Best DHT Blockers and Supplements for Hair Growth

There are numerous hair loss treatment devices, prescription medications and surgical interventions designed to stop or reverse hair loss. Taking a supplement is often the easiest and least expensive way to confront the issue. However, the many choices available on the market may pose a challenge. There are a few factors to consider.

Product Quality

Although supplements are not typically regulated by the FDA, certain companies manufacture products according to the Current Good Manufacturing Practices or cGMPs federal guidelines. Products that carry the approved label have undergone specific procedures, processes and documentation during manufacturing, which ensure the chemical composition, purity, quality and strength of the supplement.

Product History

Consumers shop for products that fulfill a particular purpose. Supplement testimonials are a means of learning how well a product performs in the manner advertised by the manufacturer. Determine how long the supplement has been available and evaluate customer reviews. Investigate the company for previous complaints, manufacturing longevity, customer service and industry practices. Check with the FDA or FTC possible product warnings.

Non-genetically Modified Supplements

Concerns for general health and the well-being of the planet are reasons more people prefer only non-genetically modified or non-GMO products. Companies using non-GMO ingredients in their supplements make a more expensive but responsible choice to honor the values of consumers while conserving the planet.

Vegetable Only Products

As many consumers have adopted a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle, manufacturers often choose to make supplements using only plant extracts. In this way, consumers need not worry about purchasing products made from questionable farmed animals. The concern involves animals that might harbor diseases or have been raised using unethical practices.


Gluten-free diets and products have also grown in popularity in recent years. The gluten protein causes digestive problems and allergic reactions in some people. Manufacturing supplements labeled as gluten-free provides susceptible consumers with the assurance that the products do not pose a danger.

Best DHT Blockers and Supplements for Hair Growth

Ultrax Labs Hair Rush

1. Ultrax Labs Hair Rush

Ultrax Labs manufactures Hair Rush supplements in the United States. The unique formula contains more than 20 vitamins, herbs and minerals that together encourage hair growth from the inside. The laboratory created formula is safe for men and women. However, manufacturer’s instructions advise that for best results, consumers must take the supplement as recommended for at least 90 days. The recommended dosage is two capsules taken twice each day. Some of the many proprietary ingredients include:

Nettle Leaf Powder – Nettle root extract is known to block the DHT hormone responsible for premature follicle damage and death. The substance also makes existing hair healthier and shinier.

Powdered Gotu Kola – Contains compounds that deal with various hair loss factors.

Powdered Pumpkin Seeds – Boasts nutrients that encourage faster and healthier hair growth.

Saw Palmetto – The substance blocks the 5-alpha-reductase enzyme responsible for converting testosterone into DHT.

Solubilized Keratin – The compound speeds up hair growth in addition to increasing individual strand thickness and prolonging health.

Additional vital nutrients included in the formula include vitamins A, C, D and E along with complex B vitamins. Ultrax Labs additionally uses biotin, magnesium and zinc in the ingredients.

If after 90 days, consumers are not satisfied with the product’s performance, Ultrax Labs offers a 90-day money-back guarantee.


2. Hairfluence

The supplement was created by the Zhou company for men or women desiring to achieve thicker, healthier and faster-growing hair. The product has also been shown to enhance the appearance of skin and nails. All the ingredients are natural, gluten-free and vegan. Some hair growth supplements contain compounds, which cause weight gain. There is no worry about having the side effect when using Hairfluence.

The proprietary ingredients contained within the product were specially chosen by scientists for the effects each causes individually and together. The compounds are nothing more than a complex blend of amino acids, minerals and vitamins. The long list of ingredients includes:

Bamboo Extract – Bamboo contains more than 70 percent of concentrated silica, which provides hair, skin and nails with the nutrition necessary to be strong and healthy on a cellular level.

Biotin or B7 – The compound prevents breakage and hair loss. New and existing hairs are protected. Biotin aids in the metabolization of amino acids, carbohydrates and fats, which serve as the building blocks for proteins and necessary for cell formation.

Collagen – The antioxidant contains 18 amino acids, which are vital for healthy cell growth and faster regeneration. Collagen is necessary for healthy hair, nails and skin by enhancing elasticity.

Keratin – The compounds occur naturally throughout the body. Additional supplementation enhances the body’s ability to protect hairs and repair damage.

Methylsulfonylmethane or MSM – The compound plays a vital role in collagen and keratin production.

Vitamin A – Encourages healthy cell growth and ongoing maintenance while acting as an antioxidant.

Vitamin B9 or Folic Acid – The compound is essential for creating healthy DNA to ensure proper cell replication and growth.

Vitamin B12 – The vitamin is needed for healthy red blood cell formation. Red blood cells carry nutrients and oxygen to the scalp and hair.

Vitamin C – The compound boosts the immune system on a cellular level to provide protection.

Vitamin D3 – The vitamin is necessary for the development of new follicles. Some researchers believe the nutrient also has the ability to regenerate dormant follicles.

Vitamin E or Thiamine – The nutrient helps hair remain strong.


