Best Sunscreen For Face – Exclusive Guide

A clean face is desirable to all. We all agree: your face is the first point of contact with everyone you interact with. It may just be what determines how attractive you are. There is therefore definitely no reason why you should let anything come between you and a beautiful face. Color matters, and there is no reason why you should not keep a golden glow on your face all year round with the revolutionary tanning lotions of today.

Years ago you would have to sit under the sun for God knows how long, just to bring that golden pigment on yourself. Still you had to run the risk of overstaying on the sun and getting burnt by its UV rays. It was a total gamble to look for a suntanned skin. Because on one hand you would need that kind of skin to be able to withstand the same sun at the beach without running the risk of getting burnt. Yet on the other hand, staying too long on the sun while training your skin to get accustomed to the sun to develop some strong melanin would mean getting the burn anyway. But, not anymore!

While there still are those suntan lotions that rely on the sun for the conventional tanning or tanning beds for the cosmetic tanning, they are entirely a dispensable alternative. You can choose to completely do without the UV element and still get your tan using the indoor tanning lotions. With these, you will have your color tanned successfully without necessarily having to lie under the sun or a tanning bed.

Good thing about these tanning lotions: their benefits are not just limited to the aesthetics. There are a number of health benefits that come along with a suntan skin. The lotion will protect your skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun as a direct benefit. With that sort of protection comes your safety from critical problems including skin cancer, skin irritations and serious burns; and for the long run, wrinkles and aging.

So with a single weapon you hit numerous targets. You will look not just beautiful but younger too. You will be having a healthy skin that is free from sunburns and safe from ailments. That is the kind of skin everyone would desire. That is the skin that the majority are currently going for. This explains why the tanning industry is fast growing and range of products evolve with every passing time.

How to choose the best suntan product

There are just so many options with the different varieties of face tanners available in the market today. Before you begin shopping for your tanning lotions, it is imperative that you get informed so you can select the face product that will be right for you. Whether a lotion will be right for you or not is determined by different factors ranging from skin type to skin tone, ingredients of the product to mere individual preferences. You ought to understand how the ingredients of your choice of s lotion with interact with your skin.

Different people have varying levels of skin sensitivity. Applying a sunscreen that does not work well with your skin may just aggravate the situation instead of making it better for you. This applies particularly to people with sensitive skin. These are the people who may have to take extra steps when it comes to protecting themselves adequately from harmful UV rays.

For them, the thick, greasy lotions available in the market may readily trigger an acne breakout all over their faces. Fragrances, alcohol and dyes might just cause allergic reactions for them as well. What they need therefore is not the chemical sunscreen lotions like oxybenzone, as these may also exacerbate the condition of the skin. Fortunately for these folks, the mounting sunscreen sector is taking and has taken such sensitivity factors into consideration as they come up with the tanning products, all you have to do as the sensitive skin victim is make the right choice of lotion. It is not exactly difficult to locate the lotion that will work okay for your skin. Check out the ingredients for anything your skin could react to. Before this, you may consider dropping by your doctor’s, and learning a few secrets about the safety of your skin, before you proceed to pick your choice of sunscreen.

You will find gentler options in the sunscreen marketplace today. Some of them will use natural bodily sun blockers that include titanium oxide and zinc oxide, in place of the irritating chemicals. Still, if your skin suffers breakouts, noncomedogenic suntan lotions are recommended as they will not clog your pores.

Sometimes you may not find exactly the terms you are familiar with when you go looking for your type of sunscreen. It is therefore important that you understand the terms commonly used on these lotions and what they mean exactly.

Normaly there are two types of ultraviolet sun rays that are detrimental to your skin. There are the UVA and the UVB rays. The UVA rays are known to penetrate the skin more than the UVB. They are the ones that mainly cause skin sagging, wrinkling, and even the deadly skin cancer itself. UVB rays on the other hand are less powerful than the former and are associated with sunburn. Even though sunscreens may not exactly get rid of the UV damage completely, it is likely to protect the skin when you use it properly.

