13 Surprising Reasons that Cause Pimples

As you woke up in the morning and face the mirror in your room, you will be surprised to see a newly grown blemish or spot around your nose, cheeks, chin, or forehead. People have different skin allergies and impurities that might derive from many sources such as gadgets, food, beauty products, untidy objects, stress, or improper hygiene.

Surprising Reasons that Causes Pimples


When the skin is irritated internally and externally, it will swell for sure hence, a pimple will start to appear. Moreover, if it leaves an open pore then it might lead to a blackhead and if it is a closed comedo but filled with bacteria then it will turn into a whitehead. What could be the possible reasons why we encounter pimples in unexpected time?

The 13 Surprising Reasons Why Pimples Show Up

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1. Pillow Sheets and Blankets

When the face is irritated on the pillow sheet or blanket, it will start to become reddish hence, a pimple will soon grow. Usually, the dirty pillow case is the villain for the outgrowth of a pimple. When your head is facing steadily on the right or left direction, this motion will cause the pores not to breathe thus, making the pores irritated.

Remedy #1: It is important to keep the pillow sheets or blanket neat at least 1x to 2x a week. In this way, even if you sleep on a steady direction, you don’t need to worry since these fabric amenities are clean hence, it will disinfect the bacteria and air-born disease-causing elements that stick to the pillow sheets or blanket.

2. Harsh Detergent

When you do the laundry, you often use heavy duty and super effective bleaches or detergents to remove the stains and bacteria on the clothes. If you did not rinse the clothes thoroughly, the residue of the detergent might stay on the clothes hence, it might cause allergies to the wearer. The allergies will occur when the wearer sweat hence, the chemical reaction of the sweat and detergent will occur.

Remedy #2: Washing the clothes during laundry in the proper way helps to prevent skin allergies. Moreover, use detergents that have a hypoallergenic formula in order to avoid having pimples.

3. Pricking of Pimples

You often tempted to prick your pimple especially when it has a clogged pore and you badly want to extract the worm-like comedo so that you will feel clean and comfortable but in reality, you’re just worsening the condition. Aside from the redness, the spread of the bacteria will be possible especially when you touch the healthy portions of your skin.

Remedy #3: Do not prick the pimples. If you can’t avoid yourself from pricking it, then you should consult a dermatologist that will do the facial cleaning for you. You may use dermatologically tested topical ointments to shrink the pimples and leave a flawless skin.

4. Excessive Use of Benzoyl Peroxide, Salicylic Acid, and Sulphur

Many people thought that the use of the salicylic acid, sulfur, or benzoyl peroxide may improve their skin condition. Apparently, it is a YES but the excessive usage of it might worsen the condition. If you have allergies to these cosmetic ingredients, it will double your acne suffering if you use them. What’s the effective solution to fight these pimples?

Remedy #4: Consult a dermatologist to assess your skin and perform tests to know whether you can use these chemical products or not. You may also try to test the chemical ingredient first on your hand skin to see if it is reliable to use.

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5. Hair Treatments

We often think that hair treatments are good for our beautiful hair but we forgot to think if it is good for our skin. The formula of a shampoo, conditioner, dye, keratin, or any hair-related treatments that might irritate the face especially when you apply the shampoo.

Remedy #5: You should use a shower cap after putting shampoo to prevent the hair from sticking to the face.

6. Mineral Oils

Minerals oils are usually found in some beauty products as an active ingredient but what does it really contribute to the skin? When the oil glands of the skin become active then a person will start to sweat, the mineral oils penetrated to the pores may invite bacteria and dirt more easily.

Remedy #6: Look for beauty skin care products that are mineral-oil free and noncomedogenic. In this way, you can make sure that the products are safe to use and does not contain harmful substances that may cause pimples and allergens on the skin.

7. Make Ups

Make-ups are aesthetics that can beautify the face but it might irritate the skin due to the heavy chemical-based cosmetics. When the skin on the face sweat, the makeup, and the sweat might counter react hence, it will cause the growth of the pimples.

