Removing the Blackheads – The Most Effective Ways

You often observed many tiny black dots on your face upon waking up each day or whenever you look into the mirror. Usually, these black tiny dots can be found around the nose area, cheeks, forehead, or chin. If you encounter these skin impurities, you should beware of these comedones termed as, “Blackheads”. The question here now is, how does the formation of blackhead occur? As mentioned a while ago, blackheads are a type of comedo which pertains to clogged pores. It is literally described as a black spot due to the open pores that invite the dirt, pollution, bacteria, combination of sebum and oxygenation processes thus, all of these contributes to the formation of a blackhead.

Tips to Remove the Blackheads

You don’t need to be anxious with these skin impurities since they can be treated with ointments, skin routine maintenance, and use of some devices to remove these blackheads. You should not ignore the blackheads because they can multiply themselves and keep on growing on the skin even if you have to remove them already. A thorough cleaning is necessary to fight these blackheads and transform the skin into its radiant glow, flawless, and acne-free healthy skin. What would be the best skin care routine to rid off these blackheads forever? In this context, you will be informed regarding the tips to remove blackheads in various possible methods and just check out the information below.

Different Remedies to Remove the Blackheads

1. Role of the Steamer/Warm Water and Ice/Cold Water


The basic water and soap facial wash procedure is not an acceptable day-to-day beauty regimen especially for oily and sensitive acne-prone skin. The essence of the temperature has something to do with the skin and has the significant role in cleansing the face. Some may apply facial cleansing oils, antiseptic solutions, or antibacterial toners before rinsing the face with warm water. What is the proper way in washing the face? After applying the botanical treatments, you should wash the face with warm water or let it moist using a steamer. When the warm water penetrates into the deep layers of the skin, it helps soften the skin to rid off the blackheads easily and effectively. You may get a bowl and pour hot water on it or try a rice cooker and pour some water then absorb the steaming effect of the rice cooker as the water boils. You may also get a face towel, dump it in a hot water, then tap it on the face. You may also purchase a digital steamer for your convenience.

Next, you may now wash the face with hypoallergenic soap or antibacterial facial scrub to remove the blackheads. Then, after cleansing your face with soap, close the pores by rubbing an ice or rinsing the face with cold water.

2. Trying out a blackhead remover/extractor


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If there are still visible signs of blackheads, you may remove them using a beauty tool like the blackhead remover/extractor. It is usually characterized as a metal stick having two different mechanical edges intended for removing the blackhead. It has a sharp pointed edge and a loophole end ideal for extracting the root of the trapped blackhead on the clogged pores. A gentle press and minimal pressure are necessary to rid off the blackheads. Just take note that this beauty regimen is not a routine but only performed around 2 to 3 times a week. You can do this step before the cleansing and after the steaming procedure.

3. Using Pore Strips may also do the trick


There are over-the-counter (OTC) skin care treatments that help remove the blackheads by placing the strip on the affected pores and peel off the strip. You will see the blackheads attached on the strip. This beauty amenity is referred to as, “pore strips”. It may remove the blackheads but not totally, so you still need to get a blackhead remover/extractor to totally rid off the comedo on the clogged pores.

4. Peel-Off/Clay Facial Mask


Another substitute to remove the blackheads is to try peel-off or clay facial masks. The adhesive material contains in a peel-off or clay masks may help rid off the skin impurities leaving the face smooth, flawless, and acne-free. You may choose any peel-off or clay facial mask that are effective to your skin type since these beauty amenities are mostly enriched with botanical extracts hence, no need to worry about the ingredients. Treat your face with peel-off or clay mask at least 2 to 3 times a week for effective results together with the pore strips and blackhead remover routine.

5. Get in Touch with the Power of the Home-based Treatments


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Having several products for the facial skin care may be expensive since it is a maintenance hygienic purpose. You have to repeatedly buy these effective beauty treatments to sustain the healthy, glowing, beautiful, flawless, rejuvenated, and moisturized skin. Actually, you can have the same effect even if you don’t spend thousands of money to purchase expensive and effective beauty products and tools. You may also try home-based treatments that are easily found in your kitchen or fridge. Here are the effective treatments to remove your blackheads. You may choose among these home-based treatments and apply it directly on the face like a mask then rinse it thoroughly with soap and water.

Baking Soda
Apple Cider Vinegar
Green Tea


A Skin Care Advice

Be protective on your skin and if there might be irritations, allergies, stinginess, redness, or swelling occur, stop using the treatment immediately. The first aid is to wash the face with soap and water then rub some ice to lessen the abrasive effect of the solution. Always search on the possibilities of the beauty treatments before experimenting on them. Moreover, avoid the regular scrubbing of the face to prevent the face from being more prone to acne and other skin problems. If you have ample amount of money, you may consult a professional dermatologist to treat your skin at least every month for facial, diamond peel, or dermabrasion to achieve healthy and young skin.

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