The protection offered by these lotions is always measured over a continuum of 1-4, which basically stands for low to high UV protection. A suntan lotion that is labelled ‘broad spectrum’ in contains chemicals such as Zinc Oxide, Mexoryl and Parsol used to prevent radiation of the sun from penetrating your skin. Some lotions also contain a chemical called Helioplex. This can make other chemicals stay for longer in your skin.

You may also want to consider looking out for the SPF label. This stands for the Sun Protection Factor. The factor is often as a measure of the ability of a particular sunscreen lotion to prevent UV radiation from causing damage to your skin. Simply speaking, a higher value of the sun protection factor means a better protection to skin. Some of these sunscreens have an SPF value of 15, blocking approximately 93% of the UVB rays. The choice of the best sunscreens should have a high SPF value that can block up to 93-99 percent of UV radiation. From the foregoing, you will notice that none of the sunscreen products are rated to offer a hundred percent protection from either of the UV rays.

Whether you go your sunscreen in form of a cream, gel, spray, or moisturizer, the state might not really count as much as the contents or ingredients used in manufacturing the suntan product. The choice here will entirely depend on what you actually consider good on your skin and is easier for you to apply. Either way, activities that will make you sweat a lot or swimming will need that you look for some water resistant sunscreens. Otherwise they will be easily washed out leaving you without protection.

For those who are seeking relatively more protection, it is always advisable that you look for a sunscreen with the ‘broad spectrum’ label on it, ‘water resistant’, as well as the ‘SPF’ label. These labels will mean that you have sunscreen product that lasts on your skin giving you continued protection even when you sweat much or swim in water for the water-resistant ones, get reliable protection from the harmful UVA radiation for those that have higher SPF and more general protection indicated by the broad spectrum classification.

Sometimes the effectiveness of even the best sunscreens in the market depends on how you use them, where you use them, and how long you stay under the sun. If you carefully consider these things, then choosing the best sunscreen for sun protection is an easier task.

Key determiner sunscreen choice

Basically then, the nature of the skin plays the essential role in determining the type of sunscreen you can use safely without running the risk of critical side effects. Already it is clear by now that the sensitivity of the skin to different chemicals plays the first role. Then, there is another consideration too, the skin tone. People with darker skin tones will require less protection from the sun as compared to those with fair skin tones.

Lighter skin tones are comparatively more delicate to the UV radiation and will require sunscreens that will offer more protection as compared to those who have relatively darker skin tones.

Essentially then, irrespective of what skin tone you have, always ensure that as a priority you opt for a sunscreen with Zinc oxide, Titanium dioxide, Oxybenzone, Avobenzone and/or Sulisobenzone as the ingredients. These are ingredients that offer full spectrum protection against both UVA and the UVB radiation. If your skin is lighter, you might just try to pay a little more attention to these considerations as compared to the colleague with a darker skin.

You should always go for a sunscreen that offers effective protection against both ultraviolet A (UVA) and the ultraviolet B (UVB) radiation. You will realize that majority of the sunscreens offer protection only against ultraviolet B (UVB) rays. Simply be careful and carefully read the label.

Secondly, if your plan is to stay out in the sun for a duration of over 4 hours then use a sunscreen that features a sun protection factor (SPF) valued at 30 or above. Remember though that the sun protection factor (SPF) number indicates only how effectively the sunscreen protects your skin against the ultraviolet B (UVB) light. Still, it is better when the value is much higher for longer stays under the sun.

Third, select your sunscreen based on the activities you engage in and the kind of lifestyle you lead. A lifestyle that involves a lot of swimming, this could be a form of sport you do for a living, you will need to depend on a water resistant kind of sunscreen. The same applies for those whose jobs are strenuous and involves a lot of sweating in the process. The sweat is likely to wash away the sunscreen and leave you without protection, so choose the water resistant type. A good majority of the sunscreens will lose their effectiveness when soaked in water. Water resistant sunscreens on the other hand have a factor that helps them stick to your skin despite the water. Even with the water resistant sunscreens, you still need to reapply the product preferably every hour to reinforce protection.

