Aurora LightPad Mini SAD Light Therapy Box

Does The Apple-esque Aurora LightPad Mini SAD Light Therapy Box Offer More Than Its Looks?

Aurora LightPad Mini SAD Light Therapy BoxIt is easy to see where Aurora Light Solutions got their inspiration for the Aurora LightPad Mini SAD Light Therapy Box. The shape and look of this device immediate makes consumers think of an Apple-brand tablet. It is advertised as being “ultra sleek” and “ultra thin” with dimensions of 7.5 x 0.5 x 5.2 inches and a weight of only 9 ounces.

The light surface covers the majority of the front of the device, there is a simple power button where the start button would be and there is also an adjustable stand to set the device up. This device definitely looks appealing, but does it help with SAD and other mood disorders?

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What benefits have users noted in their reviews for this Aurora SAD Therapy LightPad Mini?

This sleek design isn’t just there to make this device look better than other light therapy options on the market. Many devices are boxy and difficult to place in the house. This tablet-style option can be used anywhere and transported to other locations.

This means that users can now take it to the office or away on holiday. Users are advised to spend 30 a day with the device within the first two hours of the day. This means that there is the choice to do so during breakfast at home or while reading emails in the office.

Aurora LightPad Mini SAD Light

The other selling point with this device is the lux. This is advertised as being the brightest option around with 10,000 lux at 25 inches.

Buyers are impressed with the output, with some saying that these energy-efficient LEDs are much brighter than they had expected. There is also the helpful option to dim the brightness if it is a little strong at first.

This bright screen seems to be having the desired effect as most users are praising the device and talking about changes in their mood. Some even say that they feel refreshed and uplifted just 15 minutes into their session. Naturally, results will vary from person to person.

What downsides do users of this Aurora LightPad Mini SAD Light Therapy device need to be concerned about?

Prospective buyers should be aware that there are some people that don’t get along with this bright white spectrum. The intensity of this light can cause discomfort and aggravate some conditions.

There is also the safety warning that buyers should let the light surface cool after use before handling it because it gets quite hot. It is great that this small device offers such a high-intensity lux, but users shouldn’t have to risk burns to get it.

Summary: how does this feedback affect the final verdict on this Aurora Light Therapy Box?

The intensity of this system is not going to suit everyone, but it clearly has its benefits. Users may find that they see spots on the first attempt, but a little adjustment and perseverance can lead to a great result.

This Aurora SAD light box is bright, energy-efficient and attractive. More importantly, there are numerous users that are able to set this up wherever they need it to get a great light therapy session and aid their SAD symptoms.

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