Jojoba Oil Can Help Your Acne

Depending on where you live – especially if you are a resident of the United States – you have probably never even heard of jojoba oil. Chances are you are unsure of how to pronounce it, too. Jojoba oil (pronounced ho-HO-ba) is the oil which is carefully extracted from the jojoba plant, native to various parts of the American Southwest (such as Arizona) and areas of Mexico. Centuries ago, Native Americans would gather the plants, extract the liquid, and would use it for medicinal properties. The oil was especially popular for treating skin conditions, such as inflammation, bruising, rashes, and other ailments. Today, however, jojoba oil is marketed and used as a treatment for acne as well as a moisturizer.

Proven Benefits, and Not Just for Your Face

Unfortunately, people who have sensitive skin can’t simply try all of the newest and hottest products on the market. They have to be very careful about the active ingredients, the amount of product they put on their face, and the duration of time that they use them. That said, jojoba oil is known to be exceptionally gentle for those with sensitive skin, liable to break out in rashes if they use a product that is too harsh. The purer and more organic the quality of the oil, the better it will work and the gentler it will be on your skin.

One of the major benefits of jojoba oil is that it works to promote the production of collagen in your skin. Collagen is an essential component of your skin’s makeup, since it is responsible for the skin’s elastic nature. A good amount of collagen means that your skin appears younger, smoother, and healthier. When the collagen in your face begins to disappear, that’s when the wrinkles creep up on you.

When it comes to acne, jojoba oil is a wonder in working as an anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory agent (hence why it’s used with some of those pesky and painful skin conditions). And due to its oily nature, jojoba has the ability to mask itself as sebum on your face, since it harbors almost the same waxy properties. Researchers have posited that when you apply a little bit of the oil on your troubled spots, your sebaceous glands get the “message” that your face is already covered in sebum (the naturally occurring oil on your face) and therefore, the glands do not produce more oil. As you may know from other articles posted, the more sebum on your face, the oilier your skin and the more clogged your pores become. Jojoba may very well work to curb that sebum production, and at the same time provide a gentle moisturizer for your skin.

Jojoba oil also contains some iodine, and when applied to the face, this component acts as a bacteria-fighter. By eliminating the bacteria on your face, your pores stay clear and unclogged. But the best part about this oil, other than its healing properties, is that it is not that expensive! Due to its popularity, many stores have begun to carry it for a reasonable price. You can also order it online in its pure, organic form.

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