Fourth, if your skin is the oily type, or if it is prone to acne, then select an option that has an oil-free base so that it will not clog the pores on your skin. Clogging the pores may also result to problems such as skin breakage. Always consult with your supplier regarding the properties of the sunscreen before you settle for it.

Finally, if you are the type of individual that suffers from allergies to a variety of stuff, then a little more caution with your choice of sunscreen is imperative. Avoid sunscreens with PABA in them. PABA is Para-AminoBenzoic Acid. It is known to initiate allergic reactions to some individuals. So those who are allergic should stick to PABA free sunblock so they can avoid attacks.

Best sunscreen for babies

The skin of a baby is rather different from that of an adult. It is not completely developed and may be a little delicate and susceptible to infections. As such, you will not typically use the same sunblock product you use on your face on that of your baby. Your baby’s skin is normally ten times more sensitive to environmental factors which includes the sun rays and the chemicals in a sunscreen.

The best sunscreen for babies is therefore one that is specifically designated for babies. Just like any other product in the market, not all the baby sunscreens are the same in quality and protection abilities. As such, I would highly recommend the use of Neutrogena pure & free baby sunscreen lotion. This product is the best for babies since it does not have irritating chemicals which may affect the baby’s young skin, it has no fragrance, it is hypoallergenic, it does not burn the baby’s eyes and it is not made of dyes or oils that may block the pores on the baby’s skin. In addition, this sunblock is smooth and has no chalky characteristics. As such, if you apply it on the baby’s skin, you will not have to worry about the baby rubbing it off, or even trying to lick or eat it.

Best sunscreen for sensitive skin

A sensitive skin requires a great degree of care. When you are making a choice of sunblock to use on such a skin type, you must pay the most attention to the chemical components used to make the sunscreen. A sensitive skin will readily react to the chemical to which it is allergic. You may go through one extremely difficult time if you apply a suntan product that features a chemical or ingredient that your skin does not consider friendly to it.

Those who have a sensitive skin will need to be aware of the chemicals or substances that their bodies react to. You may learn about this by seeking your doctor’s advice before making any choice of a sunscreen. Following your doctor’s recommendation, you can check the ingredients on the container of the sunscreen product. Studies have found that the best sunscreen for a sensitive skin should be one that does not use petroleum as the primary moisturizing ingredient as these are known to clog the skin pores interfering with normal rejuvenation of the cells. As such, the sunscreen zinc oxide is preferably the best for sensitive skin cases.

Dermalogica Super Sensitive Faceblock is one sunscreen that will offer you just that. It is a perfect natural combination of titanium oxide, zinc oxide and other skin friendly ingredients that include lavender, licorice and green tea.

Best sunscreen for rosacea

For rosacea patients it is extremely important to protect the skin from daylight which contains the ultraviolet rays of the sun on a daily basis. Again, for them, the choice of the best sunscreen requires a bit of careful selection. The numerous sunscreens available in the market may not exactly work for the rosacea. Most of them, you will notice, just irritate their skin or make their complexion turn white.

For such patients to benefit fully from the use of their selection of sunscreen, they have to apply the product each day of the year, regardless of the season or the cloud coverage. This is because the ultraviolet rays which are the most detrimental of the rays of the sun are invisible. You cannot see the ultraviolet light with your bare eyes.

If a rosacea does not wear sunscreen product year-long, the apparently brief episodes of exposure such as sitting by the windows of a house or a car while traveling and running day-to-day errands will actually count to a lot of sunburns every year.

For optimum care, rosacea should use paraben-free sunscreen since the paraben used to preserve most of these products has been found to heighten the photo-damage among the rosacea and exacerbate aging signs. The best paraben free sunscreen to use is therefore Rosacea Oil-Free Antioxidant Daily Wear Sunscreen SPF 50.

Best sunscreen for tattoos

Come summer, time when clothes are only half important, tattoos are such a valuable investment. They are a real cosmetic plus when you place it where it fits best. That is why most people will spend hundreds or thousands of dollars just to get their tattoos right. Keeping those tattoo colors from wearing out is equally a valuable step. You do not want to have anything come between you and your entire investment. So there are a few things that will help you save those desirable colors. And the best sunscreen is just at the center of that process. There are a few facts that will help you out with the sunscreen choice.

