Red Light Therapy at Planet Fitness – Total Body Enhancement Machine for Fat Burning

Red light therapy at Planet Fitness makes it possible to achieve weight loss through a sharp increase in the secretion of collagen by a vibrating device. This procedure is carried out through a body enhancement device at Planet Fitness, and you need to apply the device few times a day to achieve the best possible result. Though, there seem to be much confusion about the use of this red light therapy as many question its effectivness, but just like any other red light therapy techniques, one has to follow the principles of usage in order to enjoy the benefits.

For those who stick to the rules of usage, this red light therapy enhancement machine seems to provide with a decent weight loss result that can be sustained for a very long time.

How Does the Red Light Therapy at Planet Fitness Work?

The red light therapy at planet fitness works in a simple way and the procedures typically involve the following:

  • The Red light therapy device is placed on the body of the patient (especially in places where fats are very difficult to burn, these include the waist, belly, and thigh).
  • The device is operated at the required level of Red light for between 5-20 minutes at a time.
  • The device stimulates the production of more collagen, through vibration effects in the body and this will speed up the rate at which fats are used up.
  • The patient use the device on another part of the body as dim necessary by the instructor.
  • Daily usage will result in a long term weight loss over a period of time.

What most people don’t realize is you don’t have to go to Planet Fitness or a clinic for red light therapy. In-home red light devices save time and money. The Joovv Light Panel is designed with clinical potency in mind. The devices are conveniently used in home settings but feature enough power to provide results by using the lights for four to five minutes daily.

Benefits of Red Light Therapy

The wavelength of visible light spans the spectrum from 400 to 700 billionths of a meter or 400 to 700 nanometers. Red light at wavelengths of 630 nm and up penetrate skin at depths of up to eight to 10 millimeters. Once absorbed, the body converts the light into cellular energy, which stimulates various metabolic processes. Collagen and elastin production increases and cellular mitochondria release more energy in the form of ATP, which better equips cells to function at optimal levels. Joovv lights emit red light on 660 nm and 850 nm wavelengths. LED lights are used, as the bulbs emit light at the desired wavelength but generate little to no heat. LEDs are also eco-friendly compared to fluorescent or incandescent bulbs. Red light therapy has the potential to:

  • Weight loss
  • Repair sun damage
  • Even out skin tones
  • Reduce the appearance of fine lines
  • Heal acne and other types of blemishes
  • Accelerate wound healing
  • Reduce inflammation and pain

Joovv Light Therapy Panel

Many consumer-friendly red light therapy devices are small in size. Thus, they are only capable of treating small areas of the body at one time. On the other hand, the rectangular Joovv panel spans an area of approximately 4 feet x 2.5 feet, which enables you to receive treatment over larger body areas simultaneously. The panels are equipped with five arrays of 150 LEDs emitting light at your choice of 660 nm wavelength, 850 nm wavelength or in a combination of 660 and 850 nm wavelengths. Each panel is constructed using sturdy polyethylene and comes equipped with rear fans designed to keep each array cool and extends the lifespan of the bulbs.

The panel is easily hung from any door using the provided hardware, which includes an adjustable pulley device that allows you to set the panel at the right height. The device is also equipped with a 10-foot, three-prong power cord. Along with the unit, you get a convenient programmable timer and protective eye goggles. The Joovv Light Therapy Panel comes with a 60-day free trial and a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.

The user-friendly red light system merely requires hanging the panel, plugging the power cord into the nearest wall socket and turning the switch to the on position. However, the skin to be treated must be cleansed before therapy, which ensures adequate absorption of the light. Positive results from the Joovv Light Therapy Panel may take three to six weeks.

What are the benefits of using Red light therapy at Planet Fitness?

If one considers the advantage of Red Light therapies over other forms of heat and UV radiation treatments, one can conclude that Red light therapy is non-invasive, cheap and most convenient way to deal with weight issues and enhance the skin.

An individual exposed to the vibrating effect of this form of red light therapy will not only achieve steady weight loss, he or she will also achieve a much youthful skin. The owners of planet fitness have included an extra room for Infra-red treatments for individuals suffering from excessive weight gain. If one considers the numerous health hazards of alternatives such as tanning bed, one will definitely conclude that red light therapies are much safer. While tanning beds can rapidly age the skin, red light therapy will firm your skin and make it more supple and radiating.

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Benefits of red light therapy

Tanning beds are known to trigger certain allergies, especially for individuals with sensitive skin and those who spend lots of hours inside such devices. You don’t have to spend more than 20 -40 minutes with red light therapy , to achieve your weight loss goal. Secondly, Red light therapy requires little or no physical activities.

