How to Tan in a Tanning Bed

Tanning is something that is more prevalent in people with a more fair skin or pale skin people. The reason behind getting a tan is to have a fairly darker complexion which adds to your looks.  Now there are basically two ways to get a tan, go the natural way and get under the sun or to find an awesome tanning bed and get the same effect. Now since we will be looking at the latter today, therefore we have to know how to tan in a tanning bed question, the most fundamental question of all.

How to Tan In A Tanning Bed

Using a tanning bed properly

If you think that using a tanning bed is an easy piece of cake then think again as if you are not careful while using it then you will be prone to unforeseen injuries. Here is what you should do to use a tanning bed to your advantage

Step 1: know your tanning bed

There are exactly 4 types of bed that you can find in the market, so let us give you a preview so that you can understand which of the bed will suit to your need.

  • The booth: this is a vertical tanning bed which is designed in such a way that parts of your body that are usually out of the tanning range will also get tanned, hence allowing your body to be tanned uniformly.
  • High Pressure: these tanning beds are known for their high output of UVA rays. They are perfect for getting a long lasting tan but at the same time are a little expensive.
  • Low pressure: they are the traditional tanning bed that is available in the market and is popular because it delivers tanning faster. Be advised that if your skin is sensitive and burns easily then steer away from these beds.

Step 2: the skin type

Here you should be very careful to assert exact skin type that you have.  This is very important because if you have any skin related issues or allergies then you will know what things to avoid while tanning.

Step 3: get the lotion and goggles

You should be vigilant about what kind of tannings to use, for example if you need bronzers or accelerators, etc. this lotion is an integral part of tanning so be careful and wise while choosing it.

Another thing you definitely need here are goggles, specifically tanning goggles. These goggles will make sure that your eyes are protected from heat and rays while you are inside the tanning bed.

Step 4: Strip down and put on the lid

The best way to get a tan and that too uniform tan is by wearing the bare minimum clothing possible, this is why we recommend swimsuits for this purpose.

Moreover when you are ready to get in the bed, then get inside the bed and put on the lid carefully to get a proper tan and avoid an accidents.

Step 5: Know your timing

One thing that you have to be careful about in your tanning bed is to know how much and how long you need to be in the tanning bed. After all you are trying to get a tan and not get yourself burned.  Therefore as soon as you feel a little too sweaty then open the lid of the bed, get out and flaunt your tan.

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