Beware, certain brands will claim to offer tattoo sunscreens to shield your tattoos way better than the traditional sunscreen products. Without the knowledge of what to look for in the right choice of sunscreen for tattoo, you may just fall victim of just another wrong option.

Real Tattoo Sunscreen will feature ingredients that do not react against the color of your tattoo. That is to say that there are ingredients you will need to avoid. Your sunscreen must be a cream, SPF 15 or greater, offer broad spectrum protection and have titanium or zinc dioxide.

Best sunscreen under makeup

Makeup is meant to bring out and enhance your beauty. It may however become messy if inappropriately applied. That is to say, something like a sunscreen may easily mess you up with your makeup. It is important therefor that the sunscreen you wear under makeup does not have a greasy feel or leave your skin shiny.

There surely are numerous sunscreens that fit that description. The best among them however is a spray sunscreen. Your choice of aerosol spray should be one that dries quickly and interacts well with what you put on before and after applying it. When applying the sunscreen spray on your face, the best way to go about it is to spray the sunscreen on your hands, then apply the sunscreen to your face using your hands to avoid spraying it in your eyes too closely around your eyes.

Banana Boat Sport Performance Broad Spectrum with a sun protection factor of 50 is a good option for use under makeup. You can be assured it will not mess you up with your makeup.

Best sunscreen for melasma

Melasma or pregnancy marks are a case hyperpigmentation that is often witnessed among the women. The condition is caused by increased estrogen levels in the body, basically the hormonal changes occurring in the body of the woman. Persons with these dark patches on their skin will need to use particular types of sunscreen that have been found to be effective.

Here are a few considerations you need to put in place as you make your choice of the sunscreen. It is recommended that as a patient of melisma you go for a sunblock product with SPF value of 18 as the optimum.

A few considerations on the ingredients will also count. You may want to take the sunblock lotion that contains kojic acid or arbutin. Try also to look for some physical blockers like zinc oxide and titanium oxide in your sunscreen. Before settling for any suntan product however, consider your skin type as well. You can do this successfully in consultation with your dermatologist to get the right idea about the skin type that you have.

All-natural products are a preference for melasma. Meladerm sunscreen is one such example of an all-natural cream that you can use for your sunscreen needs.

Best sunscreen for pregnancy

For a pregnant woman, your health does not affect only you. Rather, you keep healthy for both you and your baby. Every action you take including the choice of your sunscreen must me one that is not going to risk the life of your infant.

Applying sunscreen when you are pregnant is important. At that time your skin is more sensitive to not only the sunlight but the chemicals in the sunblock products as well. The increased sensitivity is as a result of pregnancy hormones that leave your skin increasingly sensitive.

At such moments, the type of sunscreen whose ingredients are likely to react with your sensitive skin are to be put aside. Be wary of the chemicals in your sunscreen and consider whether or they will be safe to use during your pregnancy. Always consult your doctor to learn how your skin is likely to react to different chemicals. The most recommended sunscreen that has been found to work well for pregnant women is Coppertone Lotion. It cannot be inhaled so it cannot affect your baby and it has no retinol or retinyl palmitate.

Top 10 Sunscreens for different skin types

1. P20

If you are in for a product that those who have used do not review but actually extol, then p20 is that product. This is a product that you will apply on your face in the morning and thereafter you can just leave it at home and leave for work out in the field. It lasts on up to 10 hours. Who works more than that in the sun per day?

What makes p20 an even much unique product is its ability to stay on long after you get swimming. Most products that claim to be water proof but then go around and advise in small print that you must reapply them once you have been in water are not a great option. P20 stays on after you have been in water and continues to give you protection thereafter. This is the best product for those who are involved in vigorous activities that involve a lot of sweating or those who take swimming for an active sport. On a normal sunny day, the least number of hours that consumers have recorded with p20 on is 8 hours. This includes 80 minutes in water.

