Hair Growth Supplement Ecklonia Cava Extract

This remarkable sea botanical, a brown seaweed farmed from the coasts of Korea, acts as a hair growth supplement in several remarkable ways. First, as a powerful antioxidant it scavenges for harmful free radicals bent on aging you one cell at a time. It does this for up to 24 hours per dose, far longer than other antioxidants. As a result, you’ll not only have better hair, you’ll also make gains in memory, blood pressure, circulation, weight loss, circulation and better joint support. Scientific evidence supports these benefits. Second, it helps to normalize blood pressure. Elevated blood pressure is strongly correlated with androgenetic (male) hair loss, so lowering blood pressure counteracts it. Third, Ecklonia Cava acts directly on the hair’s hormone environment by reducing 5-Alpha-Reductase. This in turn reduces DHT which in turn, again, promotes hair growth. Disrupting this hormone pathway is the same way hair medications restore hair growth, except when using this product you experience no side effects.

This explanation from Hair Evo describes in detail Ecklonia Cava’s health benefits. I highly recommend you read it and get excited about this hair growth supplement – it is one of my favorites! The one I take is by Ortho Nutrition, 160 mg twice daily with food. It has a 5 star review on Amazon currently. I’ve been taking  supplement well over a year now. While it’s difficult to quantify how much of my current hair growth is due to Ecklonia Cava, at the same time I’ve experienced no side effects. I believe the research.

I like this product because the company is reputable, has excellent customer service (they are responsive to my questions), and their product is an overall best value. Let’s break it down:

  • With Swanson’s, a popular competitor, you pay $11.98 for (53 mg x 30 capsules) = 1,590 mg total. This works out to about 1.33 mg per cent.
  • With Ortho Nutrition’s product, you pay $29.95 x (160 mg x 60 capsules) = 9,600 mg total. This works out to about 3.2 mg per cent. So you’re actually getting a lot more for your money with Ortho Nutrition, penny per penny. However,  you may be taking them twice a day if you follow the directions. So, yes, you will pay more overall in this case. Essentially, though, you’re getting well over twice as much product.

Hair Growth Supplement Ecklonia Cava Extract Summary

  • Highly rated on Amazon
  • Multiple health benefits besides hair
  • Strong antioxidant effects
  • Easy to take
  • Great overall value

As with any supplement, check with your health care provider before taking. Some supplements can thin the blood and negatively interact with medications which do the same.

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