How Long Does Sun Tanning Lotion Last?

Have you thought about using a sun tanning lotion to get the glow that will give you confidence and make you feel beautiful? Have you wondered how you should choose the right lotion, and how long it will last once you apply it to your skin? Well, you’ve come to the right place, as we’ve got the answers for you below.

Sunscreen vs. Sun Tanning Lotion: The Differences to Know

First things first: sun tanning lotions are different from sunscreen and sunblock. While sunscreen and sunblock are meant to block UV rays from penetrating your skin, sun tanning lotions are designed to help you get a tan more easily, whether you prefer getting your tan in a tanning bed or outside while lounging in the sunshine.

If there is any SPF in a suntan lotion, it will likely be less than 15. Oftentimes, you will find these products with a low SPF of 4 or 8. And that SPF level is not considered enough to give you protection from the sun’s rays, which means you can get tan more quickly.

Tanning oils are another example of sun tanning lotion that you can consider trying. These usually do not have any ingredients that act as sunscreen, and they might have tanning accelerator ingredients that can help you darken your skin in a shorter amount of time.

To summarize, sun tanning lotion is not sunscreen, so you should not expect that it will be able to protect your skin from UVA and UVB rays. If you want that type of protection before heading outside, you should look for a product that is labeled as a sunscreen, and that provides at least SPF 15 level protection. On the other hand, if you want to achieve a tan more quickly and easily, look for a suntan lotion that provides less than SPF 15 protection, or a tanning accelerator with no SPF.

How Do Sun Tanning Lotions Work, and What Are Some Things to Consider?

A high-quality tanning lotion can help boost your skin’s production of melanin, giving you a darker complexion in less time. So if you typically have trouble getting tan, it might be worth adding this type of product to your routine, as it might be just what you need to finally get the results that you’re after.

What are the benefits of using a tanning lotion? Here are a few:

  • It can help make your tan last longer.
  • It can help prevent dry, rough skin if it contains moisturizers, and it can help keep your skin healthy and soft if it contains vitamins and nutrients.
  • It can help you tan more quickly, as well as more evenly.

One thing to keep in mind: if you’re going to use a suntan lotion that does not contain any SPF and your plan is to sit outside in the sun for a while to get a tan, it’s a good idea to use a sunscreen as well. That’s because, if your skin is covered in sun tanning lotion with no SPF, you might end up getting a severe sunburn. The same is true when using an accelerator tanning lotion.

If you want to tan outside and you don’t want to use both a sunscreen and a suntan lotion, just look for a sun tanning lotion that is designed for use outside, as it is more likely to contain some level of SPF protection.

How Long Do Sun Tanning Lotions Last Once Applied?

Now that you know a bit more about sun tanning lotions, you might be wondering how long they will typically last once you apply them to your skin. Having this information can help you figure out how long you can stay in the sun to get the best results while avoiding damage to the skin.

As is the case with any product that you use, the answer to this question depends on the particular sun tanning lotion that you are applying. Some are designed to last longer than others.

It’s important to read the label when using any sun tanning lotion. For example, you might need to apply it to your skin roughly 15 minutes before heading out into the sun. Then, you might need to reapply it regularly, depending on how much time you plan on spending sunbathing. And if you end up going for a swim and drying yourself with a towel, you will likely need to reapply it at that point as well.

Unlike self-tanners that, when used correctly, can give you a tan that lasts days before wearing away, a regular sun tanning lotion will wash off of your skin when you bathe, and it will likely also come off if you go swimming. The idea is to use this type of product to get the most out of your time in the great outdoors when basking in the sun. So you will need to apply it to your skin, and then reapply, as needed until you’re done tanning.

Side note: You might not need to spend as much time sunbathing if you’re using a sun tanning lotion with minimal SPF or if you’re using a tanning accelerator. This means that one application of your tanning lotion might be enough.

Be Sure to Use a High-Quality Product, No Matter What

If you struggle to get a fabulous tan, a tanning lotion might be just what you need. But, to get the best results when it comes to using a suntan lotion, just be sure to shop with care so you can find the highest quality product that will be good for your skin.

Some products contain ingredients that may irritate your skin, so you might want to test a lotion on a small area of your skin to see if you have a reaction to it before you apply it to your entire body.

Once you’ve found the right tanning lotion, be sure to read the directions carefully and follow them closely, particularly when it comes to how often you need to reapply the lotion to get the most beautiful tan without burning your skin.

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