One downside of this product though, applying it is quite a job. You have to smear the product dutifully all over the intended parts of your body (face in this case) and give it adequate time to dry, about 20 minutes inside, away from direct contact with the sun. This implies that if your entire body and not just the face alone in the focus, then you will have to flap about nude for a while. Unlucky you if you are around people who are not exactly comfortable with nudity.

As soon as you are done with your moment of nudity, you are done for the day. You will not burn. Your face will be protected all day long. In addition, the p20 is the perfect choice for those with super sensitive types of skin. You can comfortably use the product with assurance that with it you will not suffer at all.

If you are uncomfortable with different odors, you have nothing to worry about. The p20 comes with a bit of alcohol-like smell which won’t exactly bother you since it fades as soon as it is dry. The product is wow under make up, you will definitely like it.

You may find the fact that it is expensive necessary downside. But you can be certain it will last since you do not constantly reapply it. A 100ml bottle will typically last about 5 days on average. It is definitely worth the price.

2. Hawaiian Tropic Sheer Touch Ultra Radiance

Using Hawaiian Tropic Sheer Touch Ultra Radiance instantly gets you into the league of top celebrities. The product has particularly been hand-picked by some of the most renowned superstars as being the best of all sunscreen products in all aspects. The Hawaiian Tropic Sheer Touch Ultra Radiance features a special moisturizing agent, the shea butter that makes it best for dry skin. When used on dry skin it performs more than just the intended purpose of protecting against the UVA and the UVB. Rather, it moisturizes your body and keeps the skin feeling soft and extremely supple.

It is the best product you can go for if you need maximum protection against harmful UV rays. It is made of a perfect formula to offer protection against the extreme effects of the ultraviolet A (UVA) radiation that are normally very harmful.

This product, unlike several other sunscreen lotions, is not greasy, and this characteristic has earned it some very positive reviews on leading retail platforms like Amazon. Since it is made of ingredients that are not hyper-reactive, it is safe to use by those who have rather sensitive skin types. Customers who whose skins are acne-prone have found this product quite useful. It is very comfortable and pleasant to have on your skin.

The one downside that has been noted by some users of this product is that it is fragranced and may not work well with those who dislike different fragrances. This downside is considered a bonus however by some users who are fans of the good odor. Quite a number have said the smell is sickening to them since they prefer a tropical scent. Thy have however used it anyway because the smell is tolerable. Its formula protects well against any form of sunburn and that is what counts to those who are using it

Its performance in water is not excellent. It will protect you against the sun but if you get submerged in water or sweat and get it washed away, you will have to consider reapplying it. Hawaiian Tropic Sheer Touch Ultra Radiance is just not a waterproof sunscreen. Uniquely, so cases of sunburn have been reported among those who use it even after getting out of water. This means that in spite of being vulnerable to water-washing, its protection is still strong enough to remain on the skin after getting washed by water. The product is made of active ingredients including octocrylene, avobenzone and oxybenzone.

3. Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen

This is a lightweight and tropical-scented sunscreen, you will just like it unless you really have a problem with certain general aspects of the sunscreen products. Many people will agree that a sunscreen must be comfortable and easily wearable above anything else for it to work well. That, is one competitive edge that is unique to the Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen.

Its results are consistent and you can reliably depend on this product. Those who have used the product say it is light and is not greasy. It is easily worn even by those who are acne-prone with highly sensitive skin. The fragrances used to enhance the smell of the sunscreen are natural and do not irritate the skin, which is a great merit.

This Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen is made of a matte formula that makes it especially great for use by those with oily skin. This means that it may get your skin too dry if you have a dry skin type.

This lightweight matte product absorbs easily into the skin. It is moderately fragranced and feels friendly among different users who do not really enjoy strong scent. Neutrogena sunscreen has varied degrees of sun protection factor starting with a value of 30, which is quite high already.

It is rated water-resistant and offers protection of up to 80 minutes in water environmrnts. This sunscreen features active ingredients namely oxybenzone and avobenzone. Oxybenzone is said to be high-hazard and is absorbed into the body which may be capable of causing changes at cellular level.

