Summer Nail Designs

Summer is such a fun season, so it is also a great time to experiment with some new nail designs that are eye-catching and beautiful. Instead of sticking with the same old designs, switch things up for summer with some of the super cute ideas that we have listed below to help you get started. And, remember, you can request these designs at your favorite nail salon, or you can even try taking a DIY approach by painting your nails at home. It’s up to you!

Neon Colored French Manicure

Take your typical French manicure to another level, and make it even more attention-grabbing for summer, by using a neon color on your tips instead of plain white nail polish. The combination of the neutral base and the pop of color on the tips is a great look when you are spending a lot of time in the sun, and it can also be the perfect complement to your style when you are out on the town during an unforgettable summer night.

Tie-Dye Designs

Tie-dye designs probably remind you of summer. There are tie-dye tank tops and T-shirts, and there are also tie-dye bathing suits. So, why not make your nails tie-dye too? If you’re going for a more minimalist look, you can add a curvy rainbow of color to one side of each nail. If you want more, though, ask your manicurist to cover each nail in tie-dye colors that are sure to be conversation starters.

Pretty Floral Designs

It’s the season for flowers, so why not add some cute little flowers on your nails? Choose a base coat color that you like, and then paint on adorable little blooms, such as cherry blossoms or daisies. The more colorful the design, the better. After all, summer isn’t the time to go for muted colors; instead, you want bright designs that remind you of days full of sunshine and joy.

Stunning Ombre Nails in Summer Hues

Ombre nails are definitely stunning, but when you want to go with this design during the summer, consider going with a bright orange shade that will remind you of the setting sun on a hot evening at the beach. Or, you can even go with rainbow ombre nails if you want something that is really unique and not something that you see every day.

Melted Ice Cream Design

Summer is the ideal time of year to head out with friends to get some yummy ice cream, so why not ask your manicurist to create an adorable melting ice cream design? Or, if you want to challenge yourself a bit by doing this at home, just apply a neutral base coat. Then, select a bright color and dip a bobby pin into the polish. Dab it onto your nail three times: once on each side of the nail, and once in the middle. Then, drag the polish to the tip of your nail, and bring it all together at the tip, to create the appearance that it is melting like ice cream.

A Different Color on Each Nail

Everyone is sure to agree that rainbows are a great way to bring a summertime design to your nails. Well, there’s a super easy way to achieve this right at home when you want to do your own nails: just use a different color on each fingernail. You might put red on your thumbs, orange on your index fingers, yellow on your middle fingers, green on your ring fingers, and blue on your pinky fingers, as one example. Or, you could go for a totally different color on each of your nails, for a total of 10 different bright shades that showcase all of the colors of the season.

Summer Fruit Inspired Designs

Two fruits that are in season in the summer are strawberries and watermelons. Ask your manicurist to paint each nail to look like a little strawberry for a really adorable look. Using shades of pink, red, yellow, and green, this design can definitely get people talking, and asking you where you get your nails done. Or, if you would prefer to take a much simpler approach, you can get watermelon vibes from your nails by painting them bright pink and then painting the tips green. Even painting a simple line on a slant at the tip of each nail, rather than going for a traditional French manicure style tip, can be a nice way to add something different that you will love looking at.

Picnic Blanket Design for Summer

Summer is the perfect time for an outdoor picnic, right? So, why not use a gingham design right on your nails to make them look like mini picnic blankets? A combination of a white color as your base, along with red stripes that cross over one another, can achieve this look surprisingly easily.

Butterfly or Ladybug Nails

A professional manicurist might be able to pull off a really beautiful design that showcases colorful butterflies on your nails. But you can actually get this look all on your own by simply purchasing some butterfly nail stickers and applying them to your nails easily at home. And, when you want to switch things up, you can have fun with a cute ladybug design. Just paint your nails red, and then use black nail polish to create a stripe down the middle of your nails. Paint black dots on either side of the stripe, and paint the tips black as well. Then, add a pair of white dots on each tip to make it look like eyes. Before you know it, every nail will look like an adorable ladybug!

Take Advantage of Summer to Have Some Fun with Your Nail Designs!

Again, whether you go to your manicurist or you do your nails at home yourself, taking advantage of creative, attractive designs is a great way to get yourself excited for everything that the summer season has to offer. From sophisticated designs to those that are full of youthful energy, there is something for everyone!

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