrate the body deeply, blue light has also been found beneficial for those suffering from sleep deprivation. Red light has been found to give energy and has profound results when used by western or eastern healing professionals. The good news is, it will likely have positive and healing effect no matter the part of the world in which you receive the treatment.


What is Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy is a unique process that uses low-power red light wavelengths produced directly through the skin. The patient feels no pain during this process and no heat is produced. Red light has the ability to be engaged into the skin at a depth of up to 10 millimeters. This process allows positive outcomes on cellular energy. Furthermore multiple nervous system and metabolic processes are enhanced.

Red light therapy is also known by the every-day scientific term photobiomodulation. It was first discovered by NASA astronauts as a way to grow plants in space.This is a 100% natural therapy that has no side effects. Studies have show that red light therapy is effective for rejuvenating the skin. It also helps a number of skin conditions and prevents hair loss.

Why It Is Safer Than Other Treatments

Despite the fact that this is a new treatment, red light therapy is just as safe if not safer than many other treatments including laser therapy, OTC and prescription drugs. Although caution should be used with any treatment, the FDA has confirmed that their is little risk in using red light treatment. The benefits that this specific treatment can have are numerous and include repairing sun damage, bringing more moisture to your skin, fading scars and stretch marks and smoothing overall skin tone.

Their are a number of benefits for red light therapy not found in other treatments. This therapy requires zero downtime and is drug and chemical free. Patients will do not have to worry about invasive needles and or knives. Red light therapy is now easily available in your home, painless and FDA approved.

When using other treatments like laser therapy, there are a number of side effects and problems not found with red light therapy. With laser therapy there is the concern for post-operative pain after the procedure. Patients also run the risk of changes in skin pigmentation and even bruising. Perhaps an even bigger issue is the recurrence of the skin issue. It usually takes more than one laser skin treatment to get the desired outcome and sometimes even after multiple treatments, the condition will still be present.

Red light therapy is an advancing treatment that should be considered by anyone with a skin issue. The convenience of being able to use this treatment at home is great. The many benefits your skin can have as a result of doing the treatment are even better.

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