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch sunscreen is such a favorite for many. It enjoys proven reliability and most users find it one of the few genuine waterproof sunscreen products. The price has also not received much argument with the majority of users feeling that given its effectiveness, it is quite fairly priced.

4. Beyond Coastal Active Sunscreen SPF 34

The Beyond Coastal Active Sunscreen with the sun protection factor (SPF) valued at 34 is true to its name and brings what you can consider as the best of chemical sunscreens to your home. This is actually the best of its kind that you can find in the natural marketplace. Compared to the different varieties of mineral-based suntan lotions filling the sunscreen market today, this product’s formula rubs in much easily and does not leave your skin clogged with a white film.

It features some of the safest available ingredients in the market. It is proven free of the common harmful sunscreen ingredients that may react to your skin and bring you more harm than protection. The product is not fragranced and this makes it a favorite of those who are anti-fragrances. In addition, it contains no paraben, the unfriendly preservative common among many sunscreen lotions. That element makes the Beyond Coastal Active Sunscreen a favorite and highly reliable sunblock product to people with all skin types. It is also water resistant and will stick to your skin to offer you protection long after you have spent well over 80 minutes in water. This sunscreen causes no irritation to the skin and is the most appropriate to use if you are involved in some active job that are likely to make you sweat.

In terms of protection, you can depend on the Beyond Coastal sunscreen. It is an all- natural, active suntan product that performs well in all conditions, all year long. Most users find the product safe since it does not feature the controversial oxybenzone as an ingredient. Experts have noted that oxybenzone is hormone-disrupting and is capable of going through the skin into the bloodstream where it is likely to cause unsafe effects.

The product as mentioned is not fragranced but is rather pleasantly scented. This slight scent may be as a result of the natural ingredients. It has an easy to apply formula that makes it even much adored. Its moisturizing formula is made of shea butter, aloe vera and vitamins C and E which are all essential to the body. The one downside that has been identified is that it is sticky at first and has a matte finish when dry.

5. La Roche-Posay Anthelios 60 Ultra-Light Sunscreen Fluid

La Roche-Posay Anthelios 60 Ultra-Light Sunscreen Fluid is a little expensive which some people may find prohibitive. But considering the value you get out of use of the product, it is far better and more valuable for that price. La Roche-Posay Anthelios 60 Ultra-Light Sunscreen Fluid is just what its name suggests: the product is extremely light and easy to apply on the skin. Those who have used it know the secret and consider it a worthwhile investment. If you are among those who are particularly wary of the feel of sunblock on their face then you have reached the ultimate product. This ultra-light sunscreen will not leave any traces of the substance on your face as is often common with many suntan lotions. For sensitive skins that may be extremely delicate, 5. La Roche-Posay Anthelios 60 Ultra-Light Sunscreen Fluid is a valuable solution. It works well with acne-prone or sensitive skin and feels very lightweight and non-greasy on your body. A few active ingredients used to make this products are of concern though. Ingredients such as oxybenzone may be unhealthy to the body.

The product is however skin-friendly and offers guaranteed protection to any type of skin. La Roche-Posay Anthelios 60 Ultra-Light Sunscreen Fluid protects your skin effectively against sunburn and is especially great for daily use as well as wear for a day at the coastal. You will not need to worry about the time you spend in water and the need to reapply to reinforce protection since it is water-resistant and will keep you safe in water for up to 80 minutes. Some of its users have noted that the sunscreen may wear off. This however does not compromise its protection. As a serious downside though, some users have indicated that the product turns yellow when the user sweats.

Different reviewers agree that the feel and smel of La Roche-Posay Anthelios 60 Ultra-Light Sunscreen Fluid is lovable. Being non-greasy, the product is great for use under makeup. It features no fragrances at all and it does not have any unpleasant scent.

6. Badger Damascus Rose Face Sunscreen SPF 16

Even those who have been practicing sunscreen hoping agree that the Badger Damascus Rose Face Sunscreen SPF 16I is a break! They hop from one suntan product to another but when they finally meet this particular product they stop. This is not for any apparent reason other than the obvious: the sunscreen works just perfect.

