Are Tanning Beds Hot?

Nowadays, people figured out the best way to achieve an artificial tan without the need of spending longer hours at the swimming pools or beaches. They find a useful device that can suffice their skin with ample melanin and serve as their protection against the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. The tanning beds become popular in this modern era.

Are Tanning Beds Hot

Some may consider tanning beds as the answer to their dream of having an artificial tan but some are still reluctant to try especially when it comes to the first timers. They are not sure regarding the intensity, pressure, and temperature inside the tanning bed that’s why, they were having a hard time to be convinced and often asked the question, “Are tanning beds hot ?”

How hot is it in a tanning bed?

There are several factors that may increase the temperature of the tanning bed and you should take note of these things so that you know what to do when it’s your turn to use the tanning bed.

1. Know your treatment: Regular or Advanced

First and foremost, you should know what’s the best treatment for you by considering your skin type, tanning duration, and tolerance of your skin to warm temperatures. Oftentimes, salons will conduct skin tests before they recommend a suitable tanning treatment for you.


Usually, a regular treatment is the advisable package especially for the newbies because a gradual artificial tanning is safe to perform so that the skin will not be overexposed and become irritated while lying in the tanning bed.

A 5 to 15 minutes regular treatment is already enough as a starting point to your artificial tanning. You may choose to have an advanced treatment if your skin is ready to get exposed with a longer length of time and can withstand the temperature and pressure of the tanning bed.

2. Consider the Fluorescent Bulbs

When it’s your turn to use the tanning bed, make sure to ask the salon assistant if the fluorescent bulbs are new and not yet used before your turn. You have to make sure if none of the fluorescent bulbs are broken or malfunctioning so that when you’re having the artificial tanning, it will not result in skin burns or dark spots.

Consider The Fluorescent Bulbs

For the indoor tanning beds, you should maintain the fluorescent bulbs properly and check them regularly for safety purposes.

Furthermore, you should take note what are the appropriate watts used for producing the radiation and tanning. You may ask the salon assistant to determine the intensity of the bulbs. Let’s say, the tanning lamps have maximum watts, you may advise your salon assistant to use the tanning bed for a limited time so that you will not get baked while inside the tanning bed.

3. Check out the Fans

A proper ventilation system is necessary as part of the safety measures in using a tanning bed. It is important to check if the internal fans are operating properly and emit cool air to avoid having skin burns, stinginess, and other skin irritations.


Make sure to get the attention of the salon assistant in case the internal fans are not working properly or malfunctioning so that the internal fans can be replaced with new ones and you will be satisfied with the service.

4. Work out with your positions

It’s important to change your positions every 5 minutes to achieve an even skin tone and prevent overexposure of the particular area of the skin. There are many ways on how to get a perfect angle while lying on the tanning bed.

Make sure you don’t forget to wear your protective accessories such as head caps, goggles, and lip balm since the scalp, eyes, and lips are the most sensitive parts to keep covered especially during the tanning treatment. Thereafter, you may check out this link and watch for the advisable positions when using the tanning bed.

All of these positions are helpful when having your artificial tanning so that you will achieve a perfect bronze skin and you will surely be satisfied with your new style of complexion.

Are Tanning Beds Hot? : The Verdict

A safety precaution should always be your first priority whenever you use the tanning bed. You should prepare a checklist as your guide to getting your artificial tanning treatment. As a summary, you should follow the basic parameters in using the tanning bed for your safety.

As a summary, you should take note of these factors that includes (1) Knowing your treatment whether regular or advanced, (2) consider the fluorescent bulbs, (3) check out the fans, and lastly, (4) work out with your positions. With the aid of these guidelines, you will surely enjoy your tanning treatment and be surprised of your beautiful bronze complexion!

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