Aura Daylight Therapy Lamp Review

Aura Daylight Therapy Lamp

The Aura Daylight Therapy Lamp looks like your standard SAD light therapy device. There is a white box with all the right lights and features, a base and all the necessary controls. There is also UV protection and the device is wall mountable, should buyers prefer to use it like a light fixture rather than a lamp. What makes this device different than other models?

What benefits have users experienced when testing out this Aura Daylight Therapy Adjustable Lux SAD Lamp?

One of the key selling points with this system is the fact that it has an adjustable lux dial. This means that users can change the setting for a lighter or brighter session, depending on needs and conditions. The maximum level of 10,000 is ideal for serious cases of SAD and related conditions because it is seen as the “clinical strength”.

However, it can be too bright for some users. An added bonus here is that the light is designed to last for 8000 hours, so should have a long enough life to last for more than one difficult winter.

This dial and the additional timer function gives control back to the users. Users determine the brightness and length of the session – from 10 to 60 minutes – and can also adjust the tilt of the device to 70 or 85 degrees for a better angle.

The tilt and the small footprint of this lamp mean that most choose not to use the wall attachment feature but rather keep it as a desk lamp. This customisation means that users should be able to find a more suitable, convenient way of dealing with their condition.

Are there any important downsides to this Aura Daylight Therapy Lamp that limit its potential for SAD?

This variation in methods can mean varied results. Some that use this for 30 minutes a day at 10,000 lux may find that their mood and energy levels improve faster than those on half the strength for 10 minutes. Some had received faulty merchandise, but were so impressed with the quality of the replacement that they didn’t reduce the rating.


The most important thing to note about this lamp is that it works. All those providing reports on the impact of this light say that it has helped them to deal with the winter months more effectively and provided the energy boost they need. The adjustable nature of this device may be the only measure that really separates this model from the pack, but it is a good one. It makes this light accessible to lots of different users.

The Aura SAD light box is simple to use, brilliantly customizable and highly effective against the winter blues. This means that it is difficult not to recommend it to anyone dealing with SAD, circadian rhythm disorders or sleep issues.

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