How Red Light Therapy Works

Simply stated, red light therapy uses light to repair cellular tissue. While often used in beauty salons to rejuvinate skin and regrow hair, research has found that red light therapy is useful in the treatment of pain, acne, wound care, migraine, and so much more. It is a 100% natural therapy with zero side effects, making it very attractive to those seeking non-traditional healing and age defying skin care.


How Red Light Therapy Works

Red light is used on an affected area and can penetrate the skin to a depth of 8 to 10 mm. Once the light energy is absorbed it is converted to cellular energy, thus jump starting a whole series of metabolic events. What’s more, these metabolic processes are entirely eco-friendly and safe. An even greater benefit is that red light therapy is quick and can be completed in a time frame of two to fifteen minutes. Red light therapy safely customizes itself to the particular ailment being treated, causing no pain and requiring no recovery time. It is a miracle found in a light wave.

Red Light Therapy and Anti-Aging

Women(and men)spend billions of dollars each year on creams, lotions, and surgeries, all in an attempt to find that proverbial fountain of youth. Surgical procedures are costly, painful, and require a good deal of recovery time. Red light therapy offers an alternative to this. And while continual red light therapy performed at a doctor’s office or salon can also be quite costly, there are a variety of products that can be purchased for in- home use. It is important to note that the FDA has approved red light therapy for the elimination of fine lines and wrinkles. And what exactly does that mean in laymen’s terms? Well, it means quite simply, that this therapy works!!

Red Light Therapy Treatment

Red light therapy treatments will stimulate collagen production, essential in the elimination of fine lines and wrinkles. This therapy will increase the formation of new capillaries, giving skin a radiant look, and help to reduce swelling and puffiness. Depending on the product you choose to purchase, the treatment times will vary, but all will include the following:

  • cleanse the face to remove soil or anything that could interfere with the light
  • shine the light on skin for 90 seconds to 20 minutes
  • use daily until desired effect has been achieved
  • reduce to twice weekly to maintain results
  • use a topical antioxidant after each treatment to improve results

The beauty, no pun intended, of red light therapy is that it is completely painless, will leave no redness, and will likely have no after effect. Makeup or any other skin care product can be used immediately after treatment. And while, treatment by a trained professional is always a preference, many reviews of in home products are quite positive. In addition to saving users money, as hand held devices can be purchased for as little as $99 – $249, one cannot emphasize enough, the amount of time than can be saved by not traveling to a doctor’s office. In this fast paced world, the benefit of saving time is immeasurable.

Other Uses

While the rejuvination of skin to a youthful appearance is the top reason for red light therapy, it is becoming more of a tool for other ailments as well. It is successfully being used for:

  • acne in adolescent and young adults
  • circulatory problems in older adults
  • migraines
  • mild depression
  • sexual dysfunction in both men and women
  • relaxation


Like with any alternative therapies, there will be those who support the therapy and those who will be skeptical. But given the various ailments that can be treated with red light therapy, all with the stamp of approval from the FDA, it is hard to ignore its potential benefits. For those who can afford it, treatment can be performed in a doctor’s office or salon, but perhaps its greatest asset, is that red light therapy can be done in the comfort of one’s own home, making it affordable and time saving. Perhaps this therapy is truly the “wave” of the future!

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