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Noticing or admiring one’s appearance more than likely occurred during prehistoric times when the first individual saw their reflection in water. As primping and preening became more popular, ingenious people developed special tools for the purpose, which included the mirror. Archeologists discovered a box in a Pharoah’s tomb that contained a number of jars and containers surmised to once contain cosmetics and perfumes. The box also held a highly-decorated hand mirror made from polished metal and wood with gold embellishments.

By the 1700s, cosmetics and mirrors were put on tables to enable women to sit and primp their hair and face. In another century, the first vanity or dressing tables were created complete with free-standing mirrors. A famous French painting features Madame de Pompadour, the lady love of Louis XIV. The depiction shows her dressed in all of her finery while seated at a vanity table equipped with her favorite beauty products.

Makeup mirrors remain in use today by women and men. However, the advances in electronics and technology enable manufacturers to create mirrors with a variety of special features.

1. BeautyWorks


The affordable lighted mirror by BeautyWorks is the ideal tabletop vanity mirror. With a weight of little more than two pounds, the device is also perfectly portable. You no longer need to hold a mirror by a window or lean over the sink to see your reflection. The unit unfolds to provide three-panel, rectangular displays. The two left side mirrors offer more powerful magnification levels. Fold the mirror flat, detach the base and take it with you wherever you go. The mirror stands on a convenient base that swivels up and down for a full 180 degrees of movement. The front of the base also features a small compartment to hold your frequently used cosmetics and tools.

The large center mirror is surrounded by a border that harbors 36 LED soft-white lights. Unlike traditional bulbs, the LEDs emit light that closely resembles daylight. The bach of the mirror has an on/off button. The front features a button that enables you to adjust the light intensity of the mirror with a simple tap. Four AAA batteries power the lights. However, a USB port enables you to plug the mirror into a laptop or phone charger.

BeautyWorks is so confident that you will love the lighted vanity mirror that they offer a lifetime guarantee against any defects or malfunctions.

2. Beautural


The affordable and versatile Beautural lighted mirror weighs under six ounces, which makes it easily portable. Set the round mirror on a tabletop or mount it on an existing bathroom mirror. In this way, men can use the mirror for shaving too. The base of the mirror features a sturdy suction cup that locks and prevents the mirror from sliding or shifting during use. Merely put the mirror on the desired surface, turn the base clockwise to lock the mirror in place. Reverse the process to unlock and remove the device.

The base also rotates a full 360 degrees to enable you to view different angles. The mirror itself measures 5.9 inches in diameter and boasts 10x magnification power. You get a clearer view whether applying makeup, putting in contact lenses, plucking your eyebrows or shaving a five o’clock shadow. Around the border of the mirror, LED lights are hidden that mimic natural daylight. Simply push the on/off button to trigger the lights. The brightness of the bulbs enables you to use the mirror and see clearly in the darkest of locations. The mirror requires three AAA batteries, which are not included in the package.

3. Elfina


The Elfina lighted mirror is also affordable and versatile. A powerful suction cup base is designed to firmly attach to clean, dry horizontal or vertical surfaces made from acrylic, ceramic, glass, marble, mirror or wood. Lock the base by turning it clockwise. Unlock and remove the mirror by turning the base counterclockwise. Position the mirror at the perfect angle using the 360-degree swivel on the base.

The portable mirror weighs a mere 11 ounces and measures 7.5 inches x 6 inches. You also get a nylon storage bag, which makes the mirror perfect to pack and take on weekend getaways or extended vacations. The frame around the perimeter contains 16 LED white lights powered by three AAA batteries that provide more than enough illumination day or night. The entire mirror magnifies images up to 10x, which makes the device ideal for close-ups. The Elfina also makes a great gift for an older loved one with vision problems.

In addition to the mirror, the package comes with an instruction manual and a special cloth to keep your mirror clean without leaving lint behind. Elfina offers a 100 percent money-back guarantee should you be dissatisfied or if the mirror has any type of defect.

4. Terresa


The tri-fold lighted Terresa opens to more than 15 inches in width across one large and two side mirrors to provide multiple views. The entire unit weighs a little over two pounds. When not in use, fold the mirrors closed to prevent accidental damage. The sleek style also enables you to pack up the mirror when away from home. The sturdy base provides further adjustment by swiveling the device 180 degrees. The front of the base includes a convenient little compartment for keeping your frequently used makeup or favorite jewelry.

The large center mirror is surrounded by LED lights that emit a soft, natural but bright light that closely resembles daylight. The Terresa requires four AA batteries. Or, simply plug in the USB power cord to your PC or a phone charger. When needing to put a little more light on the subject, press the on/off button on the back of the mirror. Adjust the light intensity to the desired setting using the front touch button. The center mirror also holds a removable round mirror that magnifies images up to 10x.

The Terresa also comes with its own special cleaning cloth and an instruction manual. The company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee along with a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty against defects.

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