Remedy #7: Immediately remove the makeup after use, you may rinse it with water and soap or you may apply a makeup remover solution then proceed with the cleansing procedure. Always look to the expiration date of the make ups so that it will not cause any skin allergies on the face.

8. Diet

Poor diet may lead to pimples especially if you’re not eating the right kinds of food. If you love eating junk foods, sweets, or salty foods, it might increase the chance of damaging the elastin and collagen that may result to free radicals thus, promoting aged looking skin, dry, and stress skin.

Remedy #8: Observe an appropriate diet scheme. Eat a lot of green leafy vegetables, oats, and fruits enriched with minerals and vitamins to preserve the younger looking skin and helps prevent the formation of pimples. Generally, vegetables and fruits have healed, antioxidant, and antibacterial properties that may help your skin glow, become healthy, and radiant.

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9. Stress

Sleepless hours, fatigue, and improper hygiene may lead to stress especially if you were not able to manage your errands. What could be the possible result? The simple answer for that is the surprising outgrowth of pimples. It will not only cause multiple swelling pimples but also, wrinkles, oiliness, and breakouts on the skin.

Remedy #9: An 8-hour sleep is important as the least requirement in fulfilling a proper cycle of health and wellness. It will not only make you energize but also keeps your skin rejuvenated and healthy all the time. The processes of healing take place during the night because the skin is active during the night to synthesize the nutrients of the body and spread the nutrition to the skin. Drink at least 8 glasses of water every day and try to detoxify or cleanse your body with lemon or cucumber by putting them on your glass of water. In this way, you may supply the body with hydrogen and oxygen enough to keep the skin supple, plump, and hydrated.

10. Excessive Scrubbing

They say, exfoliating the skin would help minimize the pores and remove the dead skin cells, but if you thoroughly scrub your skin with exfoliating or scrub foams, cleansers, or creams then it might just worsen the skin condition.

Remedy #10: When you exfoliate, you should schedule this routine at least once or twice a week only. Be sure to apply moisturizer every time you finish exfoliating and cleansing to avoid dryness of the skin.

11. Effect of Pungent Foods

Pungent or spicy foods can increase the bodily temperature that may cause immediate sweating and may aggravate the skin causing breakouts and pimples. As the oil glands produce the sweat, it makes the pores of the skin active thus, inviting bacteria and dirt to penetrate and trap into the pores causing them to get clogged.

Remedy #11: Know how to balance on what you eat. Lessen the spicy foods so that you will reduce your pimples and breakouts. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day to flash out the toxins inside the body and cleanse it from any harmful substances.

12. Smoke

Aside from the fact that smoke is dangerous to your health, the smoke can also increase the stress on your skin by damaging the elastin and collagen. The carcinogens present on the smoke are the responsible chemicals that make your skin appear old and full of wrinkles.

Remedy #12: Simply, stop smoking. If you can’t do it, at least reduce your cigarette until you will no longer crave to smoke. Divert your attention to other things so that you will never tempt to smoke. Keep in mind the hazardous effects of smoke on the skin so that you will avoid piping your cigarette.

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13. Cellphones

According to Eric Schweiger, an MD dermatologist and chemical instructor of dermatology at Mount Sinai Medical Center in NYC, “it happens to violinist around the chin and football players with the chin strap – it’s caused by not letting the pores breathe, and the repetitive motion causes friction. Now we’re seeing it with cell phones”. In other words, any gadgets that we use whenever we call may infect the skin with germs and bacteria since the gadgets are prone to these microorganisms due to the daily usage of these technological devices. The result is, it might cause pimples on the face.

Remedy #13: A regular cleaning of the gadgets with a soft and neat cloth may reduce or eliminate the bacteria or germs stick on the devices. It is important to wash your hands with soap and water before touching your face so that no bacteria or dirt will transfer from the device to your face.


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