Perfectio Zero Gravity Review

Skin cells undergo changes due to natural aging, sun and weather exposure or bad habits. Millions of dollars are spent annually in an effort to defy the visible effects of aging and damage. The most effective rejuvenating methods involve treatments obtained through licensed dermatological specialists. However, having to keep appointments multiple times weekly becomes an inconvenience and costly. The advancements in technology now enable consumers to indulge in treatments in the privacy of their homes. Perfectio Zero Gravity is an elegantly designed hand-held device that promises to rejuvenate the appearance of skin using a combination of red and infrared LEDs. It is effective but there are much better solutions at a fraction of the cost.

Red and Infrared Light Therapy

The end of the Perfectio Zero Gravity wand features 25 red and infrared LED lights, which function at wavelengths ranging from 640 to 840nm. In this range, the gently pulsing lights capably penetrate deeply through the dermis, the epidermis and the hypodermis layers of the skin without emitting harmful UVA or UVB rays or heat. When subdermal cells become exposed to the lights, a number of biological effects take place. Organelles called mitochondria are stimulated to amp up cellular energy production, which enables skin cells to function more efficiently. The lights stimulate arteries in the direct area to release nitric oxide gas, which alerts vessels to dilate. With blood flow increased, cells and connective tissue receive more vital nutrients. Collagen, elastin and new skin cells are repaired or replaced thanks to the abundance of nutrition.

Perfectio Zero Gravity Basics

Each package comes with the charging and storing base, an A/C power adapter, the wand, carrying bag and instruction booklet. Per the manufacturer’s instructions, the unit must be fully charged prior to use. Skin must be thoroughly cleansed, rinsed and dried. Simply remove the wand from the charging unit and depress the button to turn on the wand. The LED lights do not emit light until they come in contact with skin.

Treatment Instructions

Apply the lighted head directly to the skin on the desired regions. Move the wand slowly in circular motions over each region. Treat each area for approximately 10 minutes. After each session, apply a light moisturizer to the treated regions. The wand is recommended for use on the face, forehead and neck areas. The wand cannot be used over eye areas. If the lighted head becomes too warm, stop the treatment.

For optimal results, apply Zero Gravity treatments at least three times weekly. After achieving satisfactory results, repeat treatments weekly for maintenance. Cleaning the wand after each use merely requires wiping the head with a dry cloth. Avoid exposing the light-emitting unit to any type of moisture.

Optional Accessories

For world travelers, Perfectio offers a power adapter kit that comes with four different plugs that are compatible with 100 to 240V outlets found in Australia, Europe, the United Kingdom and the United States. Lightweight, zippered travel bags are also available.


  • Cord-free usage enables movement freedom
  • Reduces inflammation, enlarged pores and irregular pigmentation
  • Diminishes fine lines
  • Safe for all skin types and colors


  • Visible results may not be obvious until two or more weeks of routine use.
  • Initial cost
  • Treatments may span up to 30 minutes or longer depending on the number of areas requiring attention.


  1. What are the ‘much better solutions at a fraction of the cost’ mentioned in your review of the Perfectio Zero Gravity LED device? Please advise. Thank you!

  2. BUYER BEWARE..I bought the Gold Perfectio less that a year ago.It stopped working and now to replace it the company wants seventy dollars for shipping and handling.This machine has a life time warranty,however you are paying through the nose to get it…
    Very unhappy in Riverside …

  3. I been using it for 3 months and I can see good results, my worst problem was the lost of elasticity on my skin… I’m really happy to see now that it works and my skin looks tighter … even my husband and friends noticed it!! I will never stop using it… hope the warranty works if I ever have a problem with the machine and need to replace it …

    • Do you have the gold or the ‘normal’ one? Which do you recommend?

    • I was told to use it three times a week only for 4 weeks and once a week after that which I have followed and I have not notice any changes they say that after the four weeks is just maintenance and I wonder if I was supposed to use it three times a week until I notice any results and then use a weekly after that maybe that’s why I have to notice results yet I’ve had it for 3 months already very disappointed though

  4. Hi … I purchased the perfectio machine in London 1 month ago. I am very happy with the results . However , the battery life is nothing like what was promised ! I use it for 20 minutes when fully charged and it runs flat ! I was assured that I would have to charge it every 2 weeks . What can you suggest ?

  5. If this 4,000 PLUS is so good, why was my salesperson (that I had already purchased many thousand of dollars and have products to last me for two years) is trying so *****HARD***** to sell this expensive product

    Which is the better use of your money – 400 personalized facial appointments or this product

    Your answer to this question will help you decide which option is best

  6. I’ve just started using the products about two weeks ago and I’m loving the results v

  7. I have just started using it for my neck area. After 3 treatments I see wonderful results. Hope it continues

  8. I just started my first treatment today hope I see some results after a few weeks . Will posted something later with sone updates

  9. I have a blue Sapphire Light purchased less than 2 years ago, of course have the original receipt BUT I can not get in touch with ANYONE in customer service to help with a situation of the light not charging. Thousands of dollars yet ZERO customer service.. Who can I contact to get this situation taken care of at this point? I own the red light as well, no problems there, love the product.

  10. I’ve just used it this week and see a difference. Pricey, but other things would add up and not produce like this does. Also using on my sore joints (frozen shoulder) & already feeling a difference. Juvederm, botox, facelifts…all cost $$’s but this firms the area, reduces lines, inflammation. A more natural approach & healing as I see it.

  11. Pretty sure the brother states it only holds a 6 hour charge..
    It also says to charge it after every use..

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