The Pauly D Tanning Lotion – How the Star Helps Others Get Bronzed

Jersey Shore star Pauly D is known for his tan, but can others really get the look with his product.

Avid tanners know that there are a number of powerful products on the market that can help deliver long, lasting results every time they hit the tanning bed.

Advancements in tanning formulas have helped create a number of new, advanced lotion, as well as a number of celebrity endorsed products that often fly off the shelves fast.

One such product is known as Pauly D Bronze Beats.

The Pauly D Tanning Lotion, is an endorsed tanning formula from Paul DelVecchio, popular star of the MTV television show, The Jersey Shore.

The reality star is known for his love of tanning and his dark bronze color, and with his powerful product from Devoted Creations, the reality personality promises others that they too can get similar color results.
This reviewer gives this product a high rating, and recommends it to tanners of all types as it is powerful enough for experienced tanners, yet gentle enough for beginners.

The lotion works to delivers dark, natural looking results, yet it is no so powerful that it burns or tingles during application.

This formula makes the product very versatile and has left countless users leaving happy reviews of this dark bronzing solution.

The Pro’s of Pauly D Bonze Beats – What It Offers

This star-endorsed bronzing serum comes packed with extra tan and skin enhancing features, and offers users a number of perks, including:

Anti-Aging Benefits

One of the unique features of this Pauly D Tanning Lotion is that it comes with several anti-aging compounds.

These are designed to firm up the skin while you tan, leaving it looking younger and healthier.

The black tea extract in the formula also works as an anti-oxidant, preventing damage from free radicals in the environment.

Firming Compounds

This lotion contains RevitaFit which tones the skin, as well as Matryxil which reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

The result is firmer, more toned and healthier looking skin with every use.

Natural Looking Results

Even though this lotion was made to deliver dramatic results, the creators of this product also wanted a natural looking tan.

Instead of using popular ingredients that give the skin an orange color, this lotion contains MelanoBronze Technology, which enhances the natural pigmentations in the skin.

This results in natural looking, dark color.

This feature also works together with the melanin in the skin to speed up the color changing process, even after exposure to UV rays.

No Strong After-Odor

While one of the drawbacks of many tanning lotions is the odor, this product contains FreshTek.

It is designed to deodorize the skin, meaning users won’t have to endure that horrible odor after tanning and can instead smell fresh after a session.

DHA Free Formula

This tanning formula is made without DHA, which is a commonly used color additive that causes the skin to darken. Some reports that high concentrations of the product can form in damaging free radical formation.

This lotion delivers the skin darkening benefits of this ingredient without any risks.

Drawbacks of the Jersey Shore Star’s Lotion

While the Pauly D tanning lotion comes packed with perks, it doesn’t mean it is without drawbacks.

While true ‘cons’ and complaints are minimal, there are a couple of drawbacks that any potential user needs to be aware of before purchasing the product.

Potential Markup

Virtually every celebrity-endorsed tanning lotion comes with the same potential issue, a high price.

While similar non-celebrity endorsed tanning products may deliver similar results, chances are they won’t have the markup that a celebrity product like this does.

Potential for Plateau

Since the Pauly D product isn’t the strongest lotion on the market, chances are some users may struggle with plateau, particularly if they are experienced tanners.

If tanners stop seeing improvement in their color, than they may need to switch products for a few weeks before going back to this lotion.

When it comes to getting a dark, natural looking and long lasting tan, fans can see with a single glance that reality star Pauly D knows how it is done.

With his Bronze Beats tanning lotion, users can get the same type of results when they tan.

Over time, experienced tanners may feel they need a stronger lotion to get really noticeable color, but overall this lotion can help build a strong base for any tanner, and deliver long-term skin and tan color benefits.

Tanners who want to enjoy these results, along with skin toning and firming benefits and anti-aging extras, will find this lotion is one of the best of its kind available today.

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