Reasons why you must switch to red light therapy treatments

Researchers have shown that UV rays are some of the un-friendliest substances to the skin; they increase the risks of Skin Melanoma, which is one of the deadliest forms of skin cancer. On the other hand, red light therapies make use of short wavelengths of light to penetrate layers of the skin where fats are stored, and these results in some forms of excitements on the fat cells, causing then to become energized and gradually rupture. The fact that Red light therapy for weight loss does not rely on UV rays make it desirable for everyone struggling with weight loss.

The fact that total body enhancement (used red light therapy at Planet Fitness)  is not an invasive method of fat loss, should also make you consider it for your fitness routine. Surgical methods of fat removal are quite invasive, as anything may go wrong and you may also have to deal with side effects that could be temporary or permanent. In addition, surgical means of weight loss, can cost you several thousands of dollars, this is not the case with red light therapy. At Planet fitness, you need just few minutes of treatment sessions a day to achieve the best possible results. It comes with no side effects.

Weight gain is usually linked with the formation of cellulite or stretch marks; it has been observed that red light therapy has a positive effect on the fading of stretch marks during treatment. The disappearance of stretch marks from your skin is an indication that you are losing weight, most especially as your skin begins to tighten up. Red light therapy is regarded as the new form of anti-ageing technology because of its numerous positive effects on the skin. Red light therapy is pain-free and very comfortable on the skin.

Customer reviews on red light therapy at Planet Fitness

As expected, most users who have tried out Red light therapy at Planet Fitness recorded steady minimal loss of weight, with most reporting a significant drop in weight after 4-7 days of treatment. While some are still skeptical about the results they get from the therapy, virtually everyone reported that they have enhanced their skin even within 48 hours of using the therapy. Virtually every red light therapy user at Planet Fitness believes that it is one of the cheapest ways to achieve optimal body fitness.

total body enhancement planet fitnesstotal body enhancement at planet fitness

​Total body enhancement red light therapy machine at planet fitness. Image credit: Planet Fitness


Even if you are still skeptical about the likely proven benefits of red light therapy at Planet Fitness, the fact that the place offers a money back guaranty should give you the assurance that treatment specialists are committed to your well-being. The vibrating effect of the LED therapy device makes the whole process very soothing and comfortable, even if you have the most sensitive skin. Individuals who have skin conditions prior to the LED therapy treatment even recorded some levels of improvements in their skin condition. If you look beyond the issue of weight loss when getting Planet Fitness total body enhancement machine, you will achieve more results than you bargained for.

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  1. What wave length does planet fitness use in their red light therapy?

    • Wendy Burchfield

      Susan Christian. They use red light therapy, which uses wavelengths of light roughly between 620 nm and 700 nm. Popular wavelengths used in research and in-home products are 630 nm and 660 nm

  2. So I ended up at the gym for 2 hours. I did my ab workout, then did my 30 min express workout, abs again. And then the relaxing part. I did the massage chair, then the total body enhancement for 12 mins, hydro massage and then got in the tanning bed for 4 mins (stand up strong bed) what a great 19.99 a month at planet fitness

  3. Just did the total body enhancement at Planet Fitness… Turned the fan on high, closed my eyes, lifted my head and pretended I was on the bow of the Titanic during a sunrise

  4. For those who exercise at planet fitness and you do the total body enhancement thingy-way better when you’re listening to some angry metal.

  5. Does our planet fitness have the red light therapy machine? I think they call it “total body enhancement” but I’m just interested in it for the skin benefits (because there is actual research to back it up – not so sure about the “muscle toning”, etc)

  6. I used this today at the club. Not sure what kind, if any, results I will see, but, I have to say, you feel pretty amazing when you step out.

  7. Used the total body enhancement at planet fitness for the first time today. It was pretty cool after an hr working out

  8. This is the red light therapy (total body enhancement) at planet fitness. It was so relaxing and has many other benefits too:
    *Creates a healthy skin glow (I already noticed after one use)
    *Smooths overall skin tone
    *Builds collagen, reducing wrinkles, including crow’s feet, under-eye wrinkles, forehead wrinkles & laugh lines
    *Speeds the healing of blemishes, like acne and rosacea
    *Repairs sun damage
    *Reduces redness, flushing, and broken capillaries
    *Fades scars and stretch marks
    *Brings more moisture to your skin
    *Prevents hair loss & stimulates regrowth

  9. If you don’t have a Planet Fitness membership, go get the black card membership now! That total body enhancement machine is the best thing I have ever experienced in my life! 12 minute workout that tones and shapes while using red light therapy to relieve stress and smooth your complexion. The floor vibrates your entire body. I came home and slept like the dead.

