Best Microcurrent Facial Toners – Unbiased Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

The facial area is made up of 42 muscles that enable us to move our eyelids, nose and mouth. As we get older, the muscles and connective tissues lose elasticity and tone. Fat deposits shrink. The combined effects lead to the visible signs of aging that include fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin. Women may undergo cosmetic procedures in an attempt to look refreshed, rejuvenated and younger. However, many treatments are invasive and often cause an accumulative expense.

Home-based methods are more cost-effective yet offer surprising results. One of the in-home treatment techniques introduced in recent years involves microcurrent facial machines. The technology was introduced during the 1980s and was originally used for patients suffering from Bell’s Palsy or other types of facial paralysis. The impressive results of the technology enabled the devices to transition to the world of cosmetology.

About Microcurrent Facial Machines

The devices emit a slight electrical current that interacts with and is absorbed by facial tissues. Facial machine users initially apply a conductive gel on the face to the areas needing treatment. The device is turned on, and the dual probes are applied to the skin simultaneously and gently rubbed across the skin’s surface to stimulate the facial muscles and other underlying tissues. Microcurrent facelift machines emit small electrical currents that are gentle enough to be barely noticeable. The impulses tone the underlying muscles and improve circulation while encouraging collagen and fibrin production. The combined effects create fresher, younger-looking skin. The length of time required per treatment varies from one facial toner to the next. However, consistent use is needed to achieve the cumulative effects. In general, the skin must undergo routine therapy for four to eight weeks. After this time, weekly or monthly follow-up treatments are recommended to retain results.

In general, microcurrent facial treatment devices are safe for young and old. The portable machines are designed to be user-friendly and simple to use in the privacy of the home.


Microcurrent face lift devices are not recommended for pregnant women, people having cardiovascular disease processes, thyroid conditions or diabetes. The treatments are also not advisable for anyone having glaucoma or skin cancer. Patients undergoing hormone therapy, having nervous system disorders, burned, scarred or irritated skin cannot use microcurrent facial toners. Anyone who has had Botox, hyaluronic acid or gold silk plant injections must wait three to six months after the last treatment before using microcurrent machines. The devices are additionally not recommended for patients having pacemakers or other electrical technological implants. Hearing aids must be removed before undergoing treatment. The toner facelift machines should never be used on anyone 12 or younger.

Best Microcurrent Facial Machines

1. Skin Care Experts

Skin Care Experts Microcurrent Facial Toner

The microcurrent facial toner created by Skin Care Experts is comparable in size to a hand-held electric razor and weighs less than one pound. The ergonomic body style was designed to fit comfortably in the hand, as the device delivers 0.05 to 0.35 microamps of current.

The treatments are painless and the facial toner was created to be user-friendly. The top of the unit features two metallic probes, which deliver the current when applied to the skin. Activate the toner by pressing the power “on” button. Choose from one of five intensity levels using the + and – buttons. Select the most comfortable setting to prevent stinging. The toner also comes equipped with an automatic timer that turns the machine off after 10 minutes of use. However, the device can be used up to twice daily.

Simply use the device 10 minutes each day for noticeable results in approximately four to six weeks. The Skin Care Experts device features rechargeable batteries, which enables you to use the toner anywhere and at any time. The device is safe to use on all facial areas to encourage new skin cell development and enhance blood circulation and connective tissue growth in addition to toning the underlying facial muscles. The Skin Care Experts toner is also helpful for reducing the visible signs of aging on the neck, arms and anywhere sagging skin is a problem.

The device costs far less than competitive models that are priced hundreds of dollars more. The convenient cordless design is a large plus. The unit also comes with a detailed instruction manual. The Skin Care Experts toner does not come with a conductive gel, which must be purchased separately.

2. Deess

Deess Microcurrent Facial Toner

Deess has been manufacturing beauty products for nearly two decades. In that time, the products have been created using extensive research and have undergone clinical testing in order to ensure that clients enjoy satisfactory results. Dermatologists, health care professionals and beauty salons in more than 100 countries use Deess products for treatments.

The microcurrent facial toner uses electromagnetic waves in the form of radio frequencies between 0.5 and 8 MHz and weighs little more than one pound. The waves emitted by the dual probes penetrate deeply into the skin to vibrate the moisture molecules in the cells and tissues, which creates friction and a subsequent gentle warmth. The energy stimulates tissues on a molecular level to enhance blood and lymph circulation while regenerating collagen and fibrin cells and toning underlying muscles.

Apply a water-based gel, lotion or serum to the area to be treated. Wait the recommended time to allow proper absorption before starting the treatment session. Simply plug the power cord of the Deess facial toner into any standard wall outlet. The ergonomic design makes the device easy to hold and manipulate across the skin.

Turn the unit on by pressing the power button. Select the mode by pressing the “M” button. The LCD digital display shows the time and mode options. The Deess has three different intensity levels. The built-in timer functions for five, 10 or 15-minute sessions before automatically turning itself off. Use the device up to three times a week for optimal results. Users experience visible results in four to eight weeks. After achieving the desired effects, use the Deess every one or two weeks for maintenance.

According to clinical trials:

  • Up to 95 percent of women experienced pore shrinkage, visible lifting and toning.
  • Up to 90 percent of users experienced visible fine line and wrinkle reduction.
  • Up to 85 percent of users noticed the reduction of fine lines around the eye areas along with skin tightening. Bags under the eyes were also visibly reduced.

The Deess skin toner comes with a power cord, an instruction manual and an 18-month manufacturer’s warranty.

3. NuFACE Mini


The cordless NuFace Mini is the only cosmetic microcurrent device that has FDA approval. The machine weighs little more than one pound and is smaller than comparable models, which makes it easy to hold and maneuver. The smaller body features two large metallic probes that easily glide over the skin.

The NuFace Mini was created to be user-friendly, as it boasts a single button to turn the device on and choose from three different intensity levels up to 335 microamps. There is also an automatic timer that beeps after five seconds, which alerts users to move the toner to a different area needing treatment. The handy instruction manual illustrates the pattern needed to effectively tone your entire face.

For the convenience of users, the mini comes with a two-ounce tube of gel primer that prepares the skin before each treatment. For optimal results, the NuFace should be used up to six days a week. Each therapy session lasts a mere five minutes before the unit automatically shuts down. However, the device is safe enough to extend treatment sessions up to 15 minutes if having particularly problem areas. After eight weeks, reduce the number of treatments to three times each week.

Clinical studies indicate that:

  • Up to 85 percent of users experienced facial contour improvement.
  • Up to 80 percent of clients felt a noticeable difference in tone.

The package comes with the NuFace Mini device, one tube of gel primer, a power adapter, the quick start guide and user manual. The toner also comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

4. Norlanya

Norlanya Microcurrent Facial Toner

The ultra-thin and cordless Norlanya weighs little more than eight ounces and features a two-in-one design. The top quickly slides off to reveal a dual probe mechanism on the main body of the toner, which delivers the microcurrent. The top contains a single vibrating massager for treating hard to reach and more delicate areas. The affordable Norlanya provides three intensity levels and contains a smart skin sensor to provide consistent treatment times. The automatic timer turns the toner off after 10 minutes of use.

The Norlanya device is safe enough to use daily until achieving the desired effects. The facial toner comes in a gift box that includes a convenient carrying pouch, a user manual and a USB power cord for recharging the device. The company also provides a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

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