Designer Skin Pretty and Reckless Tanning Lotion Review

The Designer Skin Pretty and Reckless Tanning Lotion offer excellent tanning results. This tanning lotion is meant to offer deeper and long-standing color. People of all ages can apply this lotion since it doesn’t cause any side effects. This dark tanning lotion features skin RehabTM Technology to keep your skin fresh and rejuvenated, even on the other day. Do you want to protect your tattoo? Some dark tanning lotions greatly affect your tattoo! However, this product come with Anti-Fade tech to protect your tattoo even after using it for a long time. It comes with a pleasant fragrance to give your skin a pleasant smell.

Reckless has never led to this beauty! Read the in-depth review of this product.

Designer Skin Pretty and Reckless Tanning Lotion

Designer Skin Pretty and Reckless Extreme Tanning Intensifier

Key Features

• Enriched with Vit E and Shea Butter for unmatched moisturization
• Anti-Fade Tattoo Protection assists to protect your skin against wavelengths to avoid discoloring and fading your tattoos.
• Skin RehabTM Technology has antioxidants to detoxify skin from the free radicals
• Fragrance: Hibiscus and Champagne


1. Unmatched Moisturization

Does your dark tanning lotion leave your skin dry? It is the time you get a change! This product is enriched with Vit E and Shea Butter to ensure you get great moisturization. This lotion will keep your skin fresh and rejuvenated all day!

2. Anti-Fade Tattoo Protection

Your tattoo is very important. You should not lose your tattoo at the expense of a darkening lotion. This lotion features anti-fade tattoo tech to protect against wavelengths that may discolor and fade your tattoo.

3. Skin RehabTM Technology

A great dark tanning lotion should offer all round results. The Skin RehabTM Technology is a sure way to detoxify your skin from all free radicals. The magic behind the detoxification is the antioxidant component.

4. Great Fragrance

This product is made of great fragrance to keep your skin smelling good all day long. Some of the fragrances include Hibiscus and Champagne to maintain your permanent fashion extras bright and vibrant.


  • It has a pleasing and exciting smell that lasts for long.
  • It protects tattoos from fading keeping your pretty look.
  • It offers unmatched moisturization that keeps your skin fresh always.
  • It protects your skin from free radicals.

It has a great fragrance that will re-energize your skin and make it more beautiful. Most of the users who have tried this fragrance constantly report exceptional tanning results. The only concern is if this lotion protects your tattoo, yes it does! Keeping your permanent beauty!


  • It is a bit oily.
  • It may cause a burning sensation.

The few shortcomings don’t delimit the superb qualities of the product. It comes with beautiful and pleasing features that we all love. You can’t resist the Hibiscus fragrance that last for a considerable time. It features a Skin RehabTM Technology to keep your skin fresh and rejuvenated. Enhance your beauty with this excellent dark tanning


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