For many, it is the best ever tried. It is made of friendly ingredients that will not irritate your skin whatsoever. While several chemical sunscreens will often cause your skin to break, this one will protect your skin instead. The irritation caused by different sunscreen products is normally because of the chemicals used either as ingredients or as preservatives.

This particular product has no paraben preservative or benzyl alcohol as both which may rect differently with different types of skin. Those skin types are not sensitive may not be so choosy with these skin products. But if your skin is the sensitive acne prone type then you might consider going for some bottle of Badger Damascus Rose Face Sunscreen SPF 16. With it you are assured of zero irritation. It works well for the super sensitive faces and preserves your beauty.

It features some ingredients that will help your skin feel softer and healthy. It works well for those who have dry skin. It moistens the skin and keeps it that way for long, your skin will not only feel better but younger as well.

The Badger Damascus Rose Face Sunscreen SPF 16 comes with a lovable scent. Most reviewers have rated the smell highly on different platforms. Something that has also been considered a plus for the product is its elegant bottle, some people find this particularly attractive!

The product is supported by transparent and clear information of the manufacturer’s website with clear charts and videos concerning the zinc content and the other minerals used in the product, so you can check out if you may have a health problem with any of those ingredients. The explained formulation information will help you make your necessary judgment.

Its texture is wonderful which makes it work very well with makeup. You are assured of no greasiness, stickiness or white cast. Could a product be any better?

7. Badger Aloe Vera Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30

This sunscreen has a highly comfortable and light texture. It is much easy to apply and will not remain sticky on your skin after application. It is appropriate for use on the face since it is non-cosomedogenic.

With certain skin types though, it may appear a bit shiny. This product works so well with different skin types and does not cause irritations. It is made from all-natural ingredients with no chemicals that will react with your skin.

What makes the Badger Aloe Vera Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30 even better is its light nature. This is not the type of sunscreen that is going to create an additional layer on your face when you apply it there. You can be certain of no traces of the product once it is dry. It will be as if nothing was worn on that skin. It dries perfectly and is not greasy. It is just what you need if you are going to be under makeup. The product is awesome with makeup.

Given how light it is, it is great for your everyday use that will mostly be on top of your moisturizer. It features zinc oxide which can normally be a little drying, so you need a film of moisturizer alongside the sunscreen.

It is perfect for those with oily skin because of its dry formula. It is however not recommended for persons with dry skin, unless they are intending to stay under moisturizers alongside the sunscreen

Badger Aloe Vera Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30 is very matte and feels perfect of the skin. It will not create any clogging on the skin and as such will not break your skin out. It is enjoyable to war as it spreads with much ease which is an imperative consideration for daily sunscreen. It is definitely great for all skin types provided yours is not extremely dry. With its natural formula it gets along well with even the most reactive skin.

It does not have any fragrant and the mild scent is basically out of the natural ingredients. Although it has a high sun protection factor value of 30, it may not be the best for swimming. It is just not waterproof. If you are into sports then you will want to consider a different sunscreen.

8. Coppertone Sport Accuspray

Coppertone Sport Accuspray is an extremely convenient sunscreen product for athletes and other sportspeople who will want to have their suntan product to stay on for long despite sweating and water on the body. If you like to spend some time by the beach swimming, then you are in need of this product.

The Coppertone Sport Accuspray comes in four different sun protection factors (SPF) formulations. There is the formula with high alcohol content as well as fragrance that is not exactly ideal for those with sensitive skin. Its major weakness is the fact that it has a few other ingredients that are considered potentially unsafe.

It is however convenient and highly effective in performance. Its can has a revolving nozzle which makes it much easy to cover all the hard-to-reach parts of the body aside from the fact that the nozzle locks closed for safe keeping of the substance.

The sunscreen sprays out widely, covering large portions and is likely to cause streaky or simply partial coverage. This is not exactly demerit. Most of the persons who use the sunscreen say its formula is highly effective and the spray does not run into their eyes like many traditional formulas.

