LightTherapyDevice’s Best Cyber Monday Deals

You’ve made it through lockdowns, home-schooling, and now a week of cooking and the big clean-up after having delivered the ultimate Thanksgiving dinner. Don’t you owe yourself a little retail therapy to get you through these next few weeks of baking, decorating and ho-ho-ho’ing? If you’re nodding your head yes, then maybe its time to invest in yourself.  Settle back, put your feet up and take a deep breath, because Amazon’s extraordinary Cyber Monday deals are headed your way and they’re bigger than ever, better than ever, and they’re all just a click away.

Best of all, all these 2020’s Cyber Monday deals run straight through to end of day, Monday the 30th. And who doesn’t want a whole weekend to compile that list of must-have’s, want-to-have’s, and do-I-dare items that will help you shop smart and get in on the deals as soon as they pop up. Thinking about that rather pricey LED toning mask with 7 different color therapies? Now is the time to start watching for price drops and comparing brand versus brand for who does it best. There’s never been a better time to explore new products than when the deals are flying. And boy, are they flying.

Want a tip? Be sure to watch for Amazon’s famous Deal of the Day that showcases a wide range of brand name products at heavily discounted prices each and every day of the event. Or hone your bargain-hunting skills with Amazon’s Lightning Deals that push out a constant stream of popular items at crazy low prices, every few minutes. But you snooze, you lose, because once these deals are gone, they revert back to their regular retail pricing and you’ll be back to dreaming about them.

What’s great about Amazon’s Cyber Monday event is that it brings in thousands of brands from across the world, so the opportunities to comparison shop abound. Want to check out light therapy lamps, the latest in night serums or hair removal products? Its easy to compare all the top brands, explore their different features, then choose from amongst the lowest prices you’ll find anywhere.

But if you’re also still inclined to get all your holiday shopping done now, you’ll probably want to hang on to some of your savings and here’s how Amazon can help. Just sign up for Amazon Prime by clicking here and you’ll get free shipping. Yes, you don’t pay any delivery fee. And there’s more because you also get to enjoy perks such as Prime Video, Prime Music and even Prime Fresh and Prime Pantry – so order those frequently used items is a snap. Best of all, you can customize delivery so you’re at home to receive it. Still not sure? Try it free over the next 30-days and you’ll be hooked.

So, don’t ho-ho-hope you get what you want for Christmas this year. Find it now… and let us help!


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