Best Infrared Foot Massagers – Unbiased Reviews

What better way to relax after a hard day on your feet than by enjoying a comforting foot massage? You could indulge in a costly appointment at a spa. Better yet, invest in an affordable in-home device, which uses the same therapeutic massage techniques. Infrared Shiatsu foot massagers combine soothing heat with a kneading motion, which targets the reflexology pressure points used in traditional Chinese medicine. Relax while the massager improves blood circulation, relaxes tired muscles and soft tissues while the session also relieves tension and stress. By indulging in regular foot massage sessions to relieve anxiety, you additionally have the chance to lower blood pressure.



The Belmint infrared foot massager has two footbeds, which conceal a total of six rotating heads consisting of 18 massage nodes beneath soft, mesh coverings. The nodes provide the circular deep tissue kneading massage technique to soothe and rejuvenate tired feet. The footbeds and rotating heads are also large enough to ensure you get the entire bottom of your foot massaged. Along with the deep-tissue massage action, the device emits gentle infrared heat, which further helps muscles relax and enhance circulation.

Plug the device into any standard wall outlet. There are no confusing menus to navigate. With a touch of a toe, you simply press the power button conveniently located on the front center of the unit to begin your massage session. Enjoy a soothing massage with or without heat. To turn the heat function off, simply press the power button a second time. Use the device in bare or stocking feet.

Sit back, relax and let the Belmint do the work. After 15 minutes, the Belmint automatically turns itself off. You can also adjust the height of the foot massager and the angle of the footbeds to accommodate your favorite seated position. The affordable price means you can get a Belmint for yourself and consider buying another as a great gift for anyone who stands for extended lengths of time.

The infrared, Shiatsu foot massager weighs little more than eight pounds, which makes the unit easily portable for use anywhere in the home. The Belmint also comes with a 100 percent money back guarantee.



The Beurer FM60 infrared foot massager was designed by German engineers with 18 rotating heads and two speeds to replicate an authentic Shiatsu massage. The message heads are positioned on six steel balls within the device, which spin and provide the kneading action. The top of the footbeds is covered with a breathable nylon mesh.

The FM60 additionally comes with an infrared heat mechanism, which emits a gentle, dry heat to further aid in the muscle and soft tissue relaxation process. There is no need to bend forward to activate the Beurer, as the illuminated power and function switch is conveniently located at the front of the foot massager. Simply turn the unit on with the touch of a toe. Each push of the button enables you to regulate the massage and infrared heat mechanisms.

You can enjoy a deep-tissue massage with or without heat. The device also features two massage settings, which enable you to control the speed of the rotating heads. Above the power button is an LCD screen, which displays your choice of functions. The massager gets rave reviews from users suffering from ordinary foot fatigue. Patients suffering from plantar fasciitis also use the device. The footbeds easily accommodate men who wear size 13 shoes or women wearing size 14 shoes, which means the unit treats the whole sole of each foot.

The four peg legs extending downward from the bottom of the Beurer screw in and out, which allows you to adjust the foot massager’s overall height or the angle of the footbeds. The bottom of the device also features brackets for conveniently storing the power cable. The ergonomically-designed device measures 15 inches x 17 inches x 5.5 inches and weighs a mere six pounds.

Each Beurer foot massager comes with the massage unit, the power cable, and an instruction manual. Beurer backs the infrared massager with a one-year limited warranty.



The Homedics FMS-270H infrared/deep kneading Shiatsu foot massager is an affordable way to relieve and rejuvenate even the most tired, aching feet by using the device for just 10 minutes each day. The unit gets high marks from construction workers, teachers and other individuals whose occupations require standing all day. The device is designed to be user-friendly along with being highly portable.

Within the two footbeds are six rotating heads featuring 18 massage nodes. As the heads rotate, the nodes replicate the finger, palm and knuckle motions commonly used by Shiatsu massage therapists. Along with the deep-tissue massage mechanisms, the device provides soothing infrared heat. The gentle warmth never reaches excessive temperatures, which might cause burning. The top of the footbeds is covered with a breathable nylon mesh.

To use the Homedics foot massager, simply plug the ample six-foot power cord into the nearest wall outlet. Using a toe, push the power button once to activate the massage and heat mechanisms. Keeping the button depressed changes the speed of the rotating heads. Push the power button again to deactivate the heat. Pushing the button a third time turns the device off. Even with the rotating heads functioning, the unit is designed for quiet operation. Watch TV, listen to music or relax while reading. The FMS-270H footbeds are large enough to accommodate the entire foot bottom of men who wear size 13 shoes size or women who wear size 14.

The foot massager measures 14.5 inches x 13.5 inches x 4.5 inches and weighs 6.8 pounds. The low profile of the device means it slides easily beneath furniture when not in use. The device does have one drawback. Unlike similar units, the Homedics device does not feature adjustable feet for changing the height of the unit or the angle of the footbeds. However, the problem is easily remedied by using books, magazines or other objects under the foot massager.

The Homedics comes with a user’s manual, and the company backs the product with a limited two-year warranty.

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