It is entirely sweat and water proof and will withstand water for about 80 minutes. Coppertone Sport sunscreen has avobenzone as an ingredient. This makes it extremely potent for broad spectrum ultraviolet A (UVA) and ultraviolet B (UVB) protection. It also has as well as oxybenzone which is the reason the product is considered a bit dangerous for the body.

Expect no sticky residue. Those who have used the product like it because it requires no rubbing in and it gets into the skin very fast. This is why it is much ideal for athletes who cannot run the risk of greasy hands. It has a chemical smell that some people do not like.

9. COOLA Mineral Face Tinted, Suncare, SPF 20, Rose Essence

Here is an all-natural mineral sun care product that you can rely on for your facial protection. COOLA is hypoallergenic and does not use paraben as a preservative, so you will not have to worry about the potential side effects of that preservative. This facial sunscreen features an ultra-sheer formula and is made of powerful anti-aging natural ingredients. This means that you can depend on it to keep your face free of wrinkles and keep you looking younger for as long as you use it.

The COOLA Mineral Face Tinted Suncare is made of ingredients that will remain in your skin to offer you continued protection even when you are immersed in water. The product is proven water resistant of up to 40 minutes.

It has no Nano-sized particles and as such will feel rosy on your skin. This natural mineral comes with sheer sun protection factor (SPF) valued at 20. This is a high value that guarantees you continued protection from both types of harmful sun radiation. The smooth formula of this product will also ensure your facial skin remains even at all times.

Most users of this product are impressed by the amount of hydration it generates and the level of protection they get. The Rose extract in this Rose brings a soothing effect and smell to your face and this can be reflected in your senses. You do not just get sun rays protection from this product, you are assured of a bonus aromatherapy as well.

Its anti-aging and antioxidant powers are gotten from organic grape seed and xylinum black tea extract which have been combined to create a unique formula with lasting effects and broad-spectrum UVA-UVB protection. You can use the product under makeup, the formula is optimized for that.

You should always keep the product out of your eyes as it is designed for external use only. It works well for different skin types. If you spot any strange signs though, you should not hesitate to consult a doctor.

10. Badger SPF 16 Face Sunscreen Lotion – Damascus Rose

Most users adore this sunscreen because of the fact that it is invisible. One user indicated on Amazon that all the sunblock products she initially used would occasionally draw the attention of bystanders as there would always be a streak of white left on the face. Well, with this new Badger product however, all that cloudiness can be history. This sunscreen essentially goes on invisible and blends well with your facial skin. Damascus Rose blends with your face dreamily. It gives you total freedom from the distracting zinc bits which you have to try get along with if you use the previous formula or other evolving products.

The Damascus Rose has powerful antioxidants in it! It also smells great given its all-natural ingredients that give it that natural tropical scent. Even those who are not actual fans of different scents will find this one an exception. The fact that this facial sunscreen does not make the skin oily has made it a favorite among many users, leaving their skin looking far more toned.

This sunscreen is just perfect. It is easy to wear as it appears to just glide on, soothing you with its cool smell in the process. One would expect such a lightweight product to be dry but that does not apply to the Rose. It produces amazingly high moisture that makes it perfect for use by those who have dry skin.

The product is rated broad-spectrum and as such it is expected to be foamy. This one has a unique formula that appears to have some whitish cast at the start, which just disappears in a matter of seconds.

This sunscreen is highly effective in its protection against the two types of harmful sun rays, both UVA and UVB. It is also a rare kind being a lightweight broad spectrum. If you are lucky to identify this product then you better stick to it and make it your daily sunscreen. There are hardly any like it. It will also work well under make up so you do not have to worry about that either.


Sun care products are designed to give you protection from the harm caused by the ultraviolet rays of the sun. There is however no sunscreen product that will offer a hundred percent protection. You may not get the sunburn signs, yes, but still you should avoid making staying in the sun a habit. Always have an appropriate sunscreen on any time you are going to spend time in the sun. This not only protects you against the immediate burning symptoms, it protects you also from getting old fast and ensures you are safe from skin cancer and other skin diseases.

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