Black Currant Seed Oil Restores Hair Growth

Many manufacturers of hair products, shampoos and other treatments know that this unique oil grows hair. Black Currant seed oil, cold-pressed or unrefined, is a rich source of a set of powerful plant-based Omega fatty acids which are commonly known to combat inflammation. Anything that inhibits inflammation in the scalp is going to be good news for hair growth. It is also good news for the skin, heart, brain and all other vital organs and systems.

Additionally, Black Currant Seed Oil has a high amount of an unusual Omega-6 oil called Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA). GLA replaces beneficial prostaglandins that we lose as we age. It also counteracts and balances against harmful Omega-6 oils commonly found in processed foods.

Dosage and Where to Find

Most sources advise to take 500 mg twice daily to see benefits. I use Black Currant Oil – 15% GLA Organic 100% Pure Cold Pressed by Dr. Adorable. I simply add a few drops to the top of whatever I’m eating, twice per day. I’ll also add a few drops to my scalp and massage it in, for good measure. The downside is that it’s more expensive than most other oils, but the health and hair benefits are worth it.

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