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Receding Hair on ManHair Growth Riot is a blog about curing hair loss naturally for men and women.

I take a different approach all of the hundreds, maybe thousands, of baldness blogs out there in the world. Here you will find:

  • Information you can use in the form of thoughtful, in-depth reviews and posts, written by me, about products and therapies that have worked for me personally and why I recommend them
  • Links to products that work
  • Guides and lists to compile much of the content into recommendations and easy to follow plans for regrowing your own hair.

I’m a pragmatic guy. I’m not interested in fluff or heresy. I look at the research to find out exactly how the substance I’m writing about products and methods that really stimulate hair growth or oppose hair loss. I’m looking for the evidence, the kernel of truth or hope that will speak to you and me, giving us confidence that this oil, shampoo, supplement, treatment, or whatever, really has a chance of working and is safe.

Who Am I?

My name is Kevin. I’ve spent a considerable amount of money trying to keep hair on my head for well over a decade. I’ve endured painful procedures and have been hurt by the side effects of common hair drugs. If there is an option for growing or keeping hair on your head, I’ve tried it.

Today I am completely prescription free, I have a full head of hair, and I have my health back.

How did I do it? I grew sick and tired of the side effects, the ill health. Putting my background in health care and research to work, I discovered a set of natural interventions that keep my hair thick and full.

You can read more about my story here.

Can This Blog Really Product Hair Growth In Me?


Knowledge is power. Today, the Internet is home to an explosion of research and evidence about natural substances and nutrition that powerfully reduce inflammation, block hair killing hormones like Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in the scalp, and stimulate stronger hair shafts. But, that’s also the bad news. There’s too much information! Some of it is good. Most of it is bad. You could spend literally years trying to figure out the truth about hair loss cures. But you’d get overwhelmed, frustrated and give up.

Stick with me because I’ve worked through all the silly clutter on the Internet to bring you precisely what you need to know to regrow you hair. I pledge to you that I will keep it current with the latest research so that you only have the best advice. And I will never, ever charge you for it.

Your hair loss ends today. Take back your hair, take back your health with the Hair Loss Guy.

Affiliate Marketing Mention

The products I recommend in my reviews link to Amazon through my Amazon Affiliate ID. When you click on a product link, I receive a small percentage from the sale should you elect to purchase something.

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