SAD’s Got You Feeling Blue? Here’s How These Bestselling Light Therapy Lamps Can Help

Lack of energy, anxiety, moodiness, and even suicidal thoughts: these are all symptoms of seasonal affective disorder or SAD. This type of depression is related to the reduced level of sunlight in fall and winter- hence the common name ‘winter blues’. Until recently, there was nothing to do but to sit through the cold, gloomy months of the year and wait for those spring rays of sun to start feeling like yourself again. Not anymore, though: light therapy lamps give you the chance to deal with SAD on time.

Light therapy lamps have many uses and come in many types. There are blue therapy lights for treating acne, red light therapy for pain relief or even fat loss: and that’s just to name a few. But the type of light therapy lamps used for seasonal affective disorder, or SAD lamps, emit bright white light. This light mimics the outdoor light, offering the same effect as being out on a sunny day even if you’re snowed in your living room. The reason why this works so well is that the light from these lamps stimulates the hypothalamus, the part of your brain responsible for regulating the circadian rhythm.

Harvard Health Publication, American Psychological Association, and many other experts agree that light therapy lamps are an effective tool for treating seasonal affective disorder. And it’s to no one’s surprise, really. As an issue that’s largely brought on by the lack of natural light, it’s only logical to assume that a lamp that mimics the bright sun rays (but without that harmful UV!) would be a solution to the issue.

But how does it really work? How are light therapy lamps used to treat seasonal affective disorder? It’s simple. You don’t have to go to a professional center or shell out big bucks for a light therapy studio of your own. The only thing you need is a suitable light therapy lamp for home use, that can be easily found on Amazon.

For people with seasonal affective disorder specifically, light therapy lamps with 10,000 LUX brightness are considered to be the best option. Furthermore, you should opt for SAD lamps that filter out the harmful UV lights.

SAD light therapy lamps that check all of these boxes and have a price tag under $100 on Amazon are Verilux HappyLight Touch, Aura® Day Light Therapy Lamp, Circadian Optics Lumos 2.0, or TaoTronics LightTherapy Lamp. Their main advantage, besides the affordable price and great features, is that they’re quite compact. Going on a trip or don’t want a clunky lamp taking up space in your room? These portable light therapy lamps are the way to go.



In case you prefer larger light therapy lamps for SAD treatment and don’t mind investing a bit more money, check out the Amazon bestsellers such as the Northern Light Technology Flamingo or the desk lamp options like Carex Day-Light Classic Plus or Northern Light Boxelite. Owing to the bigger screen, these provide better coverage and brighter light from a greater distance.

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