Hair Supplements – Find the Best Value

Hair Supplements CalculatorHair supplements can be expensive, especially high quality ones. That’s why you need an easy way to find the best price among competing brands. Therefore, I put this calculator here to give you a quick answer to two important values – milligrams per cent and price per pill.


Milligrams per cent reflects how much your’re really getting for your money. How? Because it takes the focus off the product’s price and volume packaging, which can be deceiving, to unveil the true quantity of product you’re getting cent per cent. You can calculate milligrams per cent for each product you’re considering. That way, you’re comparing apples to apples.

For example, a supplement bottle that costs $20 and contains sixty 50 mg capsules may be cheaper at first glance than another similar product for $35, until we look closer. Let’s suppose the $35 product contains sixty 100 mg capsules. At 1.5 mg per cent vs 1.71 per cent, you’re paying more for the $20 product, especially if you keep buying it. A perfect example of this is the Ecklonia Cava Extract post in this blog which compares two popular brands.

The price per pill value is another useful parameter. Often, sellers will list this on Amazon as, for example, $0.17/count. It is simply the total price divided by the pill count.

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