Who Invented Tanning Beds?

People began to seek solutions that could make them invincible against the intense heat of the sun. Some chemists, cosmetologists, and dermatologists innovate topical ointments and lotions that can serve as the barrier between the skin and the ultra violet rays.

On the other hand, a great inventor comes up with a cool idea to fight the sun’s heat through tanning techniques. You might sacrifice the fairer skin complexion of yours yet you’ll achieve a long lasting shield from the sun. In the modern technology era, the proponent responsible for making this idea possible is through the use of tanning beds. The question here now is who invented tanning beds?

Who Invented Tanning Beds

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Who is the inventor of Tanning beds?

First of all, tanning beds refer to devices that contain multiple fluorescent lamps and emit UV radiation to produce an artificial tan.

Many individuals are engaging in cosmetic tan as the efficient way to stay longer beneath the sun’s rays. The solar power, radiation, and pressure of tanning beds will easily change the person’s complexion as short as three minutes.

One’s great mind is not just a result of experiments and academics, sometimes an accidental discovery will lead the way to produce an idea and eventually an invention.

During the year 1906, Heraeus, a german company that dealt with medical practices, discovered the effects of fluorescent lamps through emitting UV light and suffice the skin with vitamin D. This serendipity leads to the conclusion that these lamps may produce the artificial tan.

In the year 1970’s, the serendipity yields to a remarkable epic invention whereas the famous German scientist by the name of Friedrich Wolff invented the first ever tanning beds.

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He used the theory of fluorescent lamps effects to the skin and the surprising increase of vitamin D. The concept drove him to invent a reflector system for the purpose of producing an overall even skin tan.

Throughout the years, tanning beds are still on the trend and people are patronizing these tanning devices. Because of the quick, easy, and reliable cosmetic tan, people are satisfied with the result and help them sunbathe even longer.

Moreover, the continuance of the tanning beds discovery was passed by Wolff to his brother Jeorge, who pursued the glorious effect of tanning beds.

Getting to know Mr. Wolff

Friedrich Wolff’s interesting theory and invention earned him the title as the father of indoor tanning.” He was the founder of the lamp tanning technology indoor tanning equipment, and the reflector system study.

He pursued his Wolff System technology and amazingly celebrating its 30 years of existence in the indoor tanning industry, salon, and dermatology.

How does a tanning bed work on skin?

With the aid of tanning beds, the even skin tone can be achieved perfectly. Today, many salons are offering various treatments related to the artificial tanning. Here is a simple clip on how a tanning bed works on the skin, as a courtesy to Melissa, who will discuss a brief explanation of tanning.

Great thanks to Friedrich Wolff for his exemplary invention of tanning beds and his theoretical foundation of using reflector systems to produce an artificial tan.

As a dermatological explanation, the tanning occurs when the fluorescent lamps of the tanning beds emit radiation pressure and wavelengths that resemble the natural ultraviolet rays.

Usually, a combination of 95% UV-A and 5% UV-B is the recommended tanning treatments. This range is the moderate and safe tanning measures for a 5-minute bathing.

UV-A is a wavelength that reaches the surface of the skin, while UV-B is a wavelength that can penetrate beyond the layer of the skin. Their UV lights are emitted by the built-in fluorescent lamps then eventually enter in the skin to the epidermis and dermis layer.

You can fully understand how tanning works through this simple illustration. Refer to this graphic as it explains and elaborate the process of pigmentation and increase of melanin in the skin.

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The Verdict

The verge of skin tanning become a hit in the modern cosmetic due to its significant treatment against the intense heat of the sun. It does not only provides a solution to the complexion but also gives the individual a confidence to walk underneath the prickly heat of the sun. Tanning beds are epic inventions of Friedrich Wolff, which latter coined him as the “father of indoor tanning.” 

With the aid of these devices, it can transformed the individual’s skin into an instant artificial tan. It is proven to be safe and still being patronized in the contemporary skin treatment. It offers a great help rather applying sunscreens or sunblocks due to its long term protection.

Increase your melanin and skin barrier through this amazing solution. Be confidently beautiful with your new complexion and be proud of its stunning effects! Have yourself a try with the tanning beds now!

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