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Beginning in 1889, French physician Jacques-Arsène D’Arsonval became interested in determining the physiological effects that alternating current had on the body. He found that when exposing the skin to frequencies greater than 5,000 Hz, the body did not exhibit muscular contractions or the other symptoms that were commonly associated with experiencing an electric shock. In fact, the electrical stimulation seemed to cause unexpected benefits. He was the first to introduce high-frequency therapy and established the practice of electrotherapy. The device he pioneered to deliver treatments later became known as D’Arsonval.

High-frequency Therapy Explained

Treatments involved sending high-frequency electrical currents to the skin via gas-filled glass electrodes. Electricity passes from the wand to the glass electrode which ignites the gas inside. Room air mixes with the thermal effect of the electrode to create ozone or O3.

When the electrical and heat energy plus the ozone product make contact with skin cells, surface bacteria dies. The energy and super-oxygen molecules also penetrate deeply into the skin, which enhances collagen and elastin production. As the skin fills out, individuals undergoing treatment look younger and refreshed. The stimulation also increases blood flow to the treated area, which increases oxygen and nutrient levels. Treatments also reduce puffiness. Many feel that the benefits gained by electrotherapy outweigh topical treatments and microdermabrasion. Electrotherapy treatments are especially beneficial for people over the age of 40.

There are many D’arsonval kits on the market that are designed for home use. Simply select the desired electrode, turn the device on and apply the tip to the skin area needing treatment while continuously moving the device across the skin. Apply a slight amount of pressure with the electrode. However, do not use enough pressure to pull the skin. Massage each area in upward strokes or outwards in circular motions. The therapy causes a slight tingling. Treatment sessions should last a mere 15 minutes. Apply treatments twice a week for optimal results.


Electrotherapy is not advised for pregnant women, patients having cardiovascular disorders or epilepsy. The electrode cannot come in contact with cancerous lesions, open wounds or sites exhibiting active infections. The electrode should never be placed on the chest over the heart, as the current may disrupt the normal electroconductive properties of the heart and interfere with the normal rhythm.

New Spa

New Spa

The high-frequency device made by New Spa is portable and comes with seven argon-filled and three neon-filled glass electrodes. The professional-grade device emits blue/violet light or red/orange light designed to stimulate circulation and cell regeneration on the skin’s surface. However, you can also use the skin care spa to dry acne lesions and eliminate other unsightly blemishes.

New Spa’s device also features seven different wands, which enables the electrotherapeutic product to treat many areas of the body along with the scalp. With routine use, skin tightens. Brown spots and wrinkles diminish. After using the spa three to four times, you will notice smaller pores and healing of acne lesions.

The therapeutic device emits high-frequency current at approximately 200,000 cycles per second, which is so fast, nerves remain unaffected. The selection of wands and electrodes allow you to receive direct or indirect treatments. The unit also enables you to adjust the current intensity. The New Spa also comes with a protective case, an instruction manual, a headband to prevent hair from interfering with treatments and a seven-day money back guarantee. The electrode set includes:

  • 1 argon bar electrode
  • 1 argon comb electrode for scalp treatments
  • 1 each argon and neon rod-shaped fulgulator electrodes to treat blemishes
  • 1 argon horse-shoe or T-shaped electrode for neck and large area treatments
  • 1 each argon and neon mushroom-shaped electrodes for facial areas
  • 1 argon roller electrode for use in combination with facial creams or full-body treatments
  • 1 each argon and neon spoon-shaped electrodes for indirect treatments

Ultra Nova

Ultra Nova

The Ultra Nova high-frequency D’arsonaval kit is ideal for rejuvenating skin or healing problem areas on the face or other body regions. Some report that routine treatments also help reduce the appearance of unsightly scars. The high-frequency machine is FDA-approved and provides professional quality results. Each kit features a protective case, which neatly houses all of the units electrodes and wand. You also get an instruction manual. Use the device at least twice each week for 10 to 15 minutes. After obtaining the desired results, maintain your new look by applying treatments once a week. The affordable and comprehensive Ultra Nova D’arsonval kit comes with seven argon-filled and three neon-filled electrodes. The electrodes include:

  • 1 argon comb electrode
  • 1 each argon and neon spoon-shaped electrodes
  • 1 each argon and neon mushroom-shaped electrodes
  • 1 argon horseshoe-shaped electrode
  • 1 argon saturator electrode
  • 1 each argon and neon rod electrodes
  • 1 roller electrode

Project E Beauty

Project E Beauty

Along with rejuvenating and healing skin, high-frequency treatments applied using the Project E Beauty device additionally encourages lymph drainage. Regular use also balances oil gland production and minimizes cellulite.

The Project E Beauty kit is designed for indirect, direct, sparkle and hair care treatments.

The facial indirect method is recommended for dry or older skin types. Simply attach the wand to the electrode of choice and touch the tip to talcum powder. Turn on the machine and massage the face and neck areas.

The direct method is preferred to treat oily skin. Apply the recommended cream to clean facial skin. Use the electrode in a “Z” motion over affected areas of the face.

The sparkle method is designed to reduce inflammation and heal blemishes or wounds. Cover the eye with a moist cloth. Apply the electrode to the affected area for less than 10 seconds. The method is named for the slight sparking action that occurs when the electrode contacts the skin.

The hair care method stimulates the surface of the scalp to encourage hair growth and healthier follicles. Simply pass the comb electrode through the hair as directed.

The kit comes with seven neon-filled electrodes in the following shapes:

  • 1 bar
  • 1 comb
  • 1 mushroom
  • 1 rod
  • 1 roller
  • 1 saturator
  • 1 T

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