3. Viviscal

The Lifes2good company that makes Viviscal has long been associated with creating health and beauty products. The formula was created to ensure the body had the nutrients needed to grow strong, healthy hair. Viviscal’s components work together to extend the growing phase of hair follicles to provide faster hair growth. The combination of nutrients also stimulates the hair growth phase in follicles that have stopped growing. Current and new hairs are stronger while being protected from damage. The formula is appropriate for use by men and women regardless of the reason for hair loss.

A number of studies evaluated the effectiveness of Viviscal. One study involved 40 women. Half the group took the supplement for 40 weeks. The other half of the women served as the control group and took nothing. At the end of the study, women taking the supplement experienced a 46 percent reduction of hair loss.

Another study assessed the product’s effectiveness for men over the course of six months. A total of 40 men of various ages took part in the study. Half received Viviscal and the other half took fish extract. At the end of the trial, the men taking Viviscal experienced a 38 percent increase in hair growth. The men taking the placebo experienced a mere two percent improvement.

The many carefully chosen ingredients found in Viviscal include:

Biotin – The vitamin is necessary for new hair development.

Horsetail Extract – The substance strengthens hair and enhances elasticity.

Iron – The mineral is vital for healthy red blood cell production. Which in turns that hair follicles receive the necessary nutrients.

Millet Seed Extract – The compound thickens and strengthens hair.

Vitamin C – The nutrients act as an antioxidant and aids in iron absorption.

Viviscal users need merely take one tablet each morning and another each evening. Consumers typically experience results anywhere from three to six months. If not satisfied, Lifes2good offers a 90-day money back guarantee.

Hair Essentials

4. Hair Essentials

Hair Essentials supplements are created by Natural Wellbeing and are appropriate for men and women suffering from hair loss for any reason. The unique formula was created by physicians specializing in botany. They combined a select number of ingredients for optimal results. The formula is also certified as being gluten-free. Natural Wellbeing offers a 90-day money-back guarantee if consumers are not completely satisfied with the results.

The ingredients contained within the supplement work to regulate DHT levels found in hair follicles to prevent premature loss. The list of natural ingredients includes:

Bamboo Stem and Leaf Extract – Bamboo contains the essential compound silica, which helps build and maintain connective tissues. Hair, nails and skin benefit by being stronger and more supple.

Biotin – The vitamin provides the scalp with the fluids necessary to grow new hair.

Black Pepper Seed Extract – The compound increases the absorption rate of other nutrients.

Borage Seed Oil-The oil contains gamma – linolenic acid, which is an omega-6 fatty acid. The compound reduces inflammatory processes that lead to hair loss. The substance additionally seals in moisture to inhibit dry, itching scalp and skin.

Bu Gu Zhi Fruit – The herb has been widely used in Ayurveda and Chinese medicine for centuries. The compounds contained in the extract have antioxidant properties along with enhancing blood flow to deliver vital nutrients to the scalp and hair.

Flax Seed Oil – The omega-3 fatty acid inhibits inflammation and helps maintain moisture.

Fo-ti Root – The substance provides overall nourishment to the blood and throughout the body for healthy hair growth.

Horsetail Extract – The compound aids in calcium absorption.

L-Cysteine – The amino acid thickens hair and acts as an antioxidant. The compound is also necessary for fatty acid and protein synthesis.

L-Methionine – The amino acid is necessary to encourage new hair growth in addition to ensuring that hair remains flexible and strong.

MSM – The substance aids in collagen and keratin development, which are necessary for new hair growth and maintenance.

Rice Bran Extract – Rice bran contains a number of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins, which are necessary for new hair and ongoing hair maintenance.

Saw Palmetto – The substance has been proven to prevent the 5-alpha reductase enzyme from converting testosterone into DHT.

Selenium – The antioxidant helps maintain thyroid health, which ensures proper hair growth.

White Tea Leaf Extract – The tea leaves contain polyphenols, which serve as antioxidants and antimicrobials.

Vitamins A, C and E – The nutrients inhibit free radicals, enhance the immune system and interfere with bacterial development and growth in the follicles. The vitamins also interfere with abnormal oil production.

Zinc – The antioxidant strengthens the immune system to resist microbial infections. The nutrient is also necessary for healthy cell growth.

Quintessence Forti5

Quintessence Forti5

Quintessence was created to stimulate new hair growth and prevent the problems that cause hair loss. The compounds of the formula inhibit the development of the DHT hormone while delivering antioxidants and reducing inflammation. Forti5 is manufactured in the United States.

In a 24-week trial study of the supplement, 80 percent of the participants experienced improvement in hair shaft thickness and the number of hairs grown. Some of the many active ingredients found in Forti5 includes:

Beta Sitosterol – The substance comes from saw palmetto to reduce inflammation while blocking harmful hormones.

Green Tea Extract – The antioxidant has anti-inflammatory properties and prohibits harmful hormones from entering follicles. The compound also extends the active growth phase.

Melatonin – The hormone prevents premature follicle death and hair loss. The substance also has antioxidant properties.

Soy Isoflavones – The compounds block DHT conversion and act as antioxidants.

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