How to Get Rid of Tanning Lotion

It is easy to tan oneself with a tanning lotion, but the difficult part is removing the lotion off the skin. Not as easy as tanning, removing takes a lot of intricate work. As a result of which the consumers often pop up this simple question: How to get rid of tanning lotion?” The self tanning lotion is a good and easy way to get a tan without having to sunbathe. The skin darkening lotions have undergone many changes over the years and hence have thereby improved giving a quick and solid solution. However, there are chances of it leaving brown or orange patches on the skin particularly on the hands. If this part can be worked out then it would give a natural appearance for the user through the removal of the stains.

The sunless tanning lotion causes a chemical reaction in some of the uppermost layers of the skin cells. This usually involves a specific sugar in the notion which darkens the skin cells. The lotion is applicable only for the top layers of the skin. Hence, it fades naturally as the cells fades. The one common complaint that the consumers always have been the various stains caused by the lotion in an unattractive manner.

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Soap & Warm Water

However, if preventing the tanning lotion doesn’t work then one needs to work at it before the lotion dries up. Wash your hands with soap and warm water while your hands are still wet. Try and repeat the procedure to wash away the lotion completely. Soap and water always work fine with the users; however the lotion could have dried in spots. One can easily apply a small amount of rubbing alcohol to a cotton ball and then dab it on the areas where the lotion can be still visible. Rinse it off properly and then apply a hand lotion afterwards. Rubbing alcohol can dry up the skin in that case the lotion can combat those effects effectively.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is a gentle exfoliate and it is fine grained as well. Sunless tanning lotion responds well in both the ways whether it is being used as a soak or a scrub. The former is more relevant for stains in the larger parts of the body. You have to rinse the area with warm water and sprinkle some baking soda on it in order to make a paste. Keep rubbing in the baking soda and add water as required.  Examine the area after rinsing well and try the procedure again after some time as the baking soda could agitate the skin. However, if the soda is present on areas other than the hands then a soak in the baking soda bath always helps.

One of the easy ways of dealing with tanning lotion is to prevent them in the best possible way. Many tricks and techniques can be employed to prevent the hand from turning orange.

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