White To Black Tanning Lotion Review – Devoted Creations’ Solution For Dark, Lasting Color

Devoted Creations is known throughout the industry for their tanning products, but does their wildly popular White to Black tanning lotion really deliver?

For most tanners, the goal of indoor tanning is simple: to get as dark as possible, as fast as possible. Many times the key to doing this is having the right lotion or bronzer to help facilitate a fast color change. This is precisely what Devoted Creations’ White to Black tanning lotion offers with their advanced bronzing serum. This intense moisturizing product not only nourishes the skin during and after tanning, but promises users they can go up to three shades darker in a single tanning session.

Healthier Skin and a Tanning Lotion That Actually Delivers

One of the most enticing parts of this tanning lotion is the promise sprawled across the front of the bottle. This product states it can get users up to three shades darker in a single use. While these are hard results to measure across a variety of users, this reviewer gives the product top marks, as the lotion truly does offer dramatically different color with every use. This product goes on smooth, and moisturizes the skin without leaving it sticky or oily, while its tan accelerators help users get the most out of every UV session. With this product, tanners can spend less on tanning sessions as they maximize their time in the bed with this lotion, which is precisely why this reviewer gives this lotion an ‘A’ rating.

What ‘Pros’ Make the White to Black Tanning Lotion Worth it to Tanners?

This reviewer gave Devoted Creations’ signature tanning lotion a high rating for its ability to maximize the results of a single tanning session, but this advanced bronzing serum comes with a number of other perks as well.

Antioxidant Fighting Power

This tanning lotion features Acai oil and black tea extract which are both filled with antioxidants. This helps keep harming free radicals from damaging and aging the skin. This means with every application, users can enjoy healthy, younger looking skin. These antioxidants also help protect the skin from damage under UV light.

Moisturizing Properties

This product is filled with intense moisturizers, including hemp seed oil which not only moisturizes the skin but helps restore its natural balance as well. This leaves the skin feeling soft and supple and also helps the tan stay looking its best longer.

Intense Bronzers

This tanning lotion is filled with intense bronzers, including multiple tyrosines that help maximize results. This is why users enjoy an almost instant color difference and often see much darker, brown colors in their skin, instead of redness.

Anti-Aging Features

This lotion is not only filled with antioxidants but anti-aging ingredients as well. This formula features black tea extract that tones and tightens the skin, reducing the appearances of lines and wrinkles. Marshmallow extract also helps reduce skin irritation and inflammation and can even help lessen the appearance of dark circles under the eyes.

This product is not only filled with nourishing ingredients and plenty of perks, but it is safe enough to use on both the body and the face, meaning there is no need to purchase a separate facial tanner.

Potential Drawbacks of This Tanning Lotion

Most users report very few issues with this powerful tanning lotion, but there are a few potential drawbacks to be aware of before using this product.

Color Can Wash Off

While the tinted bronzers in this product can help deliver fast results, the color from these bronzing agents can wash off or even rub off on some users’ skin.

Bold Fragrance

This tanning lotion comes with a bold, masculine fragrance that can be more than some users can handle. Those who do not like a strong fragrance with their lotion should think twice before use.

Strong, Potentially Irritating Formula

Since this tanning lotion is so strong, it can cause hives or itching in some who have particularly sensitive skin or who are new to tanning.

Overall Experience With White to Black

Overall, this user gave the product a “five star” rating, because of its powerful tanning capabilities and its ability to deliver fast, lasting results. With extra moisturizers and skin enhancing features, this product does so much more than deliver dark, lasting, natural looking color, it also makes the skin brighter and healthier looking. Even with a few potential drawbacks for a select number of users, this lotion is one of the most effective and powerful bronzing agents on the market, making it a smart purchase for both new and experienced tanners alike.

While no tanning lotion is perfect, Devotion Creations comes close to creating the perfect product with their White to Black tanning lotion. With one of the fastest acting formulas available, this product can help any tanner get a dramatically different look, even after a single session. This product has taken the indoor tanning experience to a new level and can help any tanner get a healthy, glowing suntan within minutes. Plus, the brand has developed this advanced formula within an affordable package that makes this product a smart purchase for all types of tanning fanatics.

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