Is the Luminary Tanning Lotion Really One of the Best Bronzers Available?

The Designer Skin brand is known for delivering high quality skin care solutions and tanning products for tanning enthusiasts of all types. One of their best selling products in this line is their Luminary Tanning Lotion. This advanced formula is often hailed as one of the best tanning serums on the market, as it comes with 25 times the bronzers than traditional lotions. This product goes on smooth, leaves the skin glowing and shimmering and delivers almost instant color results.

Shimmering Color Delivered In Minutes…

Designer Skin claims this product is their “Black Label Private Reserve” solution, their most powerful bronzing solution available. This reviewer found that this tanning lotion not only lives up to the high-quality promised in the name, but that it is actually filled with numerous skin care benefits as well. With an ‘A’ rating for its quality, shimmering bronzers and fast color results, this reviewer would highly recommend this product to both novice users and expert tanners alike.

The unique formula of this lotion features four revolutionary components that make it work. These ingredients include a LED complex that helps capture UV light and combats free radical aggressors as well as celestial stardust compounds that give the skin definition. The premium bronzers deliver optimal color results while the solar silicon emulsion ingredients allow users to sustain deep, lasting results.

What Are the Perks of This Tanning Lotion?

This lotion does more than just bronze the skin, this tanning product also delivers a number of skin care benefits as well. This product receives a top-notch rating for these perks which include:

Revolutionary Skin-Toning LED Complex

One of the main ingredients of this tanning product is the LED complex that helps expedite the tanning process from the UV rays and combats free radicals. This not only leaves the skin dark in color but more elastic. The free radical prevention improves tone and acts as an anti-aging component.

Skin Illuminating Compounds

With the included stardust compounds, users can enjoy improved skin definition with every application. These compounds give the skin a luminous effect and a subtle shimmer.

Color Retention Technology

This lotion has color retention technology that helps users sustain a deep tan. With solar silicon emulsion, users can enjoy intensely hydrated skin that holds color longer. The silicon can help the skin retain this essential moisture long after application. It also makes the skin feel smooth and soft.

Improved Skin Appearance For A Variety of Skin Types

This product is designed for a variety of skin types and can be used on fair and dark complexions alike. Skin quality improves, and since the product works directly to enhance the production of melanin, tans look more natural, on all skin tones.

All Day Use

This unique product can be used all day, and not only protects from indoor UV lights but from the outdoor elements as well.

Maximum Bronzing Capabilities

As the bottle suggests, this tanning lotion has 25 times the normal bronzers of standard tanning lotions. This product has maximum bronzing capabilities that truly does deliver dark results just minutes after application. Plus, the skin color it delivers actually does stay for weeks before reapplication.

Potential Drawbacks of This Designer Skincare Product

There are only a few notable potential negatives of using this skincare product, but most user experiences with powerful bronzer are almost entirely positive. The few potential drawbacks include:

Disappearing Fragrance

While this lotion comes with a fresh sandalwood scent, it doesn’t last long. Most will find that immediately after tanning, the fragrance will disappear.

High Cost

This is one of the more expensive tanning lotions of its kind on the market, so those interested in taking advantage of this powerful lotion, need to be aware of the cost first.

Overall User Experience With Luminary Lotion

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