Why Tanning Beds are Good

Walking around the 10:00am up to 4:00pm period might provide you the natural pigmentation and melanin synthesis relative to your skin but the time frame is not practical especially if you have routine schedules and work-related activities. Most of the Caucasian people love the effects of the tanning that helps them to prevent any form of skin diseases and allergies. Unfortunately, the busy schedules hinder the skin health agenda of natural tanning, that’s why they consult an artificial substitute to get tanned. This typical situation answers the question, “ why tanning beds are good ?”. Exactly, the connotation of trying out tanning beds may give the alternative solution to achieve a perfectly natural skin tan. Before assessing the good effects of the tan, let’s define what are tanning beds first.

Why Tanning Beds are Good


Purpose of Tanning Beds

Imagine a bed filled with radioactive isotopes and nourishing ultraviolet A, B, & C rays, this description refers to a tanning bed. It is built with fluorescent lamps that emit the artificial solar radiation waves as if it is produced by the sun. Afterward, it results to the tan pigmentation on the skin. Most of these high-technological devices are established and operated by the salons with the assistance of the experts to help the patient aim for a sun-kissed skin.

Why choose tanning beds for your skin?

Exposing your delicate skin using the advanced radiation salon equipment may encounter several skin health benefits. As enumerated in this context, you’ll abide with the alluring benefits of the tanning beds.

1. Boost the melanin levels

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Melanin is the responsible catalyst produced by the melanocytes that have a significant role in changing the complexion of the skin from fair to gorgeous tan color. Aside from the new hue, it protects the skin from the damaging heat of the sun hence, it prevents the formation of the cancerous cells a.k.a. the “bad melanocytes”. You don’t need to overcook yourself hanging around in the afternoon outside the house but actually, you may consult a tanning salon to provide you a relax tanning measure and pamper your skin. Don’t get anxious regarding the tanning beds since the tanning salon assistants will direct you to a safe skin tanning zone. It is not necessary to darken your skin complexion, a moderate skin tan is already adequate to have a shield against the detrimental effects of the sun. The perfect tan skin you have, the more melanin you’ll get thus, the greater is the barrier that protects your skin from diseases or allergies.

2. Reduce the potential risks of Melanoma


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A malignant type of skin cancer that may lead to a surprising death develops from the defective formation of the pigment producing cells otherwise known as the melanocytes. Oops! Don’t get confuse with the context explained above because the risk of this particular formation and condition derived from the extreme vulnerability of the skin to the vehemence of the sun. The only possible remedy to overcome Melanoma is through intensive surgical procedures yet you may gradually prevent having this condition through tanning beds. The growth of the melanoma stems from the sudden exposure to the sun leaving the skin unguarded for a long time. The tendency, cells related to the skin are being damaged due to the intense penetration of the sun. It is recommended to gradually resort to tanning bed procedures so that when the skin is tanned for the first time at a lower heat dosage, it may reduce its sensitivity and adapts the warmth of the sun’s rays. The cells forming the layers of the skin will not counter react once the heat reached the skin’s surface. Indeed, it will reduce the risks of having melanoma skin conditions.

3. High versatility of the skin


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If the skin becomes flexible enough to cope up with the environment and degree of sun’s luminous heat, therefore the skin will not be prone to any skin diseases or allergies. With the aid of tanning beds, it will eventually make the skin versatile and resistant to the thermal effects of the sun. Just keep in mind that, you should not abuse the use of the tanning beds because “too much” is not also advisable. Always have a fresh bath and hydrate yourself with liquids before lying on the bed as a safety measure in conducting tanning bed procedures. Be proud and show off the beautiful “YOU” with your new tanned skin complexion.

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