  10. Man the total body enhancement machine at planet fitness is awesome!

  11. What I love about Planet Fitness..woke up late today and didn’t have time for a workout, so I pampered myself, total body enhancement and 15 minutes of massage. WOW!!!! I feel so much better!!

  12. Tried the total body enhancement today at Planet Fitness. That was different, but I think I liked it. Time ofr breakfast and a good workout. My cranky butt needs both

  13. I burned off 850 calories on the elliptical at random workout on level 25 for 68 minutes and went 3.2 miles. Level 25 is the highest it goes on the elliptical. So I have reached the top and will most likely work out on that level from here on out. Also, I did some stretching and worked out with the weight equipment. Plus, I ended my workout with the Total Body Enhancement, chair massage and then the hydro massage bed. Well, I wanted to post what I did to get more reward points from you guys so I can use them to cash in for different things from Planet Fitness.

  14. Does Planet Fitness in Anderson Indiana have a red light therapy system?

    • It does now, as of 11/17 and it is AMAZING!! I have noticed a decrease in the appearance of my stretch marks, overall skin tone and my sciatica issue. I primarily go because of back ache and can’t tell you the difference I have noticed after using this on level 4. I do it at least 2x a day.

  15. Anyone have any good experiences with the total body enhancement machine at Planet Fitness. I’m scared I might die inside

    • Wendy Burchfield

      Morgan! It works. Each shake setting is for something different

    • I just started using it, but when I was asking the guy behind the counter about it two different women commented that it really works. I don’t know if it works or not, but I feel so very relaxed when I come out. My work can sometimes be high stress and I love how relaxed I feel when I am done.

  16. I have tried red light therapy at planet fitness, and I got really good results in burning fat.

  17. I was wondering if it safe to use red light treatment due to my diagnosis of melanoma, after surgery scars and autoimmune disease.

    • Wendy Burchfield

      Generally, Red light therapy is safe, but I think that you should get advice from your doctor before applying.

    • The studies I have found show this is helpful for lupus & other auto immune disorders. I read a Wellness Mama article in the subject matter, lining you to studies concerning this very issue.

    • So you used it 2 times a day .How many days per week how long before you felt relief in your sciatica and how about fat losshow many times a day did you go and how many days a week .Do you have a problem area how long until you saw the results

    • I’m scared of this too. I have skin cancer in my family. It’s find of hard to find this info though, and not sure if even my doctor would really know at this stage in the game.

  18. is red light therapy okay for psoriasis

  19. I have just joined Planet Fitness and have been using the Total body Enhancement for sciatica. WOW!!!!
    The vibration has done so much for my pain, it alone has made my membership worth every cent. I go in once in the morning and once before bed and my pain became more than bearable after just the first treatment. I follow up with the water massage bed or the massage chair. I’ve Ben reading the posts and am anxious to see if it helps my eczema.
    This article helped me very much to learn how this therapy works. Thank you!

  20. I am curious if using 3 to 4 times a week will be of any benefit for weight loss as this is the regular training schedule for me at Planet Fitness. I am not able to do the recommended 2 times a day, but I could do 3 to 4 times a week if it will provide a benefit.

    • I am a believer. I have never lost weight so fast until I tried this machine. I go every other day for the 12 mins after doing 25 mins on the elliptical machine. Then I do about 1/2 of the machines in the 30 min circuit training area at PF. I love this place!!!

  21. I was wondering the same as Sandra; I will only be able to use about three times a week, will this amount of usage still be beneficial? I opted for the Black Card membership just so I could use this machine & the massage devices.
    I have rosacea & thinning hair, so am hoping the red light will help me with that, as well as cellulite.
    Also, do you need to wear protective eye glasses while using this device?

    • Wendy Burchfield

      It is not required that you wear eye protection, nevertheless the lights are very bright and may be uncomfortable for some individuals with sensitivities to light.

  22. Does it Tan your Skin? Because i wanna try it out and i have a natural Tan skin color and i dont wanna get darker hahaha.

  23. Catherine Wagner

    I have been going to Planet Fitness since last October and have been using red light therapy. I am not making any claims yet, but it seems as if my varicose veins have been considerably less noticeable.

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  25. Hi, is this safe to use if my boyfriend has vitiligo on his leg?

    • Wendy Burchfield

      Yasbell. Yes, you can use the device without the problem.

    • Wendy Burchfield

      Hi, Ysabella! Lopez. Red light therapy is good for Vitiligo. “Phototherapy in the form of 311nm light has shown to stimulate pigment production by melanocytes and re-colour the white patches of vitiligo. This form of treatment is the most commonly used source of light. The University of Columbia has undertaken studies in 12 subjects using RED light to re-pigment vitiligo.
      NASA discovered over 4 decades ago that red light sources stimulated plant growth. To date there has been one study on the use of red light therapy for vitiligo patients- the success rate of red light phototherapy was 60% at the 16-weeks mark”.

  26. Stephanie Gomez

    How often would I have to do red light therapy in a week to help burn off fat?

  27. Is it better to do the Red Light Therapy before or after your workout. I have been using it after but now I am reading that before is better. Also, I generally wear yoga pants. Do I need to expose more of my skin (shorts) to get a greater benefit?

  28. I see it’s recommended to use twice a day. Unless I use it before and after a workout, twice a day is not something that will work. Would it be bad to use it that close together?

  29. I it it’s great I jest started use it is good

  30. The lights in the Total Body Enhancement booth at my PF location are white, not red, can anyone tell me why? When I ask at the counter they tell me the lights look red to them…

    • I have the same question At the Planet Fitness I attend the lights are white. What color should the lights be??

      • The key is the wavelength of the light. Red light therapy uses wavelengths of light roughly between 620 nm and 700 nm. It can penetrate into your skin and reduce fat.

        • Question, will it penetrate through clothes, I’m not suppose to be in direct sunlight due some cream Im currerntly using nightly. So would this effect my skin badly, or can I still use the machine?

  31. So I just started with Planet Fitness, and I used the infrared light therapy. It was a bit odd, after reading everyone replies I think Ill continue. Anyhow maybe this is a strange question but are you suppose to leave all your clothes on, or maybe your under garments? To get the full use of the lights, I didn’t ask, its all young kids so I really didn’t want to either. The lights were all white when I used the stand up machine as well

  32. Do you need to use the lotions they sell at planet fitness?

  33. Take your clothes off for the best result. I have been using the TBE for a few months now and the large web of varicose veins that I had are much, much lighter because of the improved circulation. I am so excited. I also have a little rosacea and it is less noticeable. Love this Machine! I think I will try it before working out now if it shakes up fat cells. It was recommended that we get on the treadmill to melt them down completely. Also, can anyone explain the different vibra-shake programs; what they each target? Thx!

  34. Does it color your skin at all like a tanning bed? Do you have to wear skin protection?

  35. Red light at Planet Fitness is awesome. I am using Planet fitness near me and I really like it

  36. I would like to know where to get information on when to use this, how to use this, clothed or unclothed, shoes on or off. It seems they don’t have any knowledge at the PF I go to about this machine. How long should you stay in it? Should you go in before or after workout? Should you do both before and after workout? Where do I find this information?

  37. Is there a planet fitness with red light therapy in the Orlando Florida a area?

  38. Does the vibration help build bone? Is the frequency enough to do that? At a past physical therapy clinic I worked for, we had a vibe plate. The protocol was to build bone and we had several menopausal ladies using it. I love how it feels but wondered about how often to use it. My PF recommends 3 x week.

    • Yes, the vibration will help increase bone density but not enough if that is all you do. Still need to move weight against gravity to make bones strong!

  39. With the price increase. Is it still worth it? I had the 10.00 dollar membership. And went to upgrade. And didnt realize the increase 🙁

  40. I just joined amd very intrestes in using it but I’m also breast feeding. Is it safe to use while breast feeding ? I know when you get a massage they recommend pump and dump for 2 feeding so you don’t pass toxins released during massage to,the baby

  41. Does this increase vit. D levels?

  42. Tried the machine tonight and feel much much better. Can’t wait to try again.

  43. I’ve been reading a lot of benefits of red light therepy with lessening vericlose veins. My question is, do the veins have to be exposed to the red light? If they’re on my legs, must I wear shorts for it to help? And is it ok to use the total body enhancement at planet fitness everyday?

  44. I used the total body enhancement for the 1st time about a week ago at planet fitness and use it almost every fibromyalgia pain not bothering diabetic foot pain had greatly skin is looking younger and I am full of energy..I have not felt this good in years..thank you planet fitness…

  45. I wondered are shorts etc. required in the light box?
    Soon as ours opens in town I plan to quit the Y and get the inclusive membership for hydrotherapy and the total body enhancement. I have had 6 surgeries in two years and have other issues. I would want the full benefit for my entire body.

  46. Is this safe during pregnancy? Does it help like a happy light where you shine on you during the winter months?

  47. It tends to shake my head a lot, is this going to damage my neck or God forbid my brain?

  48. How often should you use the machine? Can you wear moisturizer and still get the full effect?

  49. I’ve started using this machine before stretching and workout… I’ve only used it four consecutive days and can see and feel